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I’ve seen a UFO…

…an Unidentified Feline Object, that is.


This evening we had a nice breeze coming in through the back screen door. I was sitting at the kitchen table working on the laptop, minding my own business and occasionally annoying one of my cats hanging out near the door. I heard the Jingle Cat go by outside and ignored it, as Jingle Cat is a scaredy cat that is not interested in skritches. Then, when I got up to make some tea I glanced out through the screen door and saw an unfamiliar unknown and generally unidentified cat. For the purposes of this post I shall henceforth refer to him as “Charlie” as he has one of those Charlie Chaplin mustaches.

Charlie was sitting calmly outside watching me. Of course, my cats weren’t too happy about this interloper.

What was I to do? I had to go outside to pet the strange animal. (Hey. It beats running with scissors.)

It turns out that Charlie is quite friendly, so I spent a little while outside talking to him. And then I went inside. Charlie waited a minute, then decided to try climbing the screen and hissing at my babies. I went for the spray bottle, which Charlie obviously recognized. So, he went off to chew on my weeds. This he is welcome to do.

So, there you are. A close encounter with a UFO.

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A Weekend In Review, or Another Excuse to Post Photos

Still life of my shoes with party hat.

I went to a birthday party for a friend’s 2 year-old this weekend, and even though it was outside I had a great time. (The sun and I don’t get along…but we were nicely shaded.) There were 3 other small children there apart from the birthday boy. They climbed all over me like a jungle gym. At one point, the youngest tried to eat a dime, deciding, I suppose, that the penny wasn’t worth her time. Once I removed said dime from between her teeth, her father stuck his finger in her mouth to be sure that the dime had been the only piece of change that she’d tried to eat. The look she gave him afterwards was pure affront with a side of “Heavens, Man! Your finger tastes terrible! Begone from our royal presence.” No, her name isn’t Victoria, but she certainly has a queenly demeanor. Attempts to teach her a royal wave have so far met with failure, but these things take time.

Is that a water balloon in your hand young man?

Yes, that is the Birthday Boy himself, following after the family cat. Don’t worry about the water balloon. I’m not too sure that he knew what it was for, beyond the fact that it was sturdier than the balloon filled with air.

Anyway, I had fun talking with people I don’t get to see very often. There were two others there with shiny cool DSLR cameras. A Nikon D70 and a Nikon D200 as I recall. I brought a book for the Birthday Boy. Too bad that I didn’t get a chance to read it out loud, but everyone was busy playing in the water. I spent most of the time playing with the little Queen in training. Really, the whole thing was heavenly.

A Lantern or a window to another world?

This lantern is my favorite photo from the hundred and some I took during the party. I am really enjoying this new camera. It’s a good thing that I seized the opportunity to take pictures while I was there. With gas prices going up like they are, I may not be able to travel very far for a while. Le Sigh. Oh, well. Just another reason to find things to photograph around here.

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Thought for the Day


When in doubt…make tea.

Seriously. Well, as long as you like tea. Think about it. The process takes a couple of minutes to be done properly. That gives you enough time to…think of a clever retort, figure out what to do next, get your thoughts in order, regain your composure, or take a moment to rest your eyes after staring at a computer screen for hours. And when you’re done, you have a nice hot cup of tea. Perfect for warming up on a cold day, waking up when you need the caffeine, steaming your face when you have sinus trouble, or calming your belly when you’ve had too much grease. Or is that last one only me?

Alternately, you have a version of my favorite weapon right there in your hand. My favorite weapon is a nice hot cup of coffee, but tea will work just as well. Think about it. You have two weapons in one – one projectile (the tea) and one hand-to-hand (the cup.) In the event that your would-be attacker recognizes the mug in your hand for the most excellent weapon it is and runs away screaming, you can always still drink the tea.

Let it cool a bit first, though, so you don’t burn your tongue.

And now…I’m going to go make some tea.

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Foodies R Us?


Mostly Foodies can cook, right? Yes? No? ‘Cause I’m not all that good at the cooking thing. Does that make me not a foodie?

Koshvader can cook. I don’t think that he’s the only foodie in the house, though. Even if he’s the one that keeps buying things like Saffron and Celtic Grey Sea Salt. We also have such things as White Truffle oil and Parmigiano Reggiano. I cook with that oil, so I’m probably a snobby foodie. Either that or I’m a Supertaster. Possibly both.

In any case, from experience I can tell you that Evian in plastic bottles tastes different from Evian in glass bottles. As such, we have been looking for glass bottled Evian for a while now. Apparently it is difficult to locate outside of restaurants. Tonight, we finally found some…in a fancy Christian LaCroix bottle, no less.

Like the big geeks we are, we will be saving this water for our anniversary.

(You can stop giving me that look now. Koshvader doesn’t drink, and really you don’t want to see me after I’ve had Champagne. Really.)

