101 Things in 1001 Days (mark 2)

So, here we go with round 2. And this time around, the emphasis is rather more in line with my theme for 2011 (though, this will obviously be around longer than that.)
(If you want to calculate an end date for something, I recommend going here.)

101 Things to do in the next 1001 Days.

Starting: 1 January 2011 (1/1/11 tee hee)
Ending: September 28, 2013

1. Do at least 12 Articles podcasts in 2011
2. Start your own podcast (You already have a name and an idea…)
3. Record a podfic
4. Record yourself reading Chapter 1 of Lord is My Shepherd
5. Record yourself reading 5 poems
6. Record a song (with you singing)
7. Record a radio play
8. Learn 5 songs all the way through (for voice)
9. Learn 5 new songs for the piano

10. Upload 5 cat videos to Youtube
11. Make a fan music video
12. Upload some other kind of video to Youtube

Art & Crafts
13. Draw a cartoon and blog it.
14. Sketch something
15. Paint something
16. Sell something crafty
17. Make 5 button bracelets
18. Knit something other than a scarf
19. Do something crafty with one of the flour sack towels you bought
20. Do something crafty with keys
21. Make a stuffed animal
22. Make a hair ornament
23. Knit a scarf for the hubby
24. Knit a black scarf
25. Learn to do the alphabet in calligraphy
26. Sew something
27. Make something out of clay
28. Make a fairy (normal, tea, pizza, etc.)

29. Do a topic study (paths, chairs, spirals, signs, etc.)
30. Make a Calendar from Your Photos
31. Make a Calendar of The Hubby’s Photos
32. Print and Frame one of your photos
33. Scan the old photos in the box
34. Make icons and post on LJ
35. Get a new camera

36. Finish writing a book
37. Finish writing a fanfiction (either an old one or a new one)
38. Write a poem about depression that isn’t boring or melodramatic.
39. Write enough poetry for a book (30? May include previous ones. Make the book.)
40. Write a radio play
41. Write a short story
42. Write up 2 TV show ideas

43. Make soup.
44. Make 5 new dishes
45. Learn how to do something from the Martha Stewart Cooking School book
46. Get new cookie sheets
47. Get new cooling racks
48. Make salad dressing of some sort
49. Learn to make Samosas
50. Bake something
51. Upgrade 2 more kitchen knives

52. Blog 5 family recipes
53. Review 5 things
54. Blog the rest of the t-shirts you own
55. Blog about the HSP book
56. Blog about the Sherlock Holmes stories
57. Write a story for the blog
58. Finish that list of Doctor Who episodes (with availability and links)

Home & Family
59. Move
60. Spoil Mojo
61. Renew Passports
62. Get a safety deposit box
63. Start a savings account
64. Have a kid, or get a classic car and a dog.
65. Enter all of the DVDs into the database
66. Enter all of the books into the database
67. Get a new mattress
68. Get rid of the tires in the shed
69. Get the piano tuned
70. Learn a new hairstyle
71. Deal with the mending
72. Pay off a credit card
73. Find additional employment
74. Find a Pooh Bear hat for Mojo
75. Buy an iPad
76. Get new glasses
77. Recycle the old phones
78. Get down to 130 lbs.

Culture, etc.
79. See 5 plays
80. Attend a live musical performance
81. Go to the Niles Essenay and see a film
82. Go to the Academy of Sciences
83. Go to the Computer History Museum
84. Go to an Art Museum
85. Go to Gallifrey One
86. Go to San Diego Comic Con (God help me)
87. Send 20 letters/postcards…in longhand.
88. Read 20 books
89. Read the HSP book
90. Read the Sherlock Holmes oeuvre
91. Go to a fan meet-up
92. Try 5 new restaurants
93. Go to a restaurant that Triple D has been to.
94. Go swimming
95. Make a snow angel
96. Go for a proper hike
97. Go to the Sacramento Zoo
98. Do something for charity
99. Better your High Score on Pet Dazzled

100. Make a Bucket List
101. Make another 101/1001 list when this one is done.

5 Responses to “101 Things in 1001 Days (mark 2)”

  1. Emma Says:


  2. angel Says:

    Well…a few of these have to wait on the rebuilding of the computer downstairs…

    Wish me luck.

  3. Debbie Says:

    I’m loving your list. Hope to be there when you accomplish some of them!!

  4. Mila Says:

    I love how you wrote your list in second person! :) It seems quite motivating.

    I’m still coming up with my list and have set the start on next Sunday… I wish I had started on 1/1/11 like you, then the end date would have been on my birthday!

    Good luck on your list, I look forward to watching your progress. :)

  5. angel Says:

    Well, Deb, …there are #s 85 & 86. :D

    Hi Mila! Don’t these lists seem to take forever to write up? Good luck with your list.

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