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Shiny Thing Update

With the help of a certain Frisbee cat (currently trying to lie on my keyboard), I bring you the most recent jewelry work of Koshvader.

(Shiny silver bangle bracelet.)

(I love the top of this pendant. )

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Blog Roundup

As many of you know, I write for several different blogs (though one less these days.) So, I thought I’d treat you to a quick blog post round up for last week.

Let’s see how I did…

Articles of the Shadow Proclamation

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21. A Song 4 Kylie
22. Daleks & Weetabix
23. John Barrowman at CERN
24. 10 Things The Doctor Will Never Say

20. Jewelry Update
20. Ninjas and Spam
21. Five Things I Want From Thinkgeek

Crafty Beginnings

20. To Begin With…
21. How to Knit : Beginning to Knit
22. Doctor Who Scarf

Fremont Libraries

20. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
22. Peeps and Libraries
23. 13 Words That I Like

The Inkwell (a.k.a

I didn’t post anything here this week, but Debbie did. :) (and that’s the point, really, isn’t it?)

Oops. No posts here this week. I’d better get on that.

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Five Things I Want From Thinkgeek

This week it’s five things for Wednesday. Here are links to five cool things I found over at Think Geek.

1. A Bag of Holding
2. HTTPanties (too funny)
3. USB Plasma Ball
4. nom nom nom Lunchbag
5. Sushi Pillow

I love this store…

Posted on 21st April 2009
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Ninjas and Spam

Okay. I just have to start off here by noting that only I could get spam from ” discount medieval books” and “Swarovski.” That is just so random. Next it’ll be an advert for sedan chairs or cat sweaters. Perhaps a Steampunk shoestore?

Right. On to the ninja part. Today I encountered a DVD set called “Art of the Ninja.” And it occurred to me…If a ninja made a throwing star out of one of those DVDs, then used it to kill someone…would it be like signing his work? I could see the investigation looking something like this:

A Detective enters the room to find a Sergent already on the scene getting a closer look at the victim.

Detective: So, what have we got?

Sergent: I’m thinking Ninja attack, sir.

Detective: Ninja?

Sergent: (points at the throwing star embedded in the victim’s chest) This star seems to have been made out of an “Art of the Ninja” DVD. Also, there were no signs of forced entry or a struggle. The usual Ninja markers, except that this one seems to have…signed his handy work.

Detective: Oh, I see. Ah well, check everything for fingerprints just in case. You never know.

Sergent: Yes, sir.

There you are. A window into my thought process. I think that I’ve been weeding videotapes too long.

Posted on 20th April 2009
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Jewelry Update

Today saw us trek out to another Gem and Mineral show. This one was in San Jose, and my goodness it was hot. The weather, that is. The show itself was much mellower than the last one. I have also chosen a new favorite stone…which I didn’t get any of. (Ruby in Fuchsite, for those curious.) No. This time I bought one thing. A jewelry box. I couldn’t resist. Is was large and only $20.

Yes. That’s right. I didn’t buy any jewelry, just something to put jewelry in.

Or, to put it another way, I purchased an organizer. (Mum? Can I blame you for this tendency?)

The one lovely Estate jewelry group that I liked at the San Mateo show was also at this show, and the lady behind the table was really nice. (Nice=put up with my squee level.) I’m discovering that I have a distinct taste for old jewelry that isn’t big and gaudy. This place has a lot of that stuff. Also? A beautiful platinum ring with tiny diamonds inset in the band…that fits my tiny (size 5 1/4) finger. Sigh. I am hereby saving up my sheckles for their show in June in San Mateo. They have old wedding sets, lovely delicate bracelets, and all manner of nice rings. If my ring of choice gets sold before then, I can’t say that I’ll blame the person who buys it. It’s really quite lovely.

Anyway, Koshvader managed to find some new pieces to wrap, and even some tools of the trade. Which reminds me, here are the newest of his finished pieces. (Please note the ruler included in the images.)

This is his first round bracelet, and also the first using this sort of setting. Also? Amethysts!

Carnelian pendant with a side of pearl.

This pendant has a Dichronic glass oval at the bottom and a Swarovski crystal above it.

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Two Cheesy Haikus I Found on My Floor

It’s National Poetry Month. In honor of this, I offer you two cheesy haikus that I found in my attempt to work on my filing system. (I have one…I just need to file the stuff now. yeah. details. Apparently I’ve posted these before, but this way perhaps I’ll work up the courage to post more stuff here.)

I love red leicester
Roquefort, edam, port salut,
But not limberger

Heaven is stilton
Some fruited brie with breakfast
Or cheddar on toast

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Picturing a Sunday

This last Sunday (d.b.a. Easter) Koshvader and I drove out to San Gregorio State Beach, which was where we started the great photography push last year. We were surprised to find a guy in the little guard shack, as he wasn’t there when we stopped by in May last year, but I suppose that it had something to do with the holiday. Details. Ah well. I think that I got enough pictures to make the trip worthwhile. Here are a few of them so that you can see what I mean. (All images copyright…me! )

This poor little spade was alone and forlorn on the beach.

I think that this is a perfect picture for a Moo card.

There is *so* much driftwood at San Gregorio State Beach. And people sure love to use it to make sculptures.

Have I mentioned that I have a path fixation?

If you would like to see the rest of the photos as I finish them, go here.

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Still Alive…Sorry

So, I hope that everyone had a Happy Easter. We ended up going for a drive and spent the usual amount of time trying to find an open restaurant to eat in. It seems to be shaping up to be a holiday tradition for Koshvader and myself. Ah well.

On the health front, my vertigo is mostly gone. Except, you know, for when I do something like subject myself to several hours in an overstimulating environment (i.e. A Gem and Jewelry show). I found this lovely ring…that was $500. Sigh. Koshvader got several items to help with his jewelry. I left empty handed. Probably better that way.

I’ve come to a decision regarding one of my blogs that rather saddens me, but at the same time is quite freeing. More on that once I’ve set that decision in motion.

Did you know that I’ve started a Doctor Who podcast with my friend, The Vig? You can find it on iTunes (Articles of the Shadow Proclamation) or on our site:

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Bits of Happiness

And now…a few happy thoughts…

29 March 2009:
Eating at Taco Bell on the beach in Pacifica. I love watching the waves from within the safety of that restaurant.

30 March 2009:
The romance that’s been sitting on my desk? I picked it up to read at dinner, and had a bunch of trouble putting it down. That was a lovely surprise.

31 March 2009:
The podcast I’ve been working on? Done! Now we just need to get it set up on the server properly, etc.

1 April 2009:
I learned that my co-workers care enough about me to take me to the ER if they think I need to go. Thanks, Ladies.

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