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A Moment of Happiness

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Happiness for 27 February:

Two words. Clay Oven.
The guys at the yummy Indian food place called [tag]Clay Oven[/tag] in [tag]San Mateo[/tag] always take such good care of me. When I come in to get a to go order, as I did this evening for poor Koshvader who has some upper respiratory thingy, they have me sit down and bring me chai and papadum while I wait for my order. When I’m there and I intend to share Chicken Tikka Masala with Koshvader Firemouth (he adores very spicy food) they bring me my own (less spicy) sauce without even asking. Today they even packed my own sauce for me in my to go order, as I discovered when I arrived home.

Dhanyavaad, gentlemen. You made my day.

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Not Merely Nude. Nude Nude.

Last year when I went down to Gallifrey One, I particularly noticed a sign that we passed on our way to the event. I’m not sure if it was the amusing repetition or the classic font used, but I decided that I needed to get a photo of it. So this year, I did.

(The dancers here appear to be more than merely nude. They take it one step further?)

So amused was I by this sign, that I decided to have a bit of fun with it in Photoshop. Here is what I ended up with.

(The artistic version.)

Pretty cool, yeah? Photography is fun. I need to learn more about my camera, darn it!

Okay. Enough about photography for the moment. It’s time for…

Happiness for 26 February:

What made me happy today? Well…remember the meeting I was dreading? It got canceled! Mind you, they’re trying to reschedule, but still. Canceled! Woo hoo! That gave me a free hour in which to work on my collection development, which also made me happy. Thanks to the extra time, I ended up finishing my A/V list just in time for my afternoon collection development meeting. And the cherry on the top? I finished all of the stack re-shifting to leave space for future additions out in the A/V section. The Great A/V Shift is now 100% done.

Oh! And I had a crepe for lunch. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it was still a crepe. That can be the sprinkles on top of today’s happiness cupcake.

This whole happiness thing is interesting. It really makes you think about your day differently. Instead of concentrating on the bad things (New wrinkles in the mirror, that annoying guy at work, another failed attempt at desk excavation) you spend the day trying to catalog the good things. Hmm. Worth pondering.

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Of Lent and Stack Shifting


One of my friends had a brilliant idea that I am going to blatantly er…borrow. (all hail earlgreytea68!) Instead of coming up with yet another food to give up for lent this year, as I already have to be really careful about what I eat, I am going to list one thing that makes me happy for each day. Some days this may be more difficult than others, but it should be interesting to see how this works. Let’s get to it!

Happiness for 25 February:

Listening to [tag]Big Finish Audio[/tag]‘s first Benny Summerfield audio adventure “Oh No it Isn’t” on the way home in my car. It features a plot which involves all of the characters finding themselves in Pantoland. It’s hilarious. I love British Pantomime. I giggled all the way home.

In other news, I have finished the actual moving part of the Great A/V Shift at work. I managed to get some preliminary stuff moved on Monday, but the major moving itself took 2.5 hours on Tuesday morning with the help of one mighty helper and a bunch of library carts. We managed to finish before we opened. Yay! My right arm is killing me. Boo! Ah well. I’m almost done with the adjustments that will allow us to actually have enough space for future additions to the collection. This is good, as I know perfectly well what we are getting as I’m helping with the A/V enrichment list. (I love collection development, by the way.)

Well, I’d better get off to bed, as I have a meeting tomorrow morning that I really don’t want to deal with. I’ll need to be awake for that. Ayep.

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Seriously, has anyone seen my ability to focus and concentrate? They appear to have gone rogue, and aren’t under my bed. The last two things I lost turned out to be where they belonged, not so these useful attributes. (That’s not like me at all. When did I come over all orderly? Perhaps I’m a podperson?)

In other news:

I have a major stack shift coming up on Tuesday morning at work. I’m actually quite looking forward to it. It’s sort of complex as I am moving around the A/V so that it will go (Left to right) from Non-fiction movies, CDs, fiction movies, Audiobooks to Audiobooks, CDs, Non-fiction movies, fiction movies. Mind you, the flow goes right to left, but still. I have some ideas on how to make it easier, as I’ll see tomorrow if it will work. Eek.

I’ve just tidied my dresser. How is it that no matter how much stuff you get rid of, there is still more stuff?

It’s raining.

That’s about it for now. Someday when I get more of my pictures processed I’ll post them here.

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And Then, Music.

MzLed in action (Photo by Erik)

Well…yesterday I did some things that I don’t normally do. After we left the Con for the day, (see for notes on the con, or @calliope on Twitter for bits of silliness) my evil twin and I went to see his friend’s band play at a place in Long Beach called Taco Beach. The band is called [tag]MzLed[/tag], and they’re an all girl Led Zeppelin cover band.


*I don’t like loud noise
*I don’t like crowds/cigarette smoke/small spaces, etc.
*I can’t drink alcohol these days
But, I love Led Zeppelin. Like a lot. So, I stayed and possibly damaged my hearing, but had a great time. Hey. I danced. In public. The twist even, until I literally couldn’t breathe. They did a great job.

When we got back to his place, I was literally exhausted. That sort of carried on until today, sadly. I fairly dragged my way through the day. Luckily, it’s bedtime once more. Night all!

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Today’s Lesson

The view down the street on my way back from breakfast to get my car. Dig the clouds.

Today I have discovered a few things.

1) I can get up earlier than I want to and load up the car and leave in less than an hour if I get my stuff together the night before.
2) My front brakes really needed new pads. Luckily, I’ve taken care of that.
3) I really like saltines. I suppose I knew that, but I’d forgotten.
4) The ladies’ room at Pea Soup Andersen’s (in Santa Nella) is my favorite rest room in the whole world. I knew this, but today it was reaffirmed. It’s large and airy. Just the thing for ladies who have been in a cramped car for too long. Love it.
5)I can make it to L.A. quite a bit faster than I thought. I suppose that I’m still thinking of the time it takes to get there from Sacramento.
6) My Evil Twin has a Jack Russell Terrier of extreme cuteness.
7) Your arms hurt after driving for several hours. ow.

So yes. As you may have gathered, I am in SoCal right now. I’m down here for the Doctor Who Convention – Gallifrey One. I’m going to spend the weekend being geeky. If you want more info about my time at the Con, you may wish to check out my posts over at Watching Doctor Who as I will be posting a bunch of stuff there.


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Wit’s End


How do you know you’re at your wit’s end? What is the signpost that you past which tells you that this is it? For me, it’s when everything stops being funny. When I can no longer find humour in a situation. Basically, when I completely lose my sense of humour.

That would not be now. I am obviously not at my wit’s end currently, as it has just occurred to me that “Wit’s End” sounds like the name of a small town in rural England. If there isn’t a town with that name, there should be. Just think of the marketing possibilities! People would pay extra to send letters from the Wit’s End postal office. They’d need a fine line of postcards. Oh! And what would the local pub be named? The Hanged Fool, of course. (Wit’s End, get it? No? Just me then?)

Ah well. Now I just need to figure out how to amuse Sam.

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So amused

I’ve been having a look at my statistics for this blog (I am addicted to statistics. I never thought I’d see the day.) and I discovered that I got 13 hits from the search string “Big Dick.”

If that’s not related to my post called Open Letter to a Spammer, then my mind fairly boggles trying to figure out why. Yes, I am giggling at the same time. Why do you ask?

Other (possibly more reasonable) search strings that produced this blog:
“fish small”
“post apocalypse”
“love doodle”
“yellow fish”
and for my sister we have – “pink pants”

The internet is a wacky place, my friends.

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