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Nerves. I has them. …And boy howdy.

Posted on 27th June 2008
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Dancing Across the World

I found this video over at Heroes not Zombies and I just had to share it. I actually teared up a bit. Enjoy the dancing. Makes me want to get out there and travel.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Posted on 25th June 2008
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Doomed Weekend, Interesting Photos

For all that our Anniversary Trip Mark 1 was troublesome and stressful, we did manage to get a few decent pictures. I’ve finally managed to get through my photos from day one and here is what I have to offer:


The rocky bits in the middle of the picture look a bit like a face to me. North Beach is just one of the beaches that Point Reyes has to offer. It is the only one we have visited so far.


One of the things I have noticed about North Beach is the “Post Apocalyptic” vibe it seems to have. Probably the Teepees have something to do with this. I’ve noticed that driftwood sculptures seem to be quite popular on Northern California beaches, and this beach was no exception. This is the first time I’ve encountered Driftwood Sculptures with interior seating, though.


The Point Reyes Lighthouse has been around since 1870. I’ve visited it before, and I think it’s really interesting. We didn’t manage to make it before they’d closed for the day so we don’t have any closer pictures than this. I’m not too upset by this as…


There are 308 steps down to the lighthouse. Not so bad going down, but there are benches by the steps for a reason. That is a climb of many stories. I’ve done it once, and boy howdy.

Once we were done with the lighthouse (and my hands were numb with cold) we went back to North beach to photograph the sunset, then on to try some night shots of the Golden Gate Bridge on the way home. My camera doesn’t really do night shots.

There you are. The good parts version of the doomed weekend, day one.

Posted on 25th June 2008
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More Koshvader Photos

I’m still working on my pics from the weekend, but here are some of Koshvader’s to give you an idea of the fun parts. More exclusives!





Posted on 24th June 2008
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Of Weekends and Underwear


This weekend’s attempt at an Anniversary Photo Safari Trip didn’t really work out like we’d hoped.

1) We were a bit later in leaving that we’d hoped to be.
2) We needed 3 things a)a 72mm multi-coated professional UV filter, b)a pair of AA batteries specifically for Digital Cameras, and c)air for the tires of my car.
3) We manged to get exactly none of these things before we finally gave up and left.

Yeah. It was a bit…sucktastic. We finally got the air taken care of on the 3rd? 4th? attempt over in San Rafael after dinner at the only place we could find/reach. That would be IHOP. Which if fine for me, but Koshvader is not that fond of the place. On the bright side we made it out to Point Reyes on the first day, which was nice. On the downside was the frustration, general grumpiness, and lack-of-food induced growlies. It kind of overshadowed the whole proceedings. That and the sudden explosion of humanity on many of the places we’d been thinking about photographing. We will attempt [tag]Anniversary[/tag] celebration number two on our actual anniversary by going out for a nice dinner. Here’s hoping that we end up in a more romantic room at La Fondue this time.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Enough about the Anniversary weekend of frustration. What I really want to talk about is underwear. More specifically, Back-of-the-Drawer [tag]Underwear[/tag]. You know what I mean. Those pairs of underwear that you keep for emergencies. When all your other underwear is in the dirty clothes pile, these are the undergarments you resort to.

This is not a female-specific thing, either. One of the advantages of being married is that I have discovered that men do the same thing. Their underwear may not literally be located in the back of the drawer, but they are the not-quite-comfortable ones or novelty items that we have.

My question is…why do we keep these? Why don’t we buy more underwear or do laundry more often? I suppose that we like to be prepared. To have those pairs of underwear of last resort. Just in case. Just make sure that you are not wearing a white novelty thong with the word “bride” on it when you get in a car wreck. Your mother probably cautioned you to wear clean underwear just in case you found yourself in that situation. I’ll bet she didn’t mean clean novelty bride thongs.

Do you have an order in which you wear your undies of last resort? I have a whole gradient system. In the front of the drawer live my newest, best-fitting knickers. In the middle of the drawer are the okay-but-not-quite-as-good undies. In the back of the drawer lurk the undies-I-would-rather-avoid. Of those, there is also an order indicating the level of laundry emergency. The granny undies come before the one pair with the little hole in the side, and so forth. And I do own that bride thong. I should never wear a thong. My behind isn’t designed to look good in those things.

What insane pairs of undies lurk in your drawer?

