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I’m Alright…

But my car is not.

So there we were, minding our own business, driving straight and at a slow pace headed for the freeway on-ramp, when this white Corvette exits the freeway too fast and loses control. We didn’t see that at first. What we saw was the car in front of us do this funny little swerve that we couldn’t figure out. Then there was the one second of “Oh No!” And then…Bam! We managed to get to the side of the road, but now my poor baby car won’t start. (I dunno how fast the guy was going, but he hit us quite hard.)

We’re okay (mostly), just banged up a bit from the seat belts and what not. I can tell, however, that tomorrow will be distinctly un-fun already. Sigh.


Posted on 25th August 2008
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If You Give A Sock Some Money…

They might do this….

I really wish that I could go to the [tag]Edinburgh Fringe Festival[/tag] to actually watch [tag]The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre[/tag] perform.

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Road Sign…


(You can generate your own sign here.)

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Book Addict


Hello. I am the Celticangel, and I am a Book Addict.

Some people are addicted to nicotine or alcohol. I am addicted to books. No, seriously. I am.

Occasionally, I try to kick the habit. Sometimes I manage long stretches of a diet consisting only of magazines or non-fiction, because I can set those down after a chapter or a few pages. I can walk away and get other things done. I can do important things like…sleep or work. But it’s only a matter of time before I pick up some fiction again.

Generally, one book leads to another. I discover a new author and dive gleefully in. And this can be a huge problem as work and sleep tend to get in the way of my reading. Luckily, I can eat and read at the same time. At least now that I don’t live with my parents, that is. (Apparently it’s rude to read at the table when there are others at the table with you. Who knew?)

The worst part is that I am a Book Pusher by profession. So…pretty much any book I want I can get my hands on if I am willing to make the effort.

Books are my addiction. Most books are like a nice beer. They are a refreshing break that gives you a nice buzz. But then there are those books that are more like a wonderful dessert wine. Not too sweet, not too bubbly. Before you know it, you’ve had one glass too many. It’s just so good you lose track. One such book is Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. It is Grade-A, Top Choice, Book-Crack. (If you’ll forgive the mixed metaphor.) It’s the kind of book that you read in the kitchen while making dinner. I’d like to blame my sister for talking me into reading it, but the truth is…I’ve been meaning to read it for some time. Perhaps I was just putting off the inevitable. Sigh. Luckily, I will have book 2 tomorrow, as a fellow Book Pusher has a copy she’s going to lend me.

In the meantime, I’m reading Twilight again. And I have to stop typing now and get back to it.

So…read any Book Crack lately?

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And Sunday I Went to Church…

The Live Oak Nature Trail

So, last Sunday I finally managed to nerve myself up enough to go to that lovely Episcopalian church all on my lonesome. Apart from a severe lack of parking, it was just lovely. Perhaps someday I can get some pictures to show you. The stained glass windows, the curved lines of the ceiling, and the hanging lights were inspirational all on their own. Conveniently, the order of service was very well documented in the bulletin so I didn’t get lost. Overall…it was quite the restful experience. I think I’ll go back.

Later in the day we were out in San Bruno visiting with friends, and when we asked about a place to take a walk they suggested Junipero Serra County Park. And wouldn’t you know it? It was just across the street. How convenient. (Imagine The Church Lady’s voice there.) They were correct. There are some lovely trails over there. The picture at the top of this post is from that walk. (A couple more are over at my flickr phtotstream.) I never knew that Poison Oak could be so…pretty. It brings a nice splash of color to the scenery. You just have to be very careful not to touch it. Next time I’ll be sure to dress for an actual hike, and bring things like…water. Handy thing, water.

I did have my camera. But then, I almost always have it with me. Good thing, too, as I like the pics I took.

Sorry I haven’t updated lately. The Olympics have sucked me in. Well…that and Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, which is Grade-A Book Crack. I’ve finished it, and book 2 will be in my hands on Saturday. Suffice to say…I loved it.


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Of Olympics and Kite Boarding


Well…It’s Olympics Season.

Are you all as glued to your television as we are? (This fact should not be too surprising, as I *did* marry Mr. I-Love-Almost-Every-Sport.) I loved the Opening Ceremonies. Now, if only Koshvader and I could make it to the Vancouver or London Olympics. I believe that it would be worth the stress and over-stimulation involved to see an event such as that live. Yes, indeed.

Yesterday, we managed to tear ourselves away from the TV long enough to go for a walk. Not just any walk, mind you. No. You see, when I am commuting home over the San Mateo Bridge, I always wonder about the walking trail that actually passes under the bridge. You can see it as you drive past. Yesterday, we managed to figure out how to get there. The trail is on a levee that keeps the San Francisco Bay from encroaching (too much) along the coastline there. One of the features of said levee is a bunch of big rocks. There are also occasional concrete walkways for those who engage in water sports, or so I imagine.

Why is this important?

Well…on this particular walk we encountered a poor gentleman, who was a fair distance from the usual Kite Boarding area, floating in the water with his kite. His board was a little way further down from where we were. We stopped and waited to see if he was alright. Once he had gotten close enough to the rocks (imagine small crashing waves here) the gentleman deflated his kite (they are inflated along the top edge.) I climbed down the rocks to help him with the kite (I swim. Koshvader does not.) This took a bit of doing as the lines from the kite had gotten tangled in the rocks. Good thing they didn’t get tangled around him! Did you know that those kites cost $1000? No wonder he was being so careful. He told us that his kite had inverted in the wind and bam! Anyway, he was fine and set off to retrieve his board and we continued our lovely walk. (We saw him later with both kite and board under his arms.)

I’ll put up some other pictures from the walk once I’ve finished with them. Hope you’re having a great day and enjoying the Olympics. Lots of impressive sporting ability out there.

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101 Things Update


Okay. Now, on to something a bit more uplifting.

I’ve been slowly working on my 101 things list. (You can find my list on the Notes page, should you wish to peruse it.) Amazing, no? Let’s see what I’ve managed to do…

2. Go to the Chabot and write it up. (I’ve been to the Chabot. Now I just need to write it up.)
3. Go to the Pez Museum and write it up – done!
15. Do the “Day of C” with my Husband. (done!)
29. Get that gorram test done. (done!)
57. Go through (and type up if needed) 5 notebooks (2 down, three to go.)
62. Finish copying posts from (done!)
70. Pay off the camera. (done!)
81. Try 5 new kinds of tea. (3 down, two to go.)
88. See five plays. (3 down, two to go)

And there you go. Apparently I haven’t been the huge slacker I thought I was.

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So. Koshvader got a new job. *Yay!*
At a NASA research outpost not far away. *Yay!*

Wonkiness with pay periods, etc. means that we are actually missing one whole paycheck this month. …and I just figured this out today when he didn’t get paid. *Argh!*
I’ve managed to rework the budget so that we are only $48 short of paying all of our bills (and that was stressful, let me tell you.) and we conveniently have $50 Canadian lying around the house. According to the exchange rates I looked at, it’s pretty close to the right amount. *whew*

Thank heavens for my blogging job. It really made a difference this month.

Yeah. I’m not doing anything or going anywhere this month. Which, of course, means that I’m going to have a bit more time to blog here. Hello silver lining!

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