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Happy Hogmanay!

[tag]Hogmanay Song[/tag] – Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre:

Posted on 31st December 2008
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Okay. These mood swings can stop now. I can’t even knock over a box without bursting into tears.

Perhaps the fuzzy PJs and a purring cat will help.

Posted on 28th December 2008
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Speaking of Pictures…


Lately, Facebook seems to have exploded with people I know. Sister Mine has gone rollerskating with people we grew up with, and the mother of an old friend has been posting pictures of us from High School. It’s craziness! And yes, it’s really fun to get back in touch with folks. The picture above is one that I don’t even remember, but Mrs. B was kind enough to let me post it here for you all. I’m the one on the right. As you can see, the Scotland obsession I have is not a recent thing. Also, is it my imagination or am I smirking a teeny bit?

I still have that pin, by the way. Here’s to old friends rediscovered!

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more animals

So funny and punny! I had to post it to show you all. I wish I’d thought of that.

Posted on 26th December 2008
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Up the Eerie Mountain…

(Photos by me)

On Saturday we went up the eerie mountain to pick up my Mother in Law and bring her back to our place for the holidays. There was much in the way of traffic, so…we went the back way, as you can see above.


Eventually (as in a couple of hours later) we reached our turn-off. Yes, you read the sign correctly. It’s [tag]Hells Hollow Road[/tag].


And here, for those of you that have asked, is the front of Koshvader’s childhood home.

Did I mention that I got up early to get brand new, extremely good tires put on my Subaru? Well, I did. See the snow in the picture above? Well, the main roads get plowed, but the road up to the house looks like this:


Have I mentioned that I love my car? She handled the entire trip like a pro (as did my hubby who was driving.) We made it home fine, if quite late. (In the interest of avoiding the rain/snow on Sunday we made the whole trip in one day. Ugh.)

Posted on 23rd December 2008
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Mixtape: Muse-Aid


Hello all. I’m back with another mixtape to share with you. This one has a bit of a history behind it. I created Muse-Aid so that I could keep a few of my favorite songs back at a time when I had no money and I needed to sell my CD collection. Strangely, I have never gone back and re-purchased most of these CDs. (Only the Metallica one. I didn’t manage to sell the En Vogue one for some reason.) I need to add the Kate Bush CDs to my want list. I really miss those.

Yes, I’m still home sick. It’s really annoying. I’m home so I want to get things done, but I don’t really feel like moving around too much. Ah well. At least I finished another playlist.

The songs as they appeared on my mixtape: Muse-Aid
1. Layla – Eric Clapton (located)
2. Cloudbusting – Kate Bush (located)
3. Breathing – Kate Bush (located)
4. Experiment IV – Kate Bush (located)
5. Time in a Bottle – Jim Croce (located)
6. Roller Derby Queen – Jim Croce (located)
7. Nothing Else Matters – Metallica (located)
8. Lily – Kate Bush (youtube…if you’re interested.)
9. The Red Shoes – Kate Bush (located)
10. Top of the City – Kate Bush (youtube don’t bother watching, just listen.)
11. Rubberband Girl – Kate Bush (located)
12. My Lovin’ – En Vogue (located)
13. Free Your Mind – En Vogue (located)
14. A Little Fall of Rain – Les Miserables (located…sort of)

The Located Songs Playlist for Muse-Aid:

Posted on 11th December 2008
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