101 Things in 1001 Days…in review

Well, 1001 days ago (or slightly more at this point) I put together a list of things that I wanted to accomplish before 12/11/10. Let’s see how I did.

101 things to do in the next 1001 days.

Start: Saturday, March 15, 2008
End: Saturday, December 11, 2010 (12/11/10! Tee hee.)

Going Places

1. Go to the Hiller Aviation Museum and write it up. (nope)
2. Go to the Chabot and write it up. (I went, but never got around to writing it up.)
3. Go to the Pez Museum and write it up. (done! 7/1/08)
4. Go on Photo Safari to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. (done! 5/25/08)
5. Go to Ardenwood Farm and write it up (nope)
6. Go to the Niles Essenay and write it up (nope)
7. Take the Niles Canyon Train and write it up (nope)
8. Visit a new state with the Hubby. (done! Went to Florida 10/2010)
9. Take a trip to Atlanta. (done! June 2010)
10. Go swimming at Anini Beach while wearing goggles and fins. (nope)
11. Go out drinking with my sister. (done! May ’09)
12. Take my brother to see a film. (nope)
13. Take my Father to tea. (Not unless you count the teas we do at home…so, no.)
14. Spend a day with my Mum however she wants to. (nope)
15. Do the “Day of C” with my Husband. (done! 6/29/08)
16. Go to a county fair. (nope)
17. Go to church. (done! for a few months in early ’09)
18. Go to the San Mateo library. (Tried…but there was no parking. nope.)

Learning Things

19. Learn 5 words of Scots Gaelic (well…actually I *did* do this. Not sure of the date, though. done!)
20. Learn 5 words of Irish (nope)
21. Learn 5 words of Welsh (nope)
22. Learn 5 words of Cornish (nope)
23. Learn 5 words of Manx (nope)
24. Learn 5 words of Breton (nope)
25. Learn how to crop, resize, and write on images in Photoshop Elements.(Wait! I did recently figure this out. Go me! done!)
26. Learn how to Podcast. (done! 4/7/09)

Taking Care of Myself

27. Get pregnant or know for sure that I can’t. (Still haven’t managed this one. growl)
28. Call OB/GYN’s office. (done! 4/4/08)
29. Get that gorram test done. (done! 8/1/08)
30. Change doctors. (done! 4/4/08)
31. Get a facial. (Why didn’t I do this?)
32. Get a massage. (done! 8/23/09)
33. Find a new dentist and get my teeth cleaned. (done! july 2009)
34. Get a physical. (done! sometime in 2010)
35. Get an eye exam. (nope)
36. Get 8 hours of sleep each night for seven days in a row. (…moving on…)
37. Get eyebrows done. (done! late 2010.)
38. Get a manicure (nope)

Getting things done

39. Renew Passport(nope)
40. Get Life Insurance for the Hubby. (done! 3/21/08)
41. Deal with the items in the dry-cleaning bag. (nope)
42. Compile emergency procedures document for home. (well…got a start on this, but…nope.)
43. Get rid of the Health Rider. (done! early ’09)
44. Buy three soft-sided cat carriers (0/3) (well…I got one. Part credit? No? Sigh.)
45. Clean out and organize the pantry. (done!…though I think it could use another cleaning. 2010)
46. Get collection of music audiotapes down to only the amount that will fit in the red thing. (Hey! I did this and didn’t even notice! Done in 2010)
47. Put the wall hanging on the wall. (done! early ’09)
48. Replace my missing work shoes. (done! 10/08)
49. Clear stuff away from the piano completely. (I’ve actually done this about three times in the last year or so…done!)
50. Get properly fitted for a bra. (done! 5/2/08)
51. Get rid of the tires in the shed. (nope)
52. Properly implement a filing system. (done in 2010…but I really need to file some of the stuff piling up.)

