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An Introduction and a Book (TBS)

I was rereading my blog posts so far a minute ago, and it occurred to me that I have not properly introduced myself. Who the heck am I, and what do I really know about books you may be asking yourselves. Another question that may have crossed your minds is likely to be: What is the focus of this blog? Granted, the title *is* The Book Stacks, but what does that mean? Wonder no longer!

My name is Elisa and I have been a Young Adult Librarian in Northern California for the last five years. One of my duties is to purchase all of the young adult paperbacks for our library system. As you may imagine, this is one of my favorite things about my job. Shopping with someone else’s money is never bad. I should also point out that both of my parents are also librarians. So, I have been working in libraries since I was about three. My brother has worked as a library helper. My sister is an environmental scientist. She escaped.

I love books. My taste in books is quite eclectic. As such, this blog will be covering just about everything that has to do with books. News of upcoming book releases? Yep. Books that are being made into film? A personal favorite subject, so definitely! Book reviews? Of course. Interesting quotes? Well…if they are *really* interesting. If I run across anything interesting and book related, I’ll post it here.

So…I guess you’re warned.

And on that note, a bit about my favorite book.
Escape to Witch Mountain by Alexander Key is my favorite book. Actually, I love nearly everything he wrote, but this one has remained my favorite. I have read it about one hundred times since I first came across it in elementary school. Yes, it has been made into a film. Twice, actually. The first film was based on the book. (Mind you, certain elements were changed, but the basic storyline remains…sort of.) The second film was a purple monstrosity based on the first film. ugh. Don’t bother with that one.

Escape to Witch Mountain is a fantasy about two children with ESP who end up in an orphanage after their foster parent dies. When an ominous stranger comes along claiming to be a relative, the pair must escape. They set out to find a place on a map hidden in a small case that they have had as long as they can remember. With the help of some new friends, can they find where they really belong?

I recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of children’s fantasy. I enjoy everything from the writing style to characterizations. I hope that you will too.

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News Flash: Charlotte’s Web coming to film…again (TBS)

A live action Charlotte’s Web will be appearing on movie screens this upcoming holiday season. It’s release date in the US is 20 December 2006, and in the UK 9 February 2007. Dakota Fanning is playing Fern. It’s good to see that E. B. White is still popular.

Check out the official site:

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Hello World! (The Book Stacks)

It is a sort of tradition with me to begin a new blog with a post titled “Hello World,” so here it is. Welcome to The Book Stacks! I hope that we can have fun discussing the world of books together.

Have you heard that the trailer for the film of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is coming soon to theaters? That’s right. It will be shown before the film Happy Feet starting 17 November 2006. Of course, the film itself isn’t due until 13 July 2007. I maintain that they *have* to show the part with the Swamp and the Weasley twins.
Here’s hoping that they won’t let me down.

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