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Bleh for today…well, mostly.


So, I spent most of yesterday asleep. Even when we had to go get food, as we had nothing in the house, I was still out of it. I had my one cup of Chai with dessert (now the absolute most chai I allow myself. Caffeine + me= hummingbird on crack, dontcha know.) A couple of hours later I woke up, and actually got some stuff done. (I did laundry and photographed my socks.) Eventually I was tired enough that I didn’t want to wait for my blanket to dry. And of course, I couldn’t sleep until sometime after 5am. I woke up several times, but finally got up feeling fuzzy about the edges, but rested-ish.

I spent most of the day working on one of my blogs, but otherwise completely unable to focus on getting stuff done. Finally, at about 5ish, I got enough concentration together to attempt to come up with a shopping list. The cupboard, as they say, was bare. Oh yeah, and my blood sugar was tanking hard. KoshVader had been feeling unwell (I think I gave him what I have…oops. Sorry Honey.) so we wanted to go someplace close to a grocery store. We managed the eating part, even being distracted by the 4 children at a nearby table. (*sigh*) Sadly, I had to drop my sweetie home before going shopping as he started feeling much worse.

And then…I went to Safeway.

I am really coming to understand that I hate the Safeway down the street. Here are some reasons why:

1) I hate the parking lot. It’s stressful trying to navigate it.
2) The store, even now that it is newly renovated, makes me claustrophobic.
3) It’s always busy.
4) All of this stuff overloads my senses very quickly.
5) They charge a whole dollar more for my frozen Amy’s Indian lunches than Whole Foods (and that makes it $.90 more than even Draegers charges), plus they have far less selection.
6) I can’t even buy spices there without reading the ingredients.

I tried to get out of there as soon as possible, with the stuff I came for. By the time I got home I was still shaking. Yes. Overload my senses and I get shaky. Bleh.

I unloaded the car, put stuff away, and left again. Which was, as you can imagine, the last thing I wanted to do. The thing was, I needed Chili Powder for a recipe I wanted to try out. (Yes, Lindsay, I’m going to try Pirate Stew. Arrr!) At Safeway, both of the Chili Powders on offer have mysterious ingredients like “spices” and “natural flavors” which are often where companies hide MSG. As you may imagine, I refused to buy those. (Grrr…)

I arrived at Whole Foods, and discovered the easiest way to deal with their parking lot. (Yes!) Parked near the downstairs entrance, popped upstairs, and found Chili Powder that listed all ingredients…and didn’t include any salt. I got the few more things that I needed, discovered that I had my reusable shopping bag with me, paid, and went back down the stairs to my car. Easy Peasy.

Did I mention that I like Whole Foods? Well…I do.

And now. I have food in my house, and therefore no excuse to go out to eat.

In other news: I discovered that one of my friends is pregnant! I finally have an excuse to buy a certain onesie that I saw at Whole Foods. (Yes, I also am feeling a stab of self pity, but…I’ll have another baby to play with. And who knows what the next few months might hold. I refuse to think negatively.)

And now…the socks I mentioned earlier. November is [tag]National Novel Writing Month[/tag], but last year it was also [tag]National Blog Posting Month[/tag]. I hear tell that [tag]NaBloPoMo[/tag] will return this year, and I’m ready. I will be posting at least once a day every day of November on this blog, and, just to make things fun, I will be wearing different [tag]silly socks[/tag] each day…and posting pictures of them. I hereby declare November to be Silly Sock Month! You have a month to get ready. More on this when the time gets closer.

Well…that’s about enough rambling for today. I’m feeling well enough to go to work. My nerves are shot, but that isn’t anything new. A good night’s sleep should help with that.

Night all.

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The Infamous Cheese Review Party


(This was originally posted over on one of my LJ accounts on 25 September 2006. I liked what we did on our one and only cheese (and tea) party, so I’m posting it over here, too, for posterity. For this report, and indeed in all future postings, I shall be referring to my Husband as “KoshVader” as it is his preferred handle.)

The [tag]Cheese[/tag] Review Party

Here are the results of a cheese tasting party we had during the weekend.
It was a great deal of fun, and we even cleansed our palates between cheeses with lemon sorbet. It was very classy. least it tasted that way.
Sadly, I do not have a copy of all four sets of reviews, so I will only be reporting two sets here.

1. [tag]Pierce Point[/tag] from [tag]Cowgirl Creamery[/tag]
Like most of the cheeses that we tried, I found this one at Whole Foods. This was a subtle and creamy artisan cheese.
The rind is very colorful, as it is covered in herbs. I rated this cheese a 4 out of a possible 5. KoshVader gave the cheese a 3.5 without any further notes.

