13 Things My Ideal House Would Have

Well, I’m still working my way through the same notebook, and look what I found! A list of 13 things that would appear in my ideal house. Obviously, I had to share this with you. What would your ideal house contain?

13 Things, 1 House:
1. A walk-in pantry (like we had when I was little.)
2. A Potting shed (perhaps I’d get more done in the garden.)
3. A workshop/ forge for Koshvader (which would move his work area out of my front room.)
4. An Herb garden (a big one…and perhaps a gardener. Hey. It’s my “ideal” house.)
5. A nice long driveway (Which would set the house back from the road.)
6. A finished basement. (The closest I’ll get to a mad scientist sub-basement.)
7. An Attic (For storage, dontcha know.)
8. The perfect bathtub (You know. Big enough to float in. With jets. Space for candles, etc.)
9. A Walk-in Closet (Because I need more space, darn it!)
10. A two car garage (’cause I’d like to actually park my cars inside for the night.)
11. Five bedrooms (Or perhaps…six. That way Koshvader and I can each have a home office.)
12. A secret passageway (This one is just obvious.)
13. A Library (With one of those ladders and maybe a secret door to a secret room.)

5 Responses to “13 Things My Ideal House Would Have”

  1. Emma Says:

    I love so many things on this list.

    Yes, naturally, you need a secret passageway.

    A walk-in pantry sounds very nice to me, too.

    I’ll volunteer to be your gardener!

  2. angel Says:

    If you were my gardener, Emma, we would have a very nice garden indeed. :)

  3. Susan Helene Gottfried Says:

    I could use a gardener. In a big way.

    My list is much different. A bathroom in the basement. Five acres or more. A kitchen equal or superior to ours. More radiant floor heating. And either five bedrooms and a home office or six bedrooms.

    I don’t think this house exists in our area, and we’re mostly out of land to build on. I’m sad.

  4. Liz Says:

    awesome and WIN. We should build a “mad scientist” community… we need several mountain peaks very close together, for starters… =)

    thanks, this cheers me up a bit after all the house hunting I’m doing.

  5. angel Says:

    Susan, your ideal house sounds wondrous. I’m thinking that we’d need about five acres for mine as well. Mind you, that would involve moving out of the SIlicon Valley.

    Lizzy, we could go all Atlas Shrugged. ;) Mind you, I want my Mad Scientist HQ to be at a Tea Shop.

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