2 Quick Rants

Hi all. It’s been a while since I ranted on here, but wow have I got two things to get off of my chest.

Due to the angry words to follow, I’ll hide the rants after a cut tag so you can skip this at will.

So, rant number 1 is aimed at Target. Normally I love Target, but someone in their marketing department had best be glad I can’t track them down to yell at them.

It’s like this: When we were on our recent vacation I received a package notification from my apartment complex. This confused us, as we weren’t expecting anything. Furthermore we were worried that we would get charged for package storage if we didn’t get back in time. Luckily, we got back in time to get this mysterious package…only to find that Target had taken it upon themselves to decide somehow that we had a child that was about to turn one. Strange and annoying, yes, but also? We tried to have children for EIGHT LONG YEARS to no avail. Thanks for that reminder, Target, and almost costing us money for your random package. Growl.

Rant number 2 is directed at whoever at Wells Fargo decided to reopen a certain bank account.

My Mother-in-Law tried to close a checking account back in 2012, but due to a remaining balance of $.23 it just sat there pending closure for four years. Each month we would get a bank statement telling us about that lingering bit of change. Why were we receiving that bank statement? Well, that same Mother-in-Law passed in 2013. We were told that we couldn’t help that account finish closing without filing for probate. Yeah no. So, the statements continued. But then today we received a letter telling her that because the account couldn’t be closed, they were fixing to reopen it! Also, this account count be subjected to fees! Straight away I phoned them up to say that this wasn’t the best of ideas. I was told that they couldn’t do anything about this over the phone, and we had to go into a bank with the Death Certificate and all that. As if we didn’t do this three years ago. Argh. So frustrating. Why don’t they have this information on file???

Right. Thanks for letting me get that off of my chest. Growl.

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