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Merry says, “These socks smell silly.”

Well…it’s happening again. I’m exhausted. Seriously, I could just go to bed now. Or rather, I would if I didn’t have a bit of blogging left to do.

So, why bother posting here? Well, because I have another fortune to share with you all. Remember how I had 2 fortune cookies? Well, I ate the other one today, and here is the slightly too targeted fortune it contained.

“Any impatience you show will only create more stress.”

…Okay, Universe. I get the hint. I’m off to get my work done, and then I’m off to bed.

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My Fortune for Today…

I was grudgingly on my way out to get some lunch, as I didn’t have anything with me to eat, when my boss suggested that I might enjoy some Hot and Sour Soup.

Hmmm…I thought. It’s worth a try.

So, I popped by the local Chinese Restaurant for a spot of soup. I came away with a bunch of soup and a combo meal, complete with two fortune cookies. I have already eaten one of the cookies, and the fortune has left me a wee bit perplexed. Obviously, this means that I need to share it with the world.

“When the moment comes, take the last one.”

Umm…the last what? And when will I know that it’s the right moment? You can’t even add “in bed” to this one. (I did once get a fortune that said: “You are the center of every group’s attention. Please wear some clothing.” …in bed?)

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So, Today…

My cat-sib Emma says, “Rub my belly at your own risk.”

Today we received our new washing machine which replaces the 8.5 year old leaky one that only ran on the delicate cycle. I’ve quite peeved about the expenditure, coming as it does directly on the heels of the new server, but isn’t it always the way things go?

Now, well you may ask: why didn’t the washer arrive on Monday instead of Tuesday? Because it was MLK day, and thus a holiday?

Nope. The washer did not arrive on Monday, boys and girls, because someone stole the delivery truck. Seriously. I was awakened at 8:30am on my day off by the poor woman from Sears who wanted to let me know that my machine would arrive a day late…because their truck had been stolen.


In other news, my work blog has received kudos from my co-workers. Yay! I really wish that I had more time to spend on it. I’m trying to mix up my books to film T13s over there with other ones on random topics. As Friday is the birthday of one Robert Burns, I mean to make this week’s list on the topic of Scottish Monarchs. I looked in the library for some reference material, then suddenly it occurred to me that I have better references for this at home. Sometimes my Scotland obsession can come in handy, it would seem. I’ve already dug out two books that I can use. So there.

What else?

Hmm…my eyes have been really dry lately. Enough that I went out and bought some eye drops, knowing full well that I have the Fastest Blink in The West(tm). Don’t believe me? Just ask my eye doctor. She tried to do that glaucoma test last time I was in to have an eye exam, and she never did manage to test my left eye. That wee puff of air had nary a chance to actually reach my eye. As you might imagine, the eye drop thing has only been marginally successful so far.

Koshvader hasn’t been feeling well. Poor fellow. I hope that he gets better soon.

I still occasionally see Spock out of the corner of my eye.

Well, it is now 1:42am so I’ll cease this current ramble and think about sleeping. Night all.

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My List…So Far


Well, it’s been a couple of weeks, and it’s time to check in on my progress with The List.

1. I am still not pregnant. – Okay. I have discovered that I need to call my OB/GYN’s office and schedule an appointment with whomever is covering her patients. I need to get my act together here.

2. I am 35 and I still have acne. – I brought this up at my Doctor’s appointment, but the results were far from satisfactory. I may just have to concentrate on #1 and worry about this later.

3. My Husband doesn’t have life insurance or a will. – I should be able to drag him over to the Insurance Agent’s place on Friday. I still need to tackle the will issue.

4. My apartment is a mess. – Well, I’ve gotten rid of a few things, but I still need to make time for this. I will now drop an IM to the friend who seemed interested in hanging out while I cleaned and vice versa.

5. We need to get new Passports. – I’ve talked to my parents about this, but I haven’t been to the website yet…as I’ve forgotten which one they said. Hang on while I phone them again. Right. I have the website, now I just need to find my old passport.