Posted on 23rd June 2008
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Notebook #2 – The Red One


This evening I went back to my Great Stack of Notebooks and pulled a red notebook out of the middle. Let’s investigate it together, shall we?

This notebook seems to date from my Master’s Program. The date on the first page is 4/24/00, though I did find some pages from 1999 as well. I found all sorts of notes from my classes, but some of the notes are a bit difficult to figure out. They’re more along the lines of Mysterious Utterances.

A few examples:

“Make 19 photocopies of Planet Biblio.”

“Luddites with bandwidth.” (Sounds like a band name)

“The Day the Earth Didn’t Move Around Too Much.”

“In sometimes painful detail.”

“8,000 Libs 1 door.”

See what I mean? The rest of the notes are boring. So, I’m going to share my [tag]doodles[/tag] with you instead…


It would appear that I needed to purchase a hamper at this point. Check out the little Viking helmet. And yes, hearts are my all time favorite [tag]doodle[/tag]. Do you have favorite doodles?


Here we see another perennial favorite, the combined sun/moon. Eventually the nose would become part of the moon. Hmm…I wonder what future archaeologists will make of the evolution of doodles.

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Posted on 20th June 2008
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Another Photo Post

Well…my husband has been out taking photos again. He went out an got himself a shiny new tripod for his camera, and he just had to try it out, right? You understand, yes?

And yet…he still doesn’t have any online presence for these. Except here, that is. Oooo…I have an exclusive! Enjoy the new images.





Posted on 19th June 2008
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The Truck and the Ghost

The Truck

Are you familiar with the term Big Dick Truck? No? Well, generally speaking it connotes a large truck, often with extra bells and whistles, with the subtext that said truck is…er…compensating for a lack of size elsewhere.

With me now? On the way to work the other day I found myself behind one such truck. It was a very large black thing that must run through gasoline like water. Also…it sought to extend the “Big Dick Truck” metaphor one step further.


You can see why I had to dig out my camera at the light. This Big Dick Truck even has testicles! Dear Heavens. Makes one wonder about the driver of such a vehicle, doesn’t it?

The Ghost

Have you ever experienced that thing where someone you know dies, and then you start seeing them everywhere? I have. When my friend Kathi died right after graduating from High School, she seemed to be everywhere I looked for weeks afterward. This phenomenon tends to be restricted to the following couple of months in my experience. (Actually, I’d be interested in input on this. When my kitty-girl passed on I saw/heard her for longer than expected.) Anyway, I have a friend whose partner died back in November. I went to the memorial service and everything. (She was such a bright light.) A couple of days ago, I saw someone who was the spittin’ image of her walk by the Reference Desk while I was working. Her hair is a bit longer, but she even walks the same. The especially creepy thing is that I only ever saw E. in the library. Mind you, this young lady has yet to come talk about films and literature with me, but still… It’s kind of eerie.

Posted on 18th June 2008
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They’re Trying to Poison Me Again

Yesterday when I returned from my photo outing I was in a great deal of pain. Methinks I rather overdid it out there. I took some Motrin (took two hours to work and started to fade a couple of hours after that.) Later, I thought I’d take some Tylenol so I could actually get to sleep.

And then I happened to read the ingredients. I’m not sure why I didn’t do this before, but I never thought that pain-killer would try to poison me.

Right there before “talc” was “[tag]sucralose[/tag].” And Sucralose, boys and girls, is another word for [tag]Splenda[/tag]. Yes, one of the [tag]artificial sweeteners[/tag] that makes me ill. This would explain some of the problems I’ve had when taking [tag]Tylenol 8-hour[/tag] in the past.

This just reinforces my need to read the ingredients in everything I might ingest. Did you know that they put [tag]High Fructose Corn Syrup[/tag] in BREAD? Or [tag]Lactose[/tag] as a filler in vitamins? They’ll even change ingredients without notice. So look out.

Stop trying to poison me, people!

Posted on 16th June 2008
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Photo Post

When I was on my way home from work yesterday, I called KoshVader to ask him where he was. It turned out that he was up in San Francisco near the Cliff House. He’d gone up there with the intent to take some photos. He complained about the light and such, but when he came home he had these three photos here, among others. He refuses to get a flickr account, so I am posting them here for you all to enjoy.




Posted on 15th June 2008
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