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A Celticangel Glossary: Chicken Poetry

In my family, and among my close friends, we have come up with many words and phrases that can only be understood by those in the know. So…I’m putting you wise.


Word/Phrase: [tag]Chicken Poetry[/tag]

Origin: Even the origin of this phrase needs some background. I am a Librarian. My parents are also librarians. Well, my Dad has retired. My Mum says she has retired, but…she’s certainly working a lot. Anyway, once upon a time my Father was working on the Reference Desk and he was approached by a patron with a reference question. It sounded like this patron was looking for Chicken Poetry. So, my Father searched. He consulted databases. He looked in books. All sorts of of research later, it came to light that that patron had, in fact, meant “Chicken Poultry.” Le sigh.

Meaning: An interesting reference question.

Usage: Did you get any chicken poetry at work today?

Image Source: (I used this picture of the Big Chicken for three reasons: 1) I couldn’t find my picture, 2) I like the [tag]Big Chicken[/tag], and 3) It was more fun than just a pic of a Chicken.)

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Day 30: PomPom Chicks


Well, folks, this is it. The very last day of NaBloPoMo. As such, it is also the last day of the Sock Contest. You have until Midnight tonight to send in your sock entries. The winner will be announced tomorrow. Or, late tonight, depending upon how late I’m up. I’m in a fair amount of pain right now, so my money is on later tonight.

Today, I dragged myself out of bed against my better judgment. I really wanted to call in sick, or rather, broken. But today was Staff Day at work, and I’d led to understand that this sort of thing only happens once every five years or so. Indeed, it was worth going, but I’m really paying for it now.

May I just say ow? I’ve taken one 600mg Ibuprofen with each meal today, and I still hurt. All that I can think is…imagine if i weren’t taking it. That would be bad. And weirdly, the thing that hurts the most right now is my throat. I must have really torqued my head.

Oh, and by the way, I did it! I posted every day this month, even with a few distracting things to deal with. Yay me.

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Day 29: Oh Pooh


Today’s socks are strangely appropriate.

As requested, I went to see the Doctor about my back/neck. I’m fine. Nothing broken. I have some prescription Ibuprofen and an offer for physical therapy. I know that I will be moving slowly tomorrow during “Staff Day.” I’m really peeved that I didn’t even get half of the things done today that I was planning on doing.

You know what I want? I want pudding. Chocolate pudding. Hmmmm…I wonder if I have any instant.

Hey! You have one day left to send in your socks.

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Silly Sock Entry #5


Here we see Emma’s increasingly famous feet in Silly Sock Entry #5. I love the fluffy pompoms.

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Um…I just broke two nails at the same time…when I fell on the stairs. Again.

I’m thinking that they have it in for me. Well, at least I didn’t cry this time. Mostly, I was laughing (once I could breathe again) from my position on the floor of the entryway. KoshVader was busy freaking out somewhere behind me. But I couldn’t see it as my back was to him.

At this point I’ve cut my fingernails, had some nice hot and sweet tea, I’m sitting on the couch with my feet up, and I’m trying to order some more sports for my sweetie. We don’t have enough sports at the moment, apparently.

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Silly Sock Entry #4


Here is the fourth entry in the Silly sock contest. It was sent in by Emma of [tag]Treehouse Jukebox[/tag].

Keep ‘em coming folks.

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Day 28: Whatever


Today’s socks proclaim their indifference to everything. Sometimes I wish I could have that attitude, too. It would be much easier on my nervous system than being type A.

Anyway, today I spent most of my time trying to to keep ahead of the encroaching cart army. Although I suppose that’s not, strictly speaking, my job, it’s the sort of thing I take personally. I don’t like seeing any carts in the A/V section. There are so many people in those sections. Adding carts just makes it look cluttered and impedes traffic. Today, I arrived to find five carts in the AV section. Four fiction and one non-fiction lurked in the A/V section and taunted me. Taunted me, I tell you! By the time I left I had managed to get that down to two fiction and one non-fiction carts. Yes, that is the absolute most that the section can handle and still allow folks to move around. I wish I’d had a bit more time, but at least I managed that much.

Now, I’m relaxing at home in my PJs with a cup of tea, while I watch Blue Planet. I have tomorrow off! Yes, that means that I have all sorts of thins that I need to do. hey, at least I don’t have to drive in to work.

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Day 27: Bears with underwear on their heads.


Well, here are the socks of the day. More of the silly bears with underwear on their heads. I love those bears. They would like to remind you to be weird.

Before I go off on a tangent, I would like to remind you that you have until midnight on Friday, November 30, 2007 to send in your sock pictures. Send your pics to . Hey, you could win…a pair of socks.

Today. Ummmm… Today was Tuesday. I’m fairly certain, anyway. Yeah. Somewhere along the way my brain has switched over to a test pattern. Hmmm…I wonder if there are TV channels that still go off the air and leave you with a test pattern. Well, just in case, let me explain that channels used to sign off in the evening with the National Anthem and then left up a bunch of colored bars and an annoying tone for the rest of the night. That was back before the advent of the all night infomercial, I think.

Right, now that we are all on the same page, I’m having a little trouble remembering my day. I do, however, remember this:


I don’t remember what this is. I think it started with an R? all I’m saying is that it’s weird looking. This is one of the reasons that I like hanging out in the produce section over at Draeger’s. That I remember. We went out to dinner at the Clay Oven as we had no food in the house. Then we went to get food. The rest of the day is a big blur, except for the fact that I remembered why I hate dealing with programs. There are so many little finicky details, and there doesn’t seem to be a checklist anywhere.

Yes, that’s right. I’m only going to be happy with my job when I am my own boss. I’m still pondering that one.

Here ends my post of randomness.

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Now, I know I have a thing for flashlights. I have three in my purse, for goodness sakes. I’m not sure why I have this obsession, but there you are. I like to be prepared, I guess. Anyway, I just saw this ad and I…er…saw the light. I *must* have the [tag]Stanley Tripod Flashlight[/tag]. It looks normal and then it open up and swivels!

It’s okay. You can nod and smile. That’s what most folks do.

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Day 26: Roses and Royalty


Well, here are the socks of the day. They’re short, but fabulous. And I’m going to keep this short, otherwise I’ll still be typing at midnight.

Time is running out. Send me your socks. You could win…more socks.

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