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Notebooks from the Twilight Zone


Somewhere on my 101 Things list I have stipulated that I must go through five of my notebooks. This evening, I grabbed one from the middle of the Great Stack of Notebooks ™ and I thought that I’d share some excerpts with you. as you can see in the picture above, this notebook appears to date from some point during or right after my first stint at college. Well, during my time at UCD, in any case. The inside cover actually says “Philosophy 108.” I’m thinking that means The Philosophy of Biology, a class that I took for a random science credit after discovering that something was hinkey with my transfer agreement. (I transferred from a Junior college to UCD. Somehow…things got screwed up.)

For the record, I hated The Philosophy of Biology. It was boring. The prof. had never heard of a Punit Square for Heaven’s sake! I would have been better off taking Botany. That would have at least been interesting and full of Latin words.

No…I’m not still annoyed or anything. Well, all of the class notes seem to be gone, so let’s see what’s there instead.

(Oh, and just in case you don’t believe me on the huge stack of Notebooks, please see Exhibit B below. That doesn’t include the couple of boxes full I have, too. In case you were wondering, that bag is my gaming bag. Role Playing Games. You know. Like D&D. My dice live in the tin on the left hand stack. Hush. You already knew I was a geek.)


Apparently the first three pages are a Want List, just like I have here on the blog.

10 Items on the Want list from the mid-90s:

  • L.A. Coroner Beach Towel (teal) (Yes. Seriously. And I still don’t have it. Pout.)
  • Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes CD (I’m not sure what happened to that…)
  • Green Acrylic Paint (I’ve taken drawing and painting. One semester each in High School. Am I any good? Heck no. I still have that paint somewhere.)
  • A Ball Gown (No idea why I wanted one of these back then. I sort of have one now…)
  • Back scrubber (Hm…still don’t have one.)
  • Doctor Who videotapes (…and now I’m trying to get all of the shiny new DVDs to replace them.)
  • Friends of Doctor Who Membership (And now I get paid to blog about Doctor Who.)
  • A Metal filing cabinet (Check!)
  • 80s Compilation CDs (Well…I have one.)
  • The Other Crow Soundtrack CD (My brother has it, but I never did get it.)

It would seem that my tastes haven’t changed too much…

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My Grand Adventure (part 1)


On Sunday afternoon I got into the car with Koshvader. On the way to get a little lunch, I mentioned that I had some things I wanted to finish that evening so perhaps we shouldn’t stay out that long.

Famous last words.

As we were heading up the road towards the freeway I said, “Hey! What’s up this road past the freeway? We’ve never been up there before.” So, we went and had a look. It turns out that the College of San Mateo is at the top of that road. Who knew? We turned down a side road, and drove for a bit, encountering a lovely little shopping area on the way.

And then, we encountered a road called “Crystal Springs.” This is not an uncommon road name. In fact we know people that live on a road with the same name in another town. What could we do but drive up the road? Imagine my surprise when the hubby pulled of the road and parked…under 280. Yes, Under 280! As you can see in the picture at the top of this post, we were literally in the shadow of the freeway.

The hill above where we parked…and 280.

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…It’s getting out of hand.


This evening I had to pop over to the store, as I was out of important things like coffee filters and crumpets. Now, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I tend to develop patterns for anywhere that I travel regularly to in my car. This will represent the fastest/easiest route. I tend to be pretty stuck with a pattern once it is developed, especially if it helps me to avoid things like traffic or stressful parking lots. One of my favorite patterns exists for going over to Whole Foods. I park downstairs, thus avoiding getting run over in the upstairs parking lot.

I am here to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, this photography thing is getting out of hand. Tonight I parked in the ground level parking just so that I could take the picture above. If I had continued on to my usual spot, the light would have gone and the shot would have been lost. I broke my pattern to take a picture. What has gotten into me?

Then again…perhaps this just means that I am waking up. I’m seeing photograph possibilities all over the place now. I would have taken a picture on the way into work this morning, but I was carrying too much stuff at the time. Later, I saw a photo possibility…but I was working at the time. Tonight, I had no such excuse.

The first step is admitting that you have a problem…but I have no plans to do anything about it. So there.

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A Few Photos

Yesterday, I taught a class on blogging, complete with technical difficulties, and survived.
Today, I got into the car with Koshvader.

You remember what happens when I do that, right? That’s right. You never know where you’ll end up. I’m not quite done going through the 302 photos I took over the course of the day’s travels. (302!!!) I got a new camera on Friday, by the way. I’ve gone from Canon Powershot A520 (which will now go to my brother) to a Canon Powershot A720 IS. I now have four more megapixels at my disposal, as well as Image Stabilization. Today I ran my new camera through its paces. Here are some of the results…


As we were near Cameron’s Pub at Dinner Time, we stopped there to eat. After dinner, I took the picture of the flag (above) that flies out front, and also one of the old London Taxi (below) that is located in the parking lot.



After dinner, we hurried to document the sunset. This is one picture I took at Half Moon Bay State Beach. To see my four other sunset pics, check out my flickr photostream.

I’ll be sure to post more photos and the story of my much longer than I was really expecting Photo Safari later. I’m off to bed.

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