6. My Husband is not happy with his current line of work. – Well, the camera has arrived. This is step one.

7. The Huge Monitor on my Floor – is GONE! Muahahahaha.

8. My Health Rider – Anyone out there in the SF Bay Area have a small stationary bicycle that they’d like to trade for a Health Rider?

9. I’m out of shape – Still out of shape. Sigh.

10. My financial situation – I’ve already had to buy two large ticket items this year. We have, however, started eating at home more often.

11. I need to get organized – Well…I’ve organized more cupboards, but that wasn’t really the intent of this one. I hope to tackle this one soon.

12. I am too hard on myself – Well..I feel like I’ve been goofing off too much, but looked at objectively that isn’t strictly speaking true. I am trying to relax more. I’ll see how I do on this moving forward.

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Another Update

So in the interest of keeping y’all amused and/or updated, here is another post. It’s currently 9:34pm and I’m upstairs on my bed getting some writing/blogging done. Helping me to occupy the bed are two cats you may find familiar. Frisbee is currently keeping my left knee warm. Sam is busy laying claim to the other half of the bed. A few days ago, though, all of us were downstairs. Here are some pictures from that casual evening in the front room. Have a good night!

Am I not gorgeous? I demand skritches!

No photographs, please.

I need some sleep. You may leave my presence now.

I am the model of a perfect cat. Yes indeed.

Bored, now.

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A Quick Update

Howdy Folks.

I has been brought to my attention that I haven’t updated in a week. For this I apologize, and I would like to plead laziness. Or perhaps Slackitude. I’ll try to do a wee update when I get home from work or something.

What I have been up to at home:

Working on a fanfiction that has now reached the 30 page mark. (egad)
Petting cats
Sleeping (some)

What I have been up to at work:

Blogging (
A Collection Development Project
Doing the Desk Schedule for the Reference Department
Working on the Ref/Info Desk
Maintaining the Reinvent Yourself Display
Weeding the 000s
Working on some Programs (luckily this is now mostly done for the month)
I’m forgetting something.

Um…what else?

It looks like our Guest Kitty will be with us until at least April. My Mother-in-law is still here. This is fine with me as she is great company, but she’s getting antsy. Hopefully we will be able to take her home this or next weekend.

Oh, one of our servers died, so we had to go spend money that I really didn’t want to spend. And now…the Washing Machine is leaking. Le sigh.

Did I tell you that the people at Starbucks call me “Miss”? That’s kind of nice, actually.

Ah! And I’m peeved at my Doctor. I went in for a physical, and she only wanted to talk about the two other things I was there for. For my acne, she told me that the stuff I wanted is available over the counter. When I expressed my disbelief, as I haven’t seen it, she said “bring me the bottle.” When I asked her about allergies, she said that only people with life-threatening allergies go to Allergists (then signed me up to get a phone call??) and that if I am allergic to cats, I’d have to get rid of mine in order to get pregnant. My furbabies are going nowhere. Growl. At least my husband actually went in for his physical. His blood pressure went through the roof, but he survived. Woo Hoo!

Well, I have to go get ready for work. Consider yourselves updated.

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13 TV Shows That Still Aren’t On DVD in the USA


Thursday 13 #11

Well, I actually managed to get a [tag]Thursday Thirteen[/tag] together this week. Quelle Suprise! I decided to go with thirteen television series that I want to see appear on DVD already. Not that I don’t already have a huge DVD collection, it’s just that these are the ones that I have on videos. DVDs are slimmer, dontcha know.

Also, if you have a minute, please pop by my brand new blog – where our premiere T13 is 13 People Who Have Played Sherlock Holmes.

13 [tag]TV Shows[/tag] That Still Aren’t On [tag]DVD[/tag] in the USA:

1. [tag]Kung Fu: The Legend Continues[/tag] – Kung Fu (The Original Series) has all of its episodes out on DVD, so you’d think that this show would be next. But, noooooo. I have every episode on tape. Sometimes more than once. And I really need that space. Sigh.

