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Happy Hogmanay!

[tag]Hogmanay Song[/tag] – Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre:

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Okay. These mood swings can stop now. I can’t even knock over a box without bursting into tears.

Perhaps the fuzzy PJs and a purring cat will help.

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Speaking of Pictures…


Lately, Facebook seems to have exploded with people I know. Sister Mine has gone rollerskating with people we grew up with, and the mother of an old friend has been posting pictures of us from High School. It’s craziness! And yes, it’s really fun to get back in touch with folks. The picture above is one that I don’t even remember, but Mrs. B was kind enough to let me post it here for you all. I’m the one on the right. As you can see, the Scotland obsession I have is not a recent thing. Also, is it my imagination or am I smirking a teeny bit?

I still have that pin, by the way. Here’s to old friends rediscovered!

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more animals

So funny and punny! I had to post it to show you all. I wish I’d thought of that.

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Well…that wasn’t fun

Today was the day.

I managed to get ahold of folks this morning to schedule my procedure for today. This involved a bunch of driving and calling in to work to take some time off. Also? In the process I discovered that one of my tests from day 3 came back a bit wonky, so if this time doesn’t work I am getting transferred to the Santa Clara clinic. …Which is a bit farther away.

Less said the better about the actual procedure. Very uncomfortable. I’m still a bit sore. I got to see my ovaries in ultrasound beforehand. Woo and hoo.


My appointment at the Santa Clara clinic actually falls on day 29. Well timed, yeah?

Please send prayers/cross your fingers/send good thoughts my way.

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Up the Eerie Mountain…

(Photos by me)

On Saturday we went up the eerie mountain to pick up my Mother in Law and bring her back to our place for the holidays. There was much in the way of traffic, so…we went the back way, as you can see above.


Eventually (as in a couple of hours later) we reached our turn-off. Yes, you read the sign correctly. It’s [tag]Hells Hollow Road[/tag].


And here, for those of you that have asked, is the front of Koshvader’s childhood home.

Did I mention that I got up early to get brand new, extremely good tires put on my Subaru? Well, I did. See the snow in the picture above? Well, the main roads get plowed, but the road up to the house looks like this:


Have I mentioned that I love my car? She handled the entire trip like a pro (as did my hubby who was driving.) We made it home fine, if quite late. (In the interest of avoiding the rain/snow on Sunday we made the whole trip in one day. Ugh.)

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I Added Gallifrey to My Computer’s Dictionary

(photo copyright…me!)

Right. Here goes.

I’m done with the five days worth of drugs I needed to take, and mostly things were just fine. (I’m not sure that I’d notice being slightly more emotional than normal, for what it’s worth.) Everything was going along nicely. I’d even remembered to take them on time. And then yesterday morning something very weird happened.

You see, I’ve been feeling a bit extra sluggish of late, and I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I was sort of hoping that was the only reaction I would experience. Then I managed to sit up in bed yesterday morning, all bleary-eyed and unwilling to leave my cocoon of warm flannel sheets, when suddenly I realized there was something wrong with my vision. Trying to figure out what the heck was going on, I glanced over at my hand and realized that I could see a motion blur pattern when I moved my arm. The initial vision problem I’d noticed was caused by motion blur from my frickin’ eyelids when I blinked. I was seeing trails. Like people on acid sometimes do, or so I’m told. On the one hand, it was very interesting. (My hand is here, but still also there!) On the other hand it was a bit freaky, as I had to go to work…which involves driving for at least half an hour. (Yes, vision problems are a rare side-effect of Clomid. Why do you ask?) Luckily, the phenomena was short-lived and only re-appeared long enough for my breakfast preparation to be a bit more entertaining than usual. (Oooo! Cereal trails.)

Let me just say that I’m glad that the drug taking is done for now. On Friday I begin the ever popular “peeing on sticks” portion of this process. When the high-tech stick says that my “surge” has come I call to make the IUI appointment for the next day. Oy. For those of you wondering, my calculations indicate that the procedure should happen on Monday.

In other news:

This weekend we will be driving up the mountain to pick up my MIL. We’re hoping to get a few pictures taken while we are up there. Wish us luck. I hear there’s snow in them thar hills.

And I’ve started another blog. That makes, what…5? It’s another Doctor Who blog, but this time I have help. And It’s not just a blog. Oh, No. It’s really a spot that we can use to host our planned Podcast. You can keep an eye on our silliness at

We had another fire alarm at work tonight…right during my Knitting Program (which is not a class, darn it!!!) So we all huddled together for about ten minutes in the chilly darkness outside. Also? Still no idea what is causing these alarms.

And that’s about it. As you were.

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Of Low Blood Sugar and LibraryThing

(King of the Bed)

I’ve been a bit quiet this week, what with having this gosh-awful cold and such, and I have a few things to catch you folks up on. Let’s get to it.

