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Sadly I’m Not Episcopalian…

I have found a new favorite photographic subject. This church is gorgeous! It kinda makes me want to attend a service here, just to see the inside.

It’s the Episcopal Church of St. Matthew, right there in downtown San Mateo. You’ll probably be seeing more of it, as I adore this place. I just need to ponder some new photographic angles…and come up with a cunning plan to photograph the stained glass windows at night when they’re lit.


I love benches. This place has all sorts of benches. Better yet? Most of them seem to be me-sized.


I want to try this one again at night.


Curly bench!

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Happy Birthday to my Brother!

A couple of videos for you…

Clarissa Explains It All intro:

Fred and Ginger dance the Carioca:

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Happy Birthday to My Sister

A couple of videos for you!!

Mysterious Cities of Gold Intro:

Grease – You’re the One that I Want:

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Rush playing Tom Sawyer on Rock Band…

I admit that I totally stole this from my friend Nicole, but it’s too good not to share.

Imagine if you will the band Rush playing Rock Band to one of their own songs…

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Decluttering, The Window to Your Past


Lately I have been working hard to get rid of things, and generally declutter. I have been carrying around many things from apartment to apartment that I never look at, much less use. (In my family, these sorts of things are called “Goat Brassieres.” Dead handy items in the right circumstances, but why hold on to them if you no longer have a goat?) I’ve started getting rid of books, even. Me! Getting rid of books! Surely that’s blasphemy in some fashion or other. Books, clothing, you name it. I’m taking a good hard look at everything I own and asking myself important questions like: Do I use this? Have I ever used this? Do I even like it? Where did this come from again? etc.

But really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because one of the things I have a whole bunch of is…magazines.

*Taps microphone and clears throat nervously*

Hello. I am the Celticangel and I am an Information Packrat.

You perhaps think that I joke with you all. But it is the truth. I assure you. With a French accent, even. Vous savez?

It is also interesting to look into my past this way. I mean, why the heck did I feel the need to keep this or that magazine in the first place? In some cases, it’s obvious. (Hello! Travis Fimmel is on the front.) In others…not so much. (Okay…this has one small advert for the Return of the King DVD. Otherwise…I haven’t a clue.) Also…sometimes it’s a little embarrassing. This is only one of the reasons that I have placed the other four pictures behind the cut. The other reason being to make it easier on your computer to load the initial post. (Yeah. That’s it. That’s the ticket.) The reason for the magazine at the top of this post should be fairly obvious. I like Buffy. Do I need to keep it? No.

Okay. The rest of the mug shots are under here…

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Eddie Izzard – Death Star Canteen

This video is especially for my sister to introduce her to the joy that is Eddie Izzard, brilliant comedian and executive transvestite.

Eddie Izzard discusses the Death Star Canteen:

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A Couple of Thoughts

Standing Pole Stinson Beach

My mind has been moving in ever more random directions of late, and as I don’t want this blog to feel neglected I thought I’d share some of my thoughts with you.

You know that you really love someone when you are as mind-bogglingly selfish as I can be, and yet you just want that someone to be happy. So, you are willing to make compromises that involve you not always getting your way. Shocking! Oh, well. At least there is no Klingon Opera to deal with as yet.

If you tell yourself to relax often enough over the course of one day, you are likely to get a certain song by Frankie Goes to Hollywood stuck in your head.

A couple of my friends who live on the lovely island of Kauai sent us the Dark Matter that I mentioned the other day!! Thanks, you two. That gave me a smile on a very stressful day.

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Random Access Brain on Shuffle


I’ve mentioned my Random Access Brain before. On any given day when it is on Shuffle, my RAB can provide me with a most astonishing variety of music. Most of it can’t even be explained away as being triggered by my seeing a book title or something. So this morning when I woke up with J Lo’s “Jenny from the Block” playing in my head it occurred to me that I’ve never tried to keep track of all the songs on random play in my head during the course of one day.

Impossible? Crazy idea? Needlessly obsessive?

Perhaps. But darn amusing I’ll warrant.

And so I did. I actually managed to note down all the random songs playing in my head. And here is the list. In order of the first appearance of the song.

Be afraid.

Just singing in my head…
1) J Lo – Jenny From the Block (video)
2) Amy Grant – El Shaddai (video)
3) Fanny Crosby – Blessed Assurance
4) Do You Hear the People Sing from Les Miserables
5) A medley of songs from Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.
6) A random theme song that I don’t know the name of. Sorry.
7) Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – Urban Spaceman (video)
8 ) A song that I made up about a puppet…today. No idea how it got stuck in my head so quickly.
9) Kylie Minogue – I Just Can’t Get You Out of My Head (video)
10) En Vogue – My Lovin’ (You`re Never Gonna Get It) (video)
11) Dazz Band – Let It Whip (video)
12) The Goops – Build me Up Buttercup (video)
13) Rogers & Hammerstein – In My Own Little Corner (video)
14) Evanescence – All That I’m Living For

And there you are! Frankly I’m astonished that I manged to note it all down. Now you can see for yourself how very random my personal song shuffle can be. I have no idea why I started the day with J Lo of all people. Oh well. *shrug*

Is your Random Access Brain as random with its song choices?

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Have you ever been to the [tag]Particle Zoo[/tag]? They have stuffed animal versions of particles.

Yes. Particles. Like in Physics.

I must have this:


A Dark Matter stuffed animal! How can you go wrong with that?

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I Can Sort of Sing Again

4 July in Pacifica – by Celticangel

It would seem that the eternal smoke in the air problem here in California affects my singing ability. You all remember how intrinsic music is to me, yes? Well, last week the best I could hope for was about one line of a song before I developed a pain behind my sternum and had to stop.

No, I don’t have an inhaler. Why do you ask?

This weekend it’s a wee bit better, but I hope that we get some nice clean rain soon.

Speaking of air quality, on 4 July I was down at the beach in Pacifica with Koshvader, as you can see in the pic above, and the air was like soup. I think that the pic is the visual representation of what my lungs think about the air these days.

Think that the atmosphere in the pic above is a trick or a momentary thing? Try this one…


Yep. That is a photograph. Scary, eh? For more pics from 4 July, go here.

Happy Bastille Day folks!

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