2. [tag]Misfits of Science[/tag] – “Oh, those Misfits. Misfits of Science, ha ha…” This show wasn’t around that long, but I loved it. This is the first show that I remember seeing Courteney Cox in.

3. [tag]The Tomorrow People[/tag] (the newer version) – The original version of this British fantasy show is already out on DVD. It wasn’t around all that long. Could it really be all that difficult to bring to DVD, too?

4. [tag]Kidd Video[/tag] – How to describe this show? Well, it was a Saturday morning show that included a musical band that was stolen away and turned into cartoons. They played music videos (with live-action) at the end of each show. I still remember some of those songs. “A little TLC from you to me…”

5. [tag]Time Trax[/tag] – Why is this show not out on DVD? It was excellent. A man from the future comes back to the past to hunt down fugitives from his time. He carries with him a computer that looks like a credit card. It is named Selma. “The world needs more Selmas.”

6. [tag]Probe[/tag] – Created by Isaac Asimov, and lasting only seven episodes, this is a gem of a show. You can sometimes find it playing on the Sci Fi Channel, but not on DVD. Sigh.

7. [tag]Mysterious Cities of Gold[/tag] – This cartoon appeared on Nickelodeon back in the 1980s. Somewhere I have an audio tape with the theme from this show recorded on it. I held the tape player up to the TV, you see. Unfortunately, there was something wrong with the tape and so it starts speeding up after the first few bars of the song. This has become the ultimate inside joke between my sister and I. “Children of the Sun, see your time has just begun…”

8. [tag]Ocean Girl[/tag] – My brother *adored* this show. It was an Australian inport that lasted a couple of seasons. I think that it was on Nickelodeon, too, but I’m not sure. I want this to come to DVD for his sake. Okay…I liked it too. Just not as much as he did.

9. [tag]The Powers of Matthew Star[/tag] – This show I loved…until halfway through when they up and decided to change the format. So really, I’m only requiring the good episodes for this one.

10. [tag]The Sarah Jane Adventures[/tag] – Doctor Who is out on DVD, Torchwood is appearing soon on DVD, and The Sarah Jane Adventures hasn’t even appeared on tv in the US, yet. This does not stop me from wanting this Doctor Who spin-off to appear on DVD anyway. So there.

11. [tag]The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne[/tag] – It had Michael Praed in it. Do I really need to say anything else? This is another one of those shows that I enjoyed, and did not last. it makes you think that they are watching your viewing habits when that keeps happening.

12. [tag]Tarzan[/tag] – Okay. I sort of know why this show got canceled. This doesn’t stop me from being upset about it. It seems to me that this was the last show that I actually made an effort to see when it was shown. Once it was taken off of the air…well…I stopped caring so much about the next season’s new shows.

13. [tag]Starman[/tag] – This is the first show that I loved and lost. Today there are still people campaigning to bring it back. Seriously. I have no earthly idea why it was canceled. One season was not enough. Yes. I am still angry about this one, 22 years later. Bring it to DVD already, people!

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My Motto For Today

I don’t have time for a nervous breakdown.

Well…I really don’t.

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Hey Ho, The Wind and the Rain-oh


The last couple of days have been a wee bit on the windy and rainy side. Yesterday it even hailed for a bit. I’ve been watching the water next to my front door nervously.

I’m from Sacramento, you see. Land of lots of flooding. So, I always either have a 2nd floor apartment or a townhouse. I wish to have a retreat in case of flood water incursion, and preferably a balcony to tether a boat to. It would seem that I am a product of my environment. And folks used to laugh at me until the New years flood in Vacaville a couple of years back.

So there.

Anyway, I plan to brave the elements to go visit a friend on the coast today. Wish me luck.

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It’s National Hot Tea Month!!


I love [tag]Chase’s Calendar of Events[/tag]! It is my favorite reference source. Without it, I would have never known that January is National Hot [tag]Tea[/tag] Month. Now, I have even more of an excuse to drink tea than usual. Yay!

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