2. [tag]Shropshire Blue[/tag] (which apparently has nothing to do with Shropshire, but in fact originated at the Castle Stuart Dairy in Inverness during the 1970s) It is in the blue cheese family, but is more of a medium blue. And it’s orange, or at least dark yellow. It should be noted here that I am not a fan of bleu cheese. This one, however rated a 3 in my book. I really rather enjoyed it. KoshVader gave it a 4.0. I have also been informed by the rest of our group (they conducted a bit of independent research today on the subject) that Shropshire Blue makes a decedent grilled cheese sandwich. This cheese was one of the three requested at this tasting, as it had been enjoyed in a previous cheese flight.

3. [tag]Pave d’Affinois[/tag] from [tag]Fromager d’Affinois[/tag]. This is the second cheese that was requested to appear at the tasting. I am so very glad that it did. I gave this cheese a 4.5. Subtle, soft, and, in my opinion, an excellent brie substitute. Very spreadable…and it turns out that it is very good when toasted on a crumpet. Anyway, KoshVader rated the Pave d’Affinois a lowly 3.0, the lowest rating on his list. I’m thinking that he won’t mind that I have now eaten most of it.

4. [tag]Humboldt Fog[/tag] from [tag]Cypress Grove Chevre[/tag] in Arcata, CA is the final cheese that was requested for this tasting. I found this cheese to be smooth, creamy, and quite tangy. I gave it a 4, and I haven’t quite decided what would be the best way to use the rest of it. KoshVader gave it a 3.5. Now I am curious to try the other cheeses offered by this company.

5. [tag]White Stilton with Lemon Zest[/tag] from [tag]Long Clawson Dairy[/tag] is the cheese which I purchased for me. Yes, I admit it. I love this cheese so much, I added it to our tasting, because I wanted to share it with the others. This is a great dessert cheese. Sweet, chewy, and tangy it is very good with fruit. Try it with apple slices for an afternoon pick-me-up. Yes, I gave it a 5. KoshVader gave this cheese a 4.5. I don’t think he’s tried it with fruit yet.

6. [tag]Sottocerene Al Tartufo[/tag] is a mysterious cheese that has been rubbed with black truffle oil. It was KoshVader’s choice to add to the tasting. If you are at all familiar with the scent of truffles, just unwrapping this cheese will give you a hint of what is to come. The smell alone is enough wake up your senses. This cheese does not disappoint. Both KoshVader and I chose this as our favorite cheese of the tasting. I gave it a 5, but he only gave it a 4.9. I’m not quite sure why. We do agree, however, that this savory cheese would make a lovely fondue.

7. [tag]Wisconsin Cheddar[/tag] 4yr from [tag]Widmer[/tag] is the only cheese that we didn’t find at [tag]Whole Foods[/tag]. It came from [tag]Draegers[/tag], land of yummy food…for example, actual truffles. This cheddar is sharp, but not overpowering. I gave it a 4. I’m thinking it would make great home-made mac and cheese. KoshVader liked it more than I did, and gave it a 4.5.

I hope that we get to do this again sometime, but not for a bit. A cheese habit would prove quite expensive I’m thinking…

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A New Show – Moonlight


I saw the first episode of Moonlight tonight on CBS. Yes, I actually watched something that wasn’t from the Whoniverse. Don’t faint or anything. If it makes you feel any better, it has vampires and David Tennant’s girlfriend. I’m a sucker for vampire shows, and when I heard that Sophia Myles was in it (that’s her picture above) I had to check it out. I know it’s on CBS, so it will get canceled just because I like it. But the point here is that I *did* like it. It wasn’t overly gory like a lot of shows these days. I hate bloody violent shows. It was a lighter show than many of its ilk. The elements of humor were quite welcome.

So, to summarize: It’s a vampire show with less gore, more humor, and some convincing emotion. It’s a bit like Forever Knight with a dash of Angel. I will be tuning in as long as it’s around.

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I am not sick *sniffle* *cough*

I wanted to post all about the conference I went to in San Francisco on Wednesday, but I’m sitting in bed with my laptop on my lap trying to ignore that annoying feeling of oncoming illness. You know how it sort of settles in your chest? Yeah. That. Ugh. Sorry. Hopefully I will be able to tell you about my adventure at SFPL tomorrow after some tea and lots of sleep.

I’ll leave you now, before I start whining. That’s never pretty. Plus…my cheese is downstairs.

