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Shiny Thing!

So, I mentioned that today’s happiness was my shiny pretty new bracelet. Yes, Koshvader made it. I am now a walking advertisement. This bracelet goes particularly well with my blue sweater.

Here is the glamour shot of the bracelet, as photographed by Koshvader. (Pretty, yes?)


This is the quick shot I took of the bracelet with a nickel, at the request of my Mum…


Like it?

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The Cliffs Notes Version

This week has been a bit…challenging. I’ve been having a bit of trouble staying awake. Also? The dizziness is not your friend. Ah well. At least I have tomorrow off.

And now, some belated happiness…

24 March 2009:
A certain TwilightFan gave me her spare copy of Twilight the film! (She bought one, and her sweetie got her one.) I think I’m kinda her slave for life now.

25 March 2009:
Sleep. Blessed sleep.

26 March 2009:
TwilightFan, LibraryGoddess, and I had dinner and went to see Race to Witch Mountain. (More on that later.)

27 March 2009:
I had a day off, and actually got stuff done around the house!

28 March 2009:
I have a new bracelet!

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Falling Behind…

No, I don’t mean that my behind has fallen off or that I have fallen over and gotten stuck behind the couch or something. I mean that I’ve just realized that I have three days worth of happiness to report on. To wit –

21 March 2009:
So…I found the Fruits Basket Anime on YouTube, and on this day I was working my way through it. (I have now seen the whole thing.) I need to go back and re-read the manga.

22 March 2009:
Eating Mexican food in Groveland. That place was darn tasty.

23 March 2009:
When I came home from work, Koshvader and I popped out to have pie at our local 24 hour pie place. Gooseberry for me.

Okay. I think I’m about up to date now. May your days be full of happiness.

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Command Performance

I’ll bet that you all have been wondering how Koshvader’s wirewrapping is coming along. (I know I’d be curious.) So, here is a mass update of prettiness.


This pendant is “dichronic glass” surrounded by wire, and has the distinction of being the only piece that Koshvader has decided to keep for himself. At least for now…


This is Koshvader’s most recent piece and second bracelet. I really like the design of the wire on this one.


This is the back of the same bracelet.


Remember that Kennedy Half-Dollar that he was going to wrap? Well…he did. Dig the butterfly!


As with the bracelet above, this pendant features Swarovski crystals which hail from Austria. The swooshy bit of this one reminds me a little of a sash. The sort that is part of the regalia for a king or something. Do you see what I mean?

So there you go. An image rich update. Shiny things!

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When’s Easter Again?

It’s really hard to think about a specific happy thing for each day. Hmmm…

19 March 2009:
The one really bright spot from yesterday was the time I spent sitting on the couch with Koshvader, watching TV and knitting.

20 March 2009:
Today I actually tried out my fabric paints on my experimental tea towel. :)

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A Couple of Days of Happiness

A quick Happiness catch up…

17 March 2009:
Two words: Fruits Basket. I’ve found some of the Anime on Youtube!

18 March 2009:
Actually, the drive into work today was strangely relaxing. No accounting for random relaxation.

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Jack of All Trades

I’ve been thinking, which is an iffy proposition at any time, and it’s occurred to me that I really am the image of a Jack of All Trades. Of course, the full saying is “Jack of All Trades – Master of None.” I know a little about a lot of things. With any new thing I try, I generally don’t get beyond the first couple of steps. For example, I have never really gotten beyond the garter stitch scarf thing in knitting. If I think about it too much it can get kind of depressing. It makes me feel like I never stick with anything long enough. Like I get bored with things too easily.

Mind you, this tendency comes in really handy as a Librarian. It’s a job where random trivia comes in handy. Everything you know will be useful at some point. Hey, wait a sec! I have a Master’s Degree. So…I guess I’ve been known to stick with things for a while occasionally.

Forget I said anything. As you were.

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Manah Manah

Because I can….

Manah Manah:

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Well, I stayed home sick today with no voice/a sore throat, a small fever, and a lovely occasional cough. Also? I slept a lot. Oh, well. At least I managed to get a bit of blogging out of the way. I’m working my way through making the “Pages” over at prettier. My happiness for 16 March is threefold even with the talking hurts/makes me cough problem. 1)The Gold Diggers of 1933 is a pre-code film that I love. Huzzah for my Tivo offering it up to me at an opportune moment. Yay for Ruby Keeler. 2)Sushi is what my husband took me out to have at dinner time. The Miso soup/Hot tea/some spicy food combo made my throat feel better for a while. 3) A Hot Toddy is what my Mother in Law calls the concoction that I was handed late this evening. Apparently my poor Koshvader got attacked by the honey bear in the process of making the drink. It was wonderous. It even gave me some of my voice back.

Here’s hoping that I can get to work tomorrow. I have stuff to do, you know. Sigh.

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Rick’s Dessert Diner Rules

I’m running off to bed as I have a sore throat, but before I go here is a weekend’s worth of happiness.

14 March 2009:
Pi Day! I spent this day in Sacramento with friends. (Eideann, Catslyn, and Catslyn’s niece) We ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory, moved on to Rick’s Dessert Diner (yum!!), and then moved on to Beer’s Books to kill some time. To round out our evening, we went to see City theater’s production of Julius Caesar. Quite the day, yes?

15 March 2009:
Today’s happiness if the kind that comes from finishing something. I finally managed to iron my 18 white tea towels so I can now go ahead and play with my fabric paints. (I’m planning on making sets of tea towels to sell…if they turn out okay.) Also, before I left my friends’ place this morning, I got to pop back and see Catslyn’s parents. Not bad for a day in which I mostly wanted to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I’m off to bed. Night all.

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