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Needles and LOLcats

This is another bonus video that I had to share. Do you like LOLcats? Personally, I adore I Can Has Cheezburger. It’s my favorite LOLcat repository. If you’re up for a bit of filk, check out this video.

LOL Together:

On the fertility front, I went for my one on one meeting with a nurse the other day to learn how to give myself injections. Let me just say here at the outset: I do not like needles. At all. Watching the instructional video actually made me feel faint. This worries me. Let’s all just hope that the next step isn’t needed, savvy? Since then I have stopped by to get my progesterone levels checked (makes me sound like a car) and was overjoyed to be offered orange juice afterward. That totally made my day. Next week I have the meeting with the Doc and the blood test for pregnancy. I have to say that overall the Femara has been easier on my body. I’m not to keen on the constant tiredness, dizziness, and hunger, but at least there has been a lot less with the mood swings. Egad. I’ve had some random cramping like before, but I’m told “that’s normal.” Mostly I’m just trying to stay calm and not carry heavy things. Oh, and to stay awake during the day. I could do without the weird dreams at night, too. I’m just sayin’.

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Morningwood – The Nth Degree

I must admit that half the reason I like this band stems from my amusement at their name, but this song is catchy and fun. I love what they do with the music video. Clever concep to use album covers in that fashion. It makes a good “introduction” to the band, both of their music and the individual members’ musical preferences. Today makes the official last day of the week of videos. I hope that you enjoyed them!

Morningwood – The Nth Degree:

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Bonus Video and an Update

I’m starting off today’s post with a bonus video. Why am I offering you a bonus video? Well, to be honest, it’s because I know the lead singer and it’s their newest video. (For the record, the lead singer is my cousin’s eldest son.) [tag]Ocean is Theory[/tag] is a Christian Alternative band. I’m quite fond of this song. It gets stuck in my head all the time. A couple of notes on the video: I’m a bit worried about the young lady holding the torch. She doesn’t have any sleeves and it’s snowing. I hope the actress had a coat nearby. Also, I like Josh’s hat.

See what you think.

Ocean is Theory – More Than Conquerors:

And now, an update: (TMI warning)
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Muse – Knights of Cydonia

I would be remiss were I to spend a week posting music videos and leave out the Most Epic Music Video Out There (in my not so humble opinion): Muse’s Knights of Cydonia. See if you can spot the 15 major motion picture references. (list here)

Muse – Knights of Cydonia:

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Qntal – Von den Elben (Brian Froud)

My laptop is acting up again. It keeps freezing up! Sigh. Oh, well. I’m on Koshvader’s computer in the front room to give the laptop a rest.

Anyway, here’s today’s video post. I may have posted this one before on this blog, but it is always worth a second look. The main thing your should know is that the “video” part of the video comes from the Frouds. You know, the folks who were partly responsible for the look of The Dark Crystal? Them. Suffice to say, this video is a visual delight. Of course, I first encountered it over on the Frouds’ website. Enjoy!

[tag]Qntal[/tag] – [tag]Von den Elben[/tag] (Brian Froud):

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Vienna Teng Live – “Blue Caravan”

This is the closest to a music video that I could find for this one, but I think it stands on its own quite nicely. It’s just Vienna Teng playing and singing her song on stage, but she does it so well. Seriously. I first encountered this song in a fan music video (that actually happens a lot) which has since been taken down. But, enjoy the song and the video below.

Vienna Teng Live – “Blue Caravan”:

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Katy Perry – Hot N Cold

Not only do I like the song here, but I also adore all of the 80s influences that you can see in the video. This one will get stuck in your head, I warn you now. I first heard this one on the radio. No big story this time around. (Pssst! Watch for the bit with all of the ladies in wedding attire holding baseball bats and see if it doesn’t remind you of Pat Benetar’s Love is a Battlefield.)

Katy Perry – Hot N Cold:

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a-ha – Hunting High And Low

Today’s music video is one of my favorites from all of the 1980s. I think I even have my A-ha poster somewhere still. In any case, enjoy this blast from the past…and possible insight into my formative years.

a-ha – Hunting High And Low:

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Juanes – la camisa negra

This week I’m going to totally copy emma of Treehouse Jukebox (go check out her site…you know you want to.) She recently did a week’s worth of posts containing interesting music videos (not too surprising considering that I met her back when she was doing a music blog.) Anyway, this week you can look forward to some random music videos. You can discover for yourself exactly how eclectic my taste in music is, and perhaps discover some new songs you’ll like. Too bad that some of the music I went looking for doesn’t have proper music videos, but I think I can still come up with a nice variety.


This song I totally blame on fanfic. No, seriously. There a Doctor Who fanfic saga that I enjoy (found here) and in one of the longer story segments, the author kept referring to this “Juanes” fellow. Finally I went over to YouTube and this is what I found. If you are interested in the lyrics, go here.

Juanes – la camisa negra:

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The story so far…this time around

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

My cats aren’t like that at all. No.

I think they’re laughing at me from the other room now.

Anyway, for those of you following along from home, here is how my week has been so far. Sunday, I had a blood draw. Again with the four vials of blood, one of them with the pink top. It was really quite the fast visit. (I spent the rest of Sunday cleaning the house. We are making actual progress!) Monday I had an ultrasound appointment. I hoped against hope that it was one of those external ones with the goop. No such luck. Le sigh. Things looked pretty good, so the Nurse Practitioner sent the order for my new drugs (yes, now I’m on Femara. stand by for mood swings.) to the pharmacy across from work. One of the things she ordered is a shot(!) that may be administered when I am in for my next ultrasound on the 20th. It looks like these folks are even more hands on than I thought. You see, that shot is supposed to trigger ovulation. Oh, my.

Monday was a lovely day. It was 70 degrees F in Fremont for heaven’s sake! In January! So, I walked across the street to the pharmacy, picked up my prescriptions, and sauntered on back just in time for my shift to start. I took my first dose and went on with my day. I was inexplicably in a good mood and no-one yelled at me or anything (well..there was that one crazy woman at the end.) And then today…I was lethargic again. Meh. I literally fell asleep after dinner.

Hey, at least my vision is still looking good…as it were. Hopefully things will look better this month, as I really would rather avoid giving myself shots. Yeek.

There you are. An actual update. Don’t anyone go into shock. Why not have some tea, just in case?

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