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The Socks Appeal

Help the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theater appear at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! The video explains all. (short version: they need money.)

Posted on 30th April 2008
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Yesterday…at work.

I’ll try to keep this vague, ’cause I’m talking about work, but…

Yesterday when I was on the desk there was a disturbance before the Security Guard arrived. So one of my co-workers went to deal with it and I went with her as back-up.

It turned out that all of the shouting and swearing was the result of a misunderstanding where are rules were concerned. The situation was diffused, and apologies were offered. (My co-worker is good at this stuff, thank goodness, as I am actually rubbish at confrontations.) But the situation left me thinking the following:

1) When I get angry I do stupid things. The way-taller-than-me angry guy seemed to be having the same problem.

2) I distinctly remember being in High School and coming to the sudden realization that people often don’t realize that they are bugging you. It’s best to discuss the situation with them *before* attacking. Often, the situation can be resolved in this way before you break a ring off of your finger trying to hit the person sitting behind you with their feet on the bottom rung of your chair. Not that I ever did that. No. Look! It’s the Goodyear Blimp!

3) I still have really bad nerves. After we were done I wanted to go curl up somewhere quiet for a few hours. Not that I could. I just wanted to.


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A Bit More Rambling


On Sunday I went to a party.

This is significant as there are many others to which I did not go. Here is a list:

Last Wednesday: The Community reception for the Branch Manager who is retiring. (Went for about ten minutes)
Last Thursday: The proper party for said retiring Branch Manager. (Did not go.)
Last Friday: Retirement party for the driver of the Bookmobile, who is very cool and I like. (Too tired to go. I went home and collapsed.)
Last Saturday: Party at my Boss’s place that sounded like fun. (Did not go as I had errands to run like I have previously explained.)
Last Sunday: Wedding Shower for a friend. (I went, and accidentally arrived much earlier than I expected. So, I helped set up.)

As you can see, last week was quite the party week. The picture above shows my friend trying on her Wedding Dress (which is Lovely!!) and the back of the wee one who lives in the same house as the party HQ.

Yes, I spent Sunday hanging out with some friends and playing with two wee lads. (One is 4(i think?) and belongs to the lady in the pretty dress. The one with his back to the camera above is 2 (or so.) And he was just getting over the same flu I had. Poor thing.) At one point I even read folks a story. I am told that I did a good job with this. *grin*

I’m happy that I was invited to the party, as it was the way that I found out that two of my close friends were getting married. Their wedding will be small, so there isn’t really an invite list. I wish them many years of extreme cuteness.

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tee hee!

themusecalliope will have to write:

I will not be charged with conspiracy to overthrow the monarchy again

‘What will you have to write on the chalk board?’ at

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Of Hair and Mystery


I’ve decided to name the unknown plant in the corner of my garden…Austin Powers: International Plant of Mystery.

Just so you know.

Musings on Saturday:

Saturday we shopped, as we have a little money right now, and soon we will have a lot less. We stopped by ULTA and made a hair appointment for Koshvader straight away. Then lunch. Which I didn’t eat much of, as I had in fact eaten before my fellow had gotten up. Then we went to the mall. I had a fruit craving, so I got a smoothie before anything else. (Translation: I stared in horror at the seriously disorganized line. Tried to talk Koshvader into putting off the smoothie until later to avoid attempting to figure out where said line ended. Koshvader stood firm, however, and the confusing line was conquered in due course.) Originally, I had planned to come to the mall to buy clothing, but we ended up in the kitchen/home area of Macy’s somehow instead. There we purchased a small vacuum for the stairs and a griddle that you can put over two burners on the stove. I need a griddle if I am to finally make crumpets, you see. We ended up saving $80 on these purchases. (Yes, I called my parents to share the Sale Squee.)

By this point it was time to go to the hair appointment. Our hair-stylist insisted that she could do both of us, so after Koshvader’s hair was done (and my, he looks nice) it was my turn. It would seem that my hair makes our stylist a bit crazed. Every time she sees me, it looks the same, she said. So, instead of just taking off two inches from the bottom, I have a new, sexier haircut. Everyone seems to like it so far, but it is a bit weird having such a light head.