* Frisbee now has a Twitter account. That’s right, the same cat that took over the blog that time is now on Twitter. He’s posting as Mr_Frissers if you wish to “follow” him.

* LibraryThing has sucked me in again. I gave in and got myself a Lifetime Subscription. So much work to do. 196 books entered so far…

* This is so cool! Yes, it pleases my inner geek…twice. Don’t forget that Batgirl was a Librarian.

* Today. Ah yes. Today. Today was day three, and as such I had to go get blood drawn before I could eat. I had a bit of trouble waking up (no caffeine these days. bleh.) But I finally managed to get my act together and drove off.

Only to make a u-turn and park once more so that I could run in and get the form that I forgot. I made it to the parking lot at the hospital and all of the parking spots looked to be blocked off. I took a chance and tried the bottom floor of the garage, and luckily found a spot. I made it to the lab, took a number, and waited with my back to the television screen. The wait wasn’t that extensive, but it was long enough that I was already feeling a bit lightheaded when it was my turn. The lady who was assigned to draw my blood tried my left arm. My left arm, apparently remembering the last blood draw, said, “Oh, heck no!” and the veins went and hid. So, she took all five vials of blood from my right arm. That’s right. Five vials. One of which had a pink top, mind you. I’m thinking that one had some particular girly thing they were testing for.

When we were done I set off with my matching tape and gauze on each arm. My elbow creases were well accessorized. I headed over to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription, sat down, and waited some more. Eventually they called my name to let me know they didn’t know what I was there to pick up. I managed to explain my errand and my current state. The nice lady behind the counter took a good look at me and pointed through the window to a coffee shop. “Go eat something,” she told me. “I’ll have your prescription in about fifteen minutes.”

I scurried off to supply myself with a chocolate croissant and a bottle of water. (No coffee. No chai. Sigh.) When I returned my drugs were ready. I had my quick consult with the pharmacist (2 pills a day for five days. may experience some abdominal pain (like I’ll even notice right now. grrr.) perhaps some moodiness…) And off I went.

So that’s it. The process has started. Here goes…

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Mixtape: Muse-Aid


Hello all. I’m back with another mixtape to share with you. This one has a bit of a history behind it. I created Muse-Aid so that I could keep a few of my favorite songs back at a time when I had no money and I needed to sell my CD collection. Strangely, I have never gone back and re-purchased most of these CDs. (Only the Metallica one. I didn’t manage to sell the En Vogue one for some reason.) I need to add the Kate Bush CDs to my want list. I really miss those.

Yes, I’m still home sick. It’s really annoying. I’m home so I want to get things done, but I don’t really feel like moving around too much. Ah well. At least I finished another playlist.

The songs as they appeared on my mixtape: Muse-Aid
1. Layla – Eric Clapton (located)
2. Cloudbusting – Kate Bush (located)
3. Breathing – Kate Bush (located)
4. Experiment IV – Kate Bush (located)
5. Time in a Bottle – Jim Croce (located)
6. Roller Derby Queen – Jim Croce (located)
7. Nothing Else Matters – Metallica (located)
8. Lily – Kate Bush (youtube…if you’re interested.)
9. The Red Shoes – Kate Bush (located)
10. Top of the City – Kate Bush (youtube don’t bother watching, just listen.)
11. Rubberband Girl – Kate Bush (located)
12. My Lovin’ – En Vogue (located)
13. Free Your Mind – En Vogue (located)
14. A Little Fall of Rain – Les Miserables (located…sort of)

The Located Songs Playlist for Muse-Aid:

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(My brother let me borrow one of his pictures. Yay for his photography!)

I was up at my Parents’ place on Saturday to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. This year the celebrating involved eating at a place that let me try new food. For the record? Tapas is made of tasty. I think the place was called “Tapa the World.” Bad puns immediately warm me to a place, you know? After some initial awkwardness (grumble) everything went along swimmingly. Once again, my parents’ choice to buy a minivan after I moved out makes sense. We managed to fit all seven of us into one vehicle. Good thing, too, as I am not a fan of driving in Downtown Sacramento. Lovely evening. We drove home much later than we like to, normally, but no matter.

And then I woke up on Sunday morning and I wanted to die. Perhaps I exaggerate a bit…but not much. Can you say “The Cold From Hell?” I took a NyQuil in the middle of the day, I felt that wretched. And then I had to go to work today, complete with my so very attractive coughing up of hairballs. Sigh.

Just call me Germ Warfare and don’t make me come over there and ask you to keep it down. I swear I’ll breathe on you.

Yep, we are down people this week, so my boss couldn’t really complain about my presence. Which was the reason I was there in the first place. That and my lack of sick leave. Yay fun.

Also? As of this writing, it seems that my body has decided to screw up my schedule for the month. Today was supposed to be “Day 1″ but now it looks like tomorrow will have that distinction.

Now, go take your vitamin C.

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