13 Things That My Ideal House Would Have


Thursday 13: #3

Just a quick list of things I’d like to see in my ideal house. Mind you, my actual list would be much longer. What would your dream house have?

13 Things That My Ideal House Would Have:
1. Neighbors far enough away that you can’t see them from the house.
2. A walk-in pantry.
3. An attic for storage.
4. An office for me.
5. An office for the Hubby.
6. A workshop for said Hubby.
7. A 3 car garage
8. a secret passage/room!
9. A kitchen with enough counter space
10. A viewing room with cinema seats
11. A T1 line
12. Programmable heat and A/C
13. Walk-in closets

5 Responses to “13 Things That My Ideal House Would Have”

  1. she Says:

    hmmmmm i just need a hubby! lol

  2. Adelle Laudan Says:

    I’d settle for a bay window, with a window seat, and an incredible view. Preferably there’d be water in the view so I can watch the sun set and rise. Nothing prettier.
    Happy T13!

  3. Susan Helene Gottfried Says:

    Ahh, dream houses. I should send you pictures of places I found a few years back, when I had time to sit and browse and dream. (and when we were talking about what we wanted in a kitchen)

    Me, I want at least five acres in the same school (not just the district, but this building), a true gourmet kitchen complete with prep sink, a finished basement WITH powder room, lots of friends nearby for the kids to play with, flat-ish roads to bike on, more heated floors like we put in (genius!) offices for me and The Tour Manager… umm…. ummm….

  4. Jane Says:

    We’re renovating our house right now and I’ll have some of that stuff. But a secret passage? Yes please!

    Anonymous Newlywed

  5. graywolfie Says:

    Ohhh…I’ll love to have a house with sea view…& a walk in closet too…!

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