RIP Merry 2002-2016

When Merry was a kitten, and really through much of her life, she was the invisible cat. She wasn’t 20 lbs and talkative like her brother Pippin. She wasn’t stripy and friendly like Sam. She was the small black cat no one ever saw. I mean, really. She was like cat Houdini. Like…”How did you wind up there??” Then spend the evening trying to find her, and no, she was just hiding in the shadows under the bed the whole time. (At least…we’re pretty sure.)

Luckily, she mellowed some as she got older, and slowly became more visible and affectionate. …And talkative. (Unless someone else was in the house. Then good luck finding her.)

Another thing she had no use for was the other cats. Any other cats. You could tell she was thinking, “Go away kid, you bother me.” Regardless of age of said animal. Annoy her at your peril! She was wicked accurate with a flying paw.

We miss you, little lady. May you find the best sunbeam in kitty heaven.

Posted on 8th March 2016
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Goodbye Starman

As a tribute to David Bowie, I offer Chris Hadfield singing Space Oddity…in Space.

I saw David Bowie live once. He was amazing. Here’s to the Thin White Duke.

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Sometimes when I’m tired (or ill) I can get fixated on something. The other day when I was both, I got really fixated on the Last Person on Earth (LPoE) scenario.

Like. Really Fixated. In fact I thought about it a little too much and kinda freaked myself out.

And let me tell you, I do not ever want to be the LPoE.
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Posted on 14th March 2015
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Further Proof We Live in the Future

The voice of Florence Nightingale, recorded on a wax cylinder in 1890, now available on YouTube…

Posted on 31st January 2015
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Sometimes you just need…

A video of Baby Bunnies eating a carrot.

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RIP Samwise 2002-2014

Another of my library cats has left us. He and his siblings were huddled under a tiny overhang outside of the children’s section of my old library when my hubby found them back in 2002. The connection between my husband and this tiny striped kitty was immediate. I have so many pictures of Sam curled up on said hubby. Even the pic of him I have on my phone has Sam on his lap.

Samwise was the headbutt king, and far too interested in checking out everyone’s breath. Like his brother he voiced his opinions often. He even managed to make it onto some of the things I recorded.

Most of all, though, I shall miss him because he was so loving. I mean…he actually liked hugs. He’d jump into my lap while I was at the computer, situate himself so he could headbutt my chin, and purr his heart out when I gave him a hug.

I shall miss my foot warmer, computer companion, and mightier blocker of anything I was trying to read. My hubby, of course, feels like he’s lost part of himself.

Posted on 11th November 2014
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Doctor Geek’s Science Fair

So, I may have mentioned in the past that I do a couple of podcasts with my friend Scott: Articles of the Shadow Proclamation (a Doctor Who Podcast, est. 2009) and Doctor Geek’s Laboratory (a podcast of science from fiction.)

Why do I mention this now? Well, Dr. Geek is having a Science Fair! I kid you not. Dr. Geek is teaming up with the South Florida Museum for a huge even on 27 September 2014. I am even flying out to Florida to help out. Seriously, if you are going to be anywhere near the area, you should join us. You might even get to meet Snooty the Manatee. Or talk about flying cars. Who can say?

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Doctor Geek’s Lab Audiobook – It’s Real!

Once upon a time, my friend Scott (with whom I do the Articles of the Shadow Proclamation Doctor Who podcast) told me that he was starting a new podcast, and would I be the voice of the creepy computer for him. I have always wanted to be the voice of a creepy computer, so of course I said yes.

That podcast became Doctor Geek’s Laboratory, the podcast of science from fiction. We’ve looked into The Flying Car and the Privatization of Space, among other things. The podcast has both skits that look into possible futures, and interviews with real people about things happening now.

And now? Now season one has come to CD! It’s real. I’ve held it in my hand! If you want a copy you can get one from here (and also Amazon).

I’ll be over here bouncing around if you need me.

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A little chess humor

A bit of racy chess humor for your new year…

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The Next 101 Things List

I’m trying that 101 Things in 1001 Days thing again. So, here’s my list…

(bold=done, italics=in process)
Starting: 1 October 2013
Ending: 28 June 2016
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Posted on 3rd October 2013
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