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Mixtape: Left of Center

(image copyright…me)

So, I mentioned mixtapes a while back, and my plans to recreate them in a more modern version, right?

Well…dig this. It’s not all of the songs…but it’s darn close.

The songs as they appeared on my mixtape: Left of Center
1. Crucify – Tori Amos (located)
2. You Didn’t Know Me When – Harry Connick Jr. (located)
3. Killing an Arab – The Cure (located)
4. New Moon on Monday – Duran Duran (located)
5. Broadsword – Jethro Tull (located)
6. From One Jesus to Another – The Mission U.K. (youtube…but you should just listen and not watch)
7. I Wanna Be Free – Monkees (youtube)
8. Left of Center – Suzanne Vega (located)
9. Killer Queen – Queen (located)
10. The Different Story – Peter Schilling (youtube)
11. Something Fast – Sisters of Mercy (located)
12. Naked Rain – This Picture (youtube)
13. Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2 (located)
14. The Gap – Thompson Twins (youtube)
15. Too Sexy – Right Said Fred (located)
16. Cry Wolf – A-ha (youtube)
17. Man of Colors – Icehouse (youtube)
18. Kingdom of Rain – The The (located)
19. Freedom Deep – INXS (youtube)
20. Here I Go – Rein? (I can’t read my handwriting there)
21. Black Mountain Mist – Mission UK (youtube)
22. I Will Be You – Pseudo Echo (youtube)
23. Idaho – Sunscreem (can’t seem to find this one)
24. Suave and Sophis. – N.A.D. (I’m not sure what I meant here) (Edit: Suave and Suffocated by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin! Thanks, Debbie!)
25. Heartbreak Kid – Icehouse (Can’t find it.)

The Playlist (of songs that I found):

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Too Much Information About Twilight (the film)

(Press Release Photo)

This is the second part of my obsessive compilation of information about [tag]Twilight[/tag]. This time I’m focusing on the film (imdb) that is due in U.S. theaters on 21 November. Mostly, this will consist of video files, I admit. I do not expect to encounter too much complaining about this, however. I will continue adding to this post as I gain new information.

* The Official Movie Site

* MTV’s Twilight Blog

* The Border’s Twilight Movie Page

* Hey! The first single from the Twilight Soundtrack is over on Stephenie Meyer’s Webpage. (The soundtrack is available for pre-order, by the way.)

Teaser Trailer 1:

Teaser Trailer 2:

The Shorter Ballet Studio Fight Scene (in good quality)

Longer Ballet Studio Fight Scene (from Comic-Con)
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Too Much Information About Twilight (the book)


I recently threatened to compile all of the Twilight-related goodies and information that I’d run across for a friend. For some reason…she didn’t seem all that upset about the idea. It then occurred to me that I know of at least one further person who is as obsessed with this series as I am…so, I’ve decided to post the information here for all and sundry out there.

Hey…it’s my blog. I can use it to compile information if I want to. I’ll even start at the beginning for those of you who still haven’t read the series. (Mind you, that means that this post will be full of spoilers. Consider yourself warned.) Let’s get started, shall we? (I will add information to this post as I encounter it.)

The Twilight Saga is by Stephenie Meyer and currently consists of four books:
* Twilight
* New Moon
* Eclipse
* Breaking Dawn

Someday, with luck, this series will grow to contain Midnight Sun as well. This book is currently on hold, but is Twilight from Edward’s point of view rather than Bella’s. You can read all 264 pages of the manuscript on Stephenie’s website here. (The problem arose when someone with a copy of the manuscript set it loose on the internet. Stephenie was so demoralized that she stopped working on the project, but in deference to her fans she posted it on her website. That way they could read it legally. I’m sure that I am not alone in wanting to smack the person who caused this project to be put on hold.)

The Borders Website for Stephenie Meyer (Includes the Book Club meeting before Eclipse came out.)

Stephenie’s Official Website contains all sorts of nifty extras for the Twilight fan. (Twilight fans are most often called “Twilighters,” by the way.) These extras include: Outtakes from the books, extra scenes from the books, and even playlists made up of music that Stephenie associates with the books. (There are other things, too, so be sure to surf about her website, too.)

*Twilight: 4 Outtakes, Playlist
*New Moon: 3 Outtakes, 3 Extras, Playlist
*Eclipse: Playlist
*Breaking Dawn: Playlist
*Midnight Sun: Playlist

Did you know that the locations for this series are real? (Even if the events are not.)
La Push
Port Angeles

The Cars mentioned in the series

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Dig my Podcast!

Look what I learned today…


Tee hee!

(Also…there’s this…other podcast…)
An incorrect advert

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This is so very me…

more animals

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The Large Hadron Rap

We’re doing science!

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Ten Things That I Like

(on flickr here)

Right then. Blogs are supposed to help you get to know the person who is writing the blog. So…I’ve come up with a list of random things that I like. I did not include any food in this list. There is a good reason for this. I like food. Quite a bit, really. If I let one food invade this list…well, the whole thing would become about food. I’m sure that you all would love to read about my views on the comforting properties of Miso Soup (I heard that snicker!), but I think I’ll save that for another day.

