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Five Things I Have Done This Week

Sorry that I’ve been away, folks. My computer keeps dying on me. (grrrrr.) So, here’s a quick “Five Things” to catch you up to speed.

Five Things I’ve Done This Week:
1. Went for a drive and ended up in Fort Bragg, CA.

2. Watched a lot of the TV series “Bones.” Like…at least 20 episodes.

3. Swore at my laptop for freezing up…again.

4. Made a mix CD for a friend.

5. Learned how to spell “buoyancy.”

…And tomorrow I’m teaching a class on Gmail. Wish me luck.

Posted on 29th May 2009
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Another Shiny thing


…And here is the gold one I told you about.

I really like this one.

Posted on 12th May 2009
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And For Mother’s Day…


It’s darn handy to have a hubby who makes jewelry when Mother’s Day comes around. Look what he’s made this time. Needless to say, my Mum was very happy with her gift. (Psst. The next one will be a similar idea, but in gold with a blue topaz. Stand by.)

Posted on 10th May 2009
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Five Things I Want From Mental_Floss

I love mental_floss magazine. It’s full of tasty trivia tidbits. And better yet? The mental_floss website comes complete with a bunch of silly yet erudite items. Here are five of the things that most amuse me.

(Oh, and please note that this post is on a Friday. I’ve finally done a Five Things post on the correct day!)

Five Things mental_floss Made…and I Want:

1. Pluto R.I.P. T-shirt
2. Forbidden Knowledge
3. mental_floss: The Trivia Game
4. Hobbits are Tolkien Minorities T-Shirt
5. Fibonacci T-shirt

(Take a look at the t-shirts they have on this site. They’re hilarious.)

Posted on 8th May 2009
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Newest Random Spam

I’ve mentioned the very random spam I seem to get on this blog before. (Discount Medieval books and Swarovski crystals, remember?)

Well…this time I have Orthopedic Dog Beds and Discount Yoga Clothing.

Whatever will they try next?

Posted on 4th May 2009
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Blog Roundup at the OK Corral

I write for several different blogs, as I may have mentioned before. Here’s a quick roundup of my posts for the last week.

Let’s see how I did…

Articles of the Shadow Proclamation

27. Dead Ringers: The Doctor Buys a TARDIS Wardrobe from Harveys
28. Torchwool
29. Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre vs Darleks
29. News and Such from the Whoniverse
30. Jamie – A Music Video About Jamie McCrimmon
1. The Sock Puppets Strike Again!

27. Shiny Thing Update
29. Life and Music

Crafty Beginnings

29. Doctor Who Crafts – TARDISes and Cake Toppers

Fremont Libraries

27. Review: The Gardener
29. Film Adaptations: The Princess Diaries
1. May is:

The Inkwell (a.k.a

Neither of us posted this week. Well…we’ve both been busy, haven’t we? We’ll do better this next week.

Still no posts this past week, but I’ve set up a few for next week.

Posted on 3rd May 2009
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