Once we were done with hair, we decided to ignore responsibilities for the evening (’cause really, they’re always there. You have to make time for fun, or you won’t have any.) And went out to get tickets to the cinema. Our plan was to see different films at the same time. That didn’t work out. I wanted to see Nim’s Island, but it was sold out. So, we got two tickets to the new Harold and Kumar film. (No, I haven’t seen the first one.) And then went off to have sushi. Yum.

Done eating, and with time to kill, we went back to the mall to get clothing. This time we managed it, but I still didn’t find any new work shoes. Hanging out at Border’s afterwards did bring two surprises. 1) I already had the Torchwood and Doctor Who Magazines and 2) Someone had re-arranged three of the Sue Grafton Alphabet Mysteries to spell NOM. Needless to say, I LOLd.

And then we saw the film. I still can’t decide if I liked it or not. On the one hand, much of the humour was not my thing. But on the other hand, it actually had a couple of layers to it. The parts with a certain celebrity were amusing, in any case.

When we finally made it home, I fell over with a thud into bed, knowing full well that I had a party to attend the next day. So…I had to put off watching Doctor Who.

Oh, the tragedy.

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Thought of The Day

Is it possible to be an “Incomplete” stranger?

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Not the Update You’re Looking For…


I have so much to talk about from this last weekend, but I’ve just started my second cup of coffee this morning and I’m off to work in half an hour.

So…I’m going to talk about pictures instead. Mostly. Unless I get carried away.

The picture at the top there is the mystery plant in the corner of my garden. It has leaves like a squash plant, but it’s growing straight up. *shrug* It looks cool, and I still have all sorts of other weeds to deal with, so I’ll leave it for now. It’ll be big enough to rate its own name soon, though.


There is a gas station that perplexes me. It’s not that far away from my place, and yet…the prices for gas there are always about fifty cents more than at the one near me. For example, regular unleaded is $3.98/gallon at my local gas station right now. This place, as you can see in the picture I snapped this weekend, is advertising $4.53/gallon. It is just off of a freeway, but the 76 station on the other side of the freeway has normal prices.

My theory? It’s a front for something.


See how empty it is? And it closes at night at about 10pm. Mighty mysterious if you ask me. Yes, indeed. I almost never see any cars over there, and when I do see one…it’s never putting gas in the car.

Curiouser and curiouser. (Said Alice)

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I Used My Camera Today…or was it Yesterday?


I took this pic on the way to work yesterday. The gas prices just keep going up. Oh well. At least we don’t have to pay by the liter like they do in Europe.


Here is visual proof of the blue nail polish. Looking at my trainers reminds me that I need some new shoes, though. At least I should replace my missing work shoes. Hmmmm…


Oh! And Frisbee? Still cute.

I can get five hours of sleep, feel exhausted all day, drag my way home…and then the sun goes down and I wake up. Sigh. Why is this? Then I have trouble sleeping again and the cycle continues. Oh, Complain. Okay. I’m done.

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An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

Before you play this video, be sure that you are NOT drinking or eating.


Sister mine, put down your breakfast.

Ready? Okay. You can start now.

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Blue Nails and Amusement

I painted my nails last night. That may seem a bit girly for me, but really I was down in the cat bathroom and I found my blue polish…and now I have faience blue nails. It makes me wish I got my nails done more regularly. Also, I believe tht you can easily tell the difference between the hand I painted and the one that Koshvader did for me. He rules at this sort of thing.

Yesterday ended up being a bit stressful at work. We have a free Lawyer program, and the sign up process is very draining. I just want to shout “It’s free, people!” But…I don’t. Also, we hve someone that we need to keep an eye out for now, as he has been causing much stress. Meh.

And now…I like this song, mostly because they used the word “Promiscuous” in song. I mean…seriously. Do most of the folks listening to the song even know what it means? I also enjoy the random reference to Steve Nash, basketball wizard.

Psst! Emma? Can you get to my work blog from work? That is updated each weekday…

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