I tried to keep this list confined to the less solid things. Let’s see how I did…and how strange you think I am afterwards.

A list of ten:
1. Spirals – There is just something about this image that gets to me. My love of Celtic Knotwork is a close cousin to my love of this most basic of images. I’ve heard spirals in music. I’ve seen them in space. They’ve been carved in stone. And don’t forget crop circles. Is it the mathematical perfectness found in the Golden Spiral? I don’t know. I just love spirals.

2. The concept of “between” – I have long been intrigued by the concept of “between.” I’ve written poems on the subject (which I may post here some day.) I’m told that this is something that I share with the Celtic peoples. That intrigues me, actually. Perhaps there is a research project in that. Hmmm… Twilight is a between time in the day. Transitional periods. The space between heartbeats. The time between a lightning strike and thunder booming. I’ve been tempted to do a whole series of photographs of objects at dawn, as I have of sunsets. Those things that are not quite one way or another. I like them. (Here’s a silly song from Sesame Street that sort of covers the concept.)

3. Music – I believe that I’ve mentioned here before how music is like air to me. I can’t really survive without music. I love to sing. (proof: this is me singing a lullaby – bedistoosmall.wav) I also enjoy a wide variety of music. Koshvader says my taste is “unfocused.” I prefer “eclectic.” And as a gift to you all, I have posted a playlist here on the site of songs that I enjoy. Music can move you to tears or make you dance about the room like you’re five years old again. All across the world people use music to praise their gods. Hey, even plants are reputed to benefit from music! What is your current favorite song?

4. Hunting for sea glass at the beach – This is my new passion. I could spend hours out there on the beach in the cold hunting for those small bits of glass. Actually…I have. Let’s just say that I’m good at finding small details. The thrill of the hunt is exhilarating. Also? It may be the only thing apart from swimming and singing that I do better than my husband.

5. When a photograph turns out just as I wanted it to. – I’ve posted one of them above. I’m not a good painter, and my drawing skill is minimal. In order to capture an image I must use a camera. This is the only way that I can show others what I see. To freeze a moment in time. I want to create art, you see. I still have much to learn, but sometimes the conditions are just right. The image comes out just as I saw it. That, my friends, is satisfaction.

6. Obscure languages – I have no idea why I didn’t go into linguistics. Laziness? Yes. I have a degree in French and I’ve studied Latin and Russian, plus small bits of other languages. But really, I want to study the six Gaelics, Basque, or Middle French. Okay, or perhaps Quenya and Klingon. You already knew I was a geek. Shush. You’d think that this meant I was good a grammar, wouldn’t you? Nope. Not so much. I need to work on that too. But if I ever win the lottery, look out. I’ll be headed to Scotland to get a degree in Celtic Studies.

7. Reading – Perhaps “Reading” is just too general. But I do love to read. Poetry. Non-fiction. Mysteries. Romances. Fantasy. Shakespeare. If I’m lost in a good book, good luck getting my attention. On the flip side, though, reading is quite literally an addiction for me, as I’ve mentioned here before. Perhaps that’s why I’m a professional book pusher? So…Have you read Twilight yet?

8. Places where other people are not – I have to admit that for all that I love to talk, and generally interact with friends and pleasant people, I am not actually a big fan of humans in general. Interacting wears me out very quickly. Also, I hate crowds. I prefer the peace of solitude. Not that I would want to spend all of my time there…but I certainly have hermit tendencies. A beautiful unpeopled spot is the best way for me to recharge.

9. The sound of the ocean – I know that I’m not alone in finding the sound of ocean surf soothing. It’s like listening to the Earth’s heartbeat. A regular rhythm of life. Just give me a quiet unpeopled beach and my camera, and I’ll be good for the afternoon. If I’m not lulled to sleep, that is.

10. The color green – Green is my favorite color. And yet, here I am living in California, land of the brown and gold. I hear about places that stay green year ’round, but I’ve not seen them for myself. Then again, it would be nice to live someplace with more than two distinct seasons. You know. Hot weather and cold weather. I’d love to spend time someplace that is vibrant, green, and alive. A vacation for my mind and senses as well as my body.

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And my favorite phrase of the day is:

“I cannot brain today. I have the dumb.”

Sometimes I wonder about me.

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Sneaky Kitty

Yes. Another video. I promise that I’ll actually post something real soon.

This kitty is either trying to be a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who…or perhaps a ninja. Either way…somehow it’s both freaky and cute.

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Dalek Invaders 2008ad

This is a Doctor Who spoof made of cute and silly. I really miss my filming on weekends days now.

It’s amazing what some folks can do while on holiday with a bit of cardboard, a camera, and a computer. Jack’s lines are priceless and you have to love the Mr. Happy shirt on Davros.


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