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LJ: Spring Cleaning!!!

Hey! Anyone out there know of a place Koshvader and I can move to in August?

So, I’m newly obsessed with “The Beloved.” I keep watching their videos on
The “adult version” of the “Time After Time” video is just plain psycho.
Interesting choice for that particular song.

I’ve spent most of the day watching videos (weird al & old film shorts like Bing Crosby and Ginger Rogers) and trying to clean this mess up. to call it a pig sty would be an insult to pigs.

…and I want to see “The Sheik” again. One of y’all should get me the Sheik/Son of the Sheik DVD for my birthday.
I don’t suppose anyone knows where I can borrow any other Rudolph Valentino movies.

Boy am I in a weird mood.
Listening to “The Beloved” makes me wonder what Russell is up to.
I’m sorta curious, ya know?

Well, back to the grind…and more Alan Dean Foster Books.

…Time after time, you challenge me for a reason….

Posted on 1st June 2003
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