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Thursday 13: 13 TV Shows That I Own on DVD


Thursday 13 #3

I have many Television Shows that I enjoy. I even have a Big Geeky Notebook in which I have episode lists of all of my shows. Yes, I have annotated the lists to include the information about which episodes I have. Hey. I’m a Librarian. What did you expect? As you can imagine, I have quite a few DVDs. (If only Starman and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues would come out on DVD, I would have almost no VHS tapes left.) So, in the spirit of “getting to know me” that this meme is supposed to be about, I offer you the following list.

13 TV Shows That I Own on DVD
1. The Avengers (I have all of the Emma Peel episodes, and the ’63 set number 1. This show is just so much fun, and it even contains a strong female character who is also smart and well dressed.)
2.Monty Python’s Flying Circus (I have the first 8 DVDs, plus The Life of Python and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. As you might imagine, I enjoy British humour. Especially the absurdist kind.)
3. Doctor Who (Everything that is available, I have. What? I’m not obsessed. Oh. Maybe I am. *shrug* Oh, well.)
4. The Tomorrow People (I have set 1 of the DVDs, plus all of the newer version of the series on tape. I used to watch the original series when I was a kid, and I loved it.)
5. Forever Knight (I have season one and the original pilot on DVD, plus a bunch of the rest of the episodes on tape. The first season remains my favorite, but some of my favorite individual episodes are in the second season.)
6. Red Dwarf (I have set one of the DVDs. I didn’t ever see the whole of the series, but the few seasons that I did see were fab.)
7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I own seasons 1-4. I have the original pilot on tape somewhere. I started watching this show during season 3, and I fell in love with it. Joss Whedon rocks.)
8. At Last the 1948 Show (I have the 2 DVD set. It’s the only thing that’s available. This is one of the two shows that most of the Pythonites came from to form Monty Python. As you may imagine, it’s a bit silly.)
9. Benji, Zax, and The Alien Prince (The whole show is on DVD, and I have it. It was only one season long. This is my most obscure show. No one else seems to remember it, but it was my favorite Saturday Morning show when I was 10.)
10. Due South (I have all of this show on DVD. I loved it from beginning to end. How can you go wrong with a buddy cop show that includes a sexy Mountie?)
11. Do Not Adjust Your Set (I have the 2 DVD set, which is all that is available. This is the other pre-Pythonite show. It is also silly. No big surprise, there.)
12. Mystery Science Theater 3000 (I only have The Wild World of Batwoman and Eeegah. *sniffle* Must…get…more. My favorite episode was Fugitive Alien II.)
13. Campion (I have season one plus one episode of season two. I really enjoyed this show, and the books that they came from. It is my favorite of all of the shows that have been on Mystery!)

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Shop ‘Til You Drop


Friday was the very definition of “shop ’til you drop.” Seriously. I started out with some grocery shopping, at…11am? I finally arrived home to stay at 9pm. May I just say… Oy!

Normally I’m more of a spend-three-hours-at-the-mall-I’m-exhausted type of person. It’s an [tag]HSP[/tag] thing. The mall is the definition of lots of sensory input. The worst shop for that sort of thing is The Sharper Image. They have something like 10 different commercials running in a constant loop in there. All at the same time. Bleh.

Anyway, this time I 1) got a bunch of stuff done and 2) got to go shopping with my Sister-in-law. So, while the day was exhausting, I actually had quite a good time.

My day of much too much shopping by Me


The Beginning:
I started out my shopping day at the [tag]British Food Center[/tag] in San Carlos. I try to get over there at least once a month to replenish our supply of HP Sauce, Branston Pickle, Red Leichester cheese, Curry Chicken Pasties, etc. It’s a nice little shop, but I can’t help feeling a little nostalgic for [tag]Touch of Britain[/tag]. I’ve been going there off and on for…dear heavens…for twenty years. They make the best egg and chips. And I love the ladies who run it. My family calls it “Love’s” after one of the owners who refers to customers in this fashion. Oh, the look on her face the first time I brought my husband to meet her. Sniffle.

Where was I? Oh, yes. The British Food Center. Well, they were out of my cheese and no [tag]Twiglets[/tag] were to be had. (Good thing my very yuppie grocery store has some.) I was informed that they have a bunch of stuff coming in at the end of October, including Christmas Crackers. (yay!) So, I paid for my tea, etc. and took my purchases back to the car. Getting said car out of the parking lot was a bit hampered by the muckle huge truck parked across the exit. They backed up a wee bit, and my lovely little green Subaru squeaked by and escaped.

