101 Things…update!

9. Take a trip to Atlanta. (done! June 2010) I’d forgotten that this was on my list…
25. Learn how to crop, resize, and write on images in Photoshop Elements. (done! 2010) Much to my surprise, I can do this now. Egad.
34. Get a physical. (done! July 2010) Another one that I forgot about…but did anyway.
44. Buy three soft-sided cat carriers (1/3) One down, two to go.
80. Try 5 new restaurants. (3/5, the Thai place in Saratoga, Sinbad in San Mateo, the Thai Place in Foster City, the Thai place near Fry’s )

2 Responses to “101 Things…update!”

  1. Debbie Says:

    That’s 4 out of 5 restaurants. And seems to me you tried a lot of new ones October of last year…hmmmm…

  2. angel Says:

    Better yet, Deb? This is a draft post that I posted…and I’m thinking it’s for the old list.


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