Reading and Writing/Blogging

53. Read The Celtic Twilight by W. B. Yeats (nope)
54. Read The Summer of Cotton Candy by Debbie Viguie (done! 2/09)
55. Get paid for a piece of writing that isn’t on a blog. (nope)
56. Finish Of Clocks and Christmas (nope)
57. Go through (and type up if needed) 5 notebooks (2/5) (Actually..I’ve gone through several more than five that didn’t need typing up. I’m calling this one done.)
58. Write my half of Chris’s fic. (nope)
59. Post a cartoon that I’ve drawn on a blog.(nope)
60. Set up a week’s worth of emergency Silliness.org posts. (Nope…and I barely post over there anymore, anyway.)
61. Finish that list of Doctor Who episodes (with availability and links) (Didn’t finish…)
62. Finish copying posts from thebookstacks.com (done! 8/5/08)
63. Back up watchingdrwho.com (done! 4/09)
64. Read The Hunter’s Moon by O. R. Melling (nope)
65. Read The Summer King by O. R. Melling (nope)
66. Read Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair (nope)
67. Hunt down the book “Oh No It Isn’t” By Paul Cornell. (nope)
68. Hunt down the book “Lungbarrow” by Marc Platt (nope)
69. Read the HSP Book (nope)

Financial Matters

70. Pay off the camera. (done! …I forget the date, though.)
71. Pay off the Alienware computer. (done! early ’09)
72. Pay off my computer. (done! early ’09)
73. Spend 7 days in a row without going out to eat (Including Starbucks.) (nope)
74. Go 60 days without using the big credit cards. (nope)
75. Open a savings account. (nope, but I just need to get to the dang bank already.)
76. Get a Safety Deposit box. (nope)

Food and Crafty stuff

77. Make a fan music video. (nope)
78. Make Mundane. (nope)
79. Make Homemade Mushy Peas (nope)
80. Try 5 new restaurants. (the Thai place in Saratoga, Sinbad in San Mateo, the Thai Place in Foster City, the pub in Pleasanton, and that Indian place in Fremont. done!)
81. Try 5 new kinds of tea. – (Pomegranate Green Tea – 3/24/08, Orange Dulce – 5/14/08, Chrysanthemum Herbal @ the Saratoga Thai place, Silver Needle, and whatever it was I had at The Grand Floridian. done!)
82. Scan in the old west pic (and make flair.) (Oh! I did this!)
83. Knit 5 scarves. (Did that ages back…done!)
84. Knit something other than a scarf to completion. (nope)
85. Make a medieval dress for myself. (I’ve asked my mother for help and I need to find a pattern) (nope)
86. Find, or in some other way procure, a pink Romana coat. (nope)
87. Try a new craft. (done! Button bracelets are cool.)

Encounter Culture

88. See five plays. (Working – 5/11/08, The Tempest – 7/22/08, Twelfth Night – 8/2/08, A Flea in Her Ear, and Peter Pan a British Panto. done!)
89. See Bride and Prejudice. (nope)
90. Watch the original Great Train Robbery. (done! 5/21/08)
91. Catch up on Doctor Who Podshock through episode 106. (finished through #1) (nope)
92. Go to Gallifrey One #20. (done! 2/14/09)
93. Watch all of the available First Doctor episodes. (nope)
94. Record myself singing 3 songs. (0/3) (nope…did do one, though.)
95. Get an old west picture taken with the hubby. (nope. never happening.)
96. Send a sneaky/fun present to someone. (I don’t remember. So, I’m guessing no.)
97. Listen to the first 20 Big Finish Doctor Who Audio Adventures. (1/20) (The Sirens of Time – 3/22/08) (nope)
98. Watch all available 2nd Doctor Episodes. (nope)
99. Call local comic book store about Doctor Who comics. (nope)

List Stuff

100. Make a list of things to do before I die. (nope…I’d still like to, though.)
101. Once the old list is nearly done, write up a new one. (I will be doing this directly, but haven’t yet.)

So in summation: 41 out of 101. Not terrible, I suppose.

And it’s really interesting to see how many thing I put on the list that I really don’t care about at this point. Hunh. Right-o, I’m off to work on my new list. My partner in crime and I have decided to try this again.

3 Responses to “101 Things in 1001 Days…in review”

  1. Emma Says:

    I think 41 is quite good! How neat!

  2. Kit Says:

    You accomplished two more than I did. This time I’m seriously considering putting “Finish this entire list” on the list. :)

  3. angel Says:

    Thanks, Emma. The next list will have a theme (mostly).

    So Pard, what say you to adding “organize sock drawer” to the lists? Will you be including “pie” on your list?

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