My next stop was [tag]Whole Foods[/tag], land of things that I can eat. (You see, I have a few allergies to additives and such.) I actually parked in the garage for the first time. It was fun entering the store via the stairs from underneath. Mind you, it did make getting back to my car with my purchases a bit interesting, but I didn’t mind that much. I was going to get some crumpets while I was there, but the ones they had were a bit old. (Actually, that didn’t surprise me too much. Their scones are often the same way.) The main thing I love about Whole Foods is their cheese section. *swoon* *thud* I adore their [tag]Sottocerene Al Tartufo[/tag]. I did a cheese tasting at my place once, and that’s there I found my cheeses. I brought a list with me, but I still managed to leave without wax paper or bananas. I found a chocolate bar with chilies in it though. (It turns out that chocolate is the only thing I like chillies in that my husband doesn’t.)
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Good and Bad


The Kitty-Girl says: My Mum worries too much.

I spend a bit too much time worrying about stuff. Some of it is random…some not so much. Sometimes I find it helpful to make lists as a sort of brain dump, so here we go.

Ten Things I am Currently Worrying About:

1. Acne that just won’t go away (and I can’t really do much about it because of #2)
2. Infertility in general (Grrr.)
3. My blood test tomorrow morning to continue the infertility investigation.
4. My driver’s license is expiring and I need to figure out when I can go and deal with getting a new one.
5. Getting organized.
6. Finding money to get my car serviced.
7. Money in general.
8. My friends who are having a hard time of it for various reasons.
9. My hubby who is stressed out.
10. Thinking of stuff to post on my other blogs.

Now. To counteract the things I am worrying about, I demand that I come up with 10 things that I am happy about! (Wow…I like to order myself around, don’t I?)

Ten Things I Am Happy About:

1. My Sweetie and I have been together for 8 years as of today (married for 5 of those.)
2. My kitty girl may be 16, but she’s still as ornery as ever.
3. I have a job that is much closer to home than my old one.
4. I have a roof over my head.
5. It’s overcast. I love that sort of weather.
6. I bought a new Doctor Who Magazine today.
7. God loves me.
8. I have a great family.
9. I had Friday off of work.
10. Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend is a cute book.

There you go. Ten of the good, ten of the bad.

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Thursday 13: 13 Music Videos I Enjoy


Thursday 13 #2

Hello again. For this week’s [tag]Thursday 13[/tag] I am offering 13 Music Videos That I Enjoy. Let me just say that this was a lot more difficult that I was expecting. First of all, I wanted to limit the videos to one per group. This was particularly difficult, as a couple of the groups on my list have more than one fabulous video. I also discovered that there are quite a few videos out there that I watch because I like the song, not for the video itself. Add to that my inability to call to mind ones I’ve enjoyed in the past and well…it took a while.

My Husband calls my taste in music “unfocused.” I prefer the term “eclectic,” but whichever word you prefer just be aware that these videos are not all from the same musical genre. Do you have a favorite music video? Please let me know. This whole precess has made me wonder what I’m forgetting.

1. [tag]A-ha[/tag]Hunting High and Low (I loved this video even more than “Take On Me.” I’m still annoyed that they haven’t come out with a music video DVD. I’ve been waiting for years. Yes. I used to have an A-ha poster on my wall.)

2. [tag]Muse[/tag]The Knights of Cydonia (I still can’t name all of the film references in this video. In any case, it was very cleverly done. This is one of those cases where I had trouble choosing just one video. I also enjoy “Time is Running Out.”)

3. [tag]Manic Street Preachers[/tag]Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (I love this song. I like how the video starts out with what is basically two bands (one male, one female) singing at each other. As the song progresses, these two bands become one. One of my friends who blogs about British Music pointed this group out to me. Thanks, Dave!)

4. [tag]Weird Al Yankovic[/tag]White and Nerdy (Okay. How can you go wrong with Weird Al? I could fill up a list with 13 Weird Al videos that I like. Yes. I’ve seen him in concert. Three times. Al dos a great job with this video. And is that Donny Osmond dancing in the background? For the record, I am white and nerdy.)

5. [tag]Mediaeval Baebes[/tag]Temptasyon (I love the way that they make each of the ladies in this group seem a bit mystical in this video. It appeals to the part of me that started college as a Medieval Studies major. I wish that I could find more videos that they’ve done.)

6. [tag]Adam and the Ants[/tag]Prince Charming (Surprise! Adam Ant is even cute without the make up. How can you say no to a video that takes the Cinderella story and turns it on its ear? It even includes a dance for you to learn. I’ve loved this song since slightly before 6th grade. This is yet another one of the groups that I had difficulty choosing only one video from.)

