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LJ: Stuff

Well, I’ve never been very good at keeping up with a journal.
Here’s some tidbits.

I had a dream the other night, that everyone had forgotten my birthday.

I had a fabulous lunch yesterday!!! Mr. Grahame drove through Vacaville precisely at my lunch hour. Yeah, the Grahame that lives in Seattle! We had a tasty lunch, and some fun conversation. I was smiling for hours.

Last night, Igneous, my red car, had some serious trouble and stranded Koshvader at Panda Express.
The practical upshot of this is that Koshvader has finally fixed the turn signal on Raven. Now all it needs is a spare tire and its yearly tune-up. Poor Iggy needs some serious help.

Now I’m trying to clean and organize my house.
Yeah. That’ll happen.

Posted on 31st May 2003
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LJ: blah

Ow. My face hurts. I seem to have burned myself at some point.
plus, I want indian food.

bitch. moan. complain.

ok. I feel better now. Well, apart from the hungry part.

Hey! Can anyone out there help us find a place to live after August?

Posted on 27th May 2003
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LJ: home again…

Well, I survived BayCon. I have a henna tattoo, even.
At least I got *some* sleep.
Enough to drive home, anyway. :)

The Atlantis Dance was fun. They played Sir Mixalot and “Fat Bottomed Girls” one right after another.
They also played the macerena.
I still know that dance. Oy.

It was fun hanging out with The Vig & Deb , M. & L., The Harringtons, Tess & Brian, Laura, Dog, Scarecrow,
Rachel, Ragani, etc.

I also got to see Jen and His Ikeness. Ike is so cute!
He seems very serious for a 3 month old. I swear I heard him say “Uh Oh”.

Well, that’s all for now.
I’m gonna go watch “Footlight Parade”

Posted on 27th May 2003
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LJ: Grumble

Yes, it really is 2:42 in the morning.
I can’t sleep. Well, to be more specific, I slept some from 7pm to midnight.
…and I just finally gave up and decided to get ready for BayCon.
It *is* a 2 and a half hour drive, after all.

Ok, so it seems these new birth control pills just don’t agree with me.
I’m pretty sure that they are causing the sleep problems…and the upset tummy.

Blah. Well, I’m never very chatty in these things, so I’ll just go back to my
copy of “Justice Hall” by Laurie R. King. Gotta love those books on tape.

Posted on 25th May 2003
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LJ: So, I think …

I’d better eat.

Posted on 24th May 2003
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LJ: And so it begins

Well, this is really a test. But, if anyone is interested, I will be at BayCon on Sunday.
So, look for me, and say “Hi”.

Posted on 24th May 2003
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