7. [tag]Madonna[/tag]Frozen (In this video, we see my love of goth music and Madonna coming together to create one very visually interesting video with a dark color scheme. I particularly enjoy the transformations. Madonna is another of the artists that I found it difficult to chose only one video from. I have several other favorites from her back catalog.)

8. [tag]Billy Joel[/tag]We Didn’t Start The Fire (It’s a music video and a history lesson. Yay for educating folks when they don’t realize that they’re learning! Plus, you know, catchy tune.)

9. [tag]Sting[/tag]Fragile (I admit it. Half of my enjoyment of this video is Sting himself. The other half is the song. He just looks so poetic sitting there.)

10. [tag]Qntal[/tag]Von den Elben (What happens when you ask the Frouds (Brian and Toby in this case) to make a video for your music? A visual feast, that’s what. Give yourself the time to enjoy this video. It’s a bit long, but well worth it for the juxtaposition of song and imagery.)

11. [tag]The Monkees[/tag]Riu, Chiu (I first saw this on our black and white tv set. I loved The Monkees. I’m very glad that I managed to catch their reunion tour. Actually, I’m a bit amazed that I coould find it to share with you. The video is followed by a very raucous Christmas message.)

12. [tag]Kate Bush[/tag]Cloudbusting (This is one of my all time favorite videos. It seems to me that I first saw it on VH-1, years ago. It has a storyline (even if the end is a bit confusing.) And…well, I love the song.)

13. [tag]Morningwood[/tag]The Nth Degree (From the band with the interesting name, come a video that showcases the different styles each member brings to the band. I love the use of the album covers. Very clever.)

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A Grand Conjunction


Sometimes things just all come together.

Today, I had to deal with a really angry patron on the phone. Knowing full well that she wasn’t going to be pleasant, I called her anyway with the bad news that we weren’t going to be able to help her. (You see…I know who she is, and I didn’t want my co-workers to have to deal with her. meh.) I really don’t deal well with being yelled at. It’s hard on my nerves. Sigh. Luckily, my Sweetie miraculously appeared not ten minutes later while I was looking for a book in the stacks. He gave me a bit of a cuddle, and I felt much better. Yay for my Sweetie!

But that isn’t the Grand Conjunction I titled this post for. No. And it’s not the one in The Dark Crystal (one of my favorite films) either. This afternoon I discovered where next year’s American Library Association conference is going to be held. Next year’s ALA is going to be in Anaheim, CA. Do you know what else is in Anaheim? Yes. Disneyland.

Okay. So far we have a Library conference in the same town as Disneyland.

Add to this the fact that I spent my honeymoon at Disneyland. (We had a great time. One night we even got to spend in the honeymoon suite at the Disneyland Hotel. The bathroom is the same size as the room…well nearly, and the bed is reinforced. Just some fun facts for you.)

Hmm…now when is the conference? June 26–July 2, 2008? That’s interesting. My anniversary is June 29th. Obviously, it’s a sign! I must spend my anniversary in Anaheim next year. Now, if I can only get my Library System to pay for the conference itself…

I’m tired of not making plans just in case I finally manage to get pregnant. If a miracle occurs, and I am actually pregnant on my anniversary next year, I will just have to take this opportunity to do all of the stuff I normally ignore in favor of rides. *crosses arms* *nods head* So there.

Image Source: ALA

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I’m Turning Into My Mother


All this time I thought that I was turning into my Nana (pictured at left. 92 this year, by the way.) I have a thing for crispy pizza, and I prefer thin china for my cups. My Mum and I joke about the fact that I’m skipping a generation and turning straight into her mother. But now… Well, I have checked out two books on organizing.

I could ignore the voice thing. My sister sounds like my Mum, too. It’s just that I also say the same things in the same tone. Again, my Mum and I are in the same line of work, so this can be explained away. (Though, it is sort of startling to hear her exact voice coming out of my mouth when I say things like “Walk!”) My Husband will tell you that my Mother and I have many of the same mannerisms. I could explain that away as the effects of nature and nurture. Everything could be explained away. But when you add the organizing books, a whole picture begin to emerge. My Mum has this thing about organizing and plastic organizers and books on organizing and 3×5 cards. The list goes on. I’d say that it has something to do with the fact that we are both Librarians, but I’d just be fooling myself.

Oh, well. I don’t really mind that much. My Mum is cool. I just want to make sure that I get to turn into my Nana too. I think it would be fun to say whatever I want just to shock the grandkids.

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