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And Now…a Controversial Statement.

I’m sorry, but someone had to say it.

Hot Dogs are Not food! They are a food-like substance….that smells bad.

There. I’m glad to finally get that off of my chest.

Now to lighten the mood I offer you: Back to the Future 2: Electric Boogaloo . (Obviously, this is the heart-warming story of time travel…and break dancing.)

To round off this post I offer you all some actual news: I still have teeth. The only dental work I need, as it turns out, is to fix one of my pre-existing fillings. *whew* Also? I got a new toothbrush. This is actually the metric that I use to determine if a new dentist is a “real” dentist. My new dentist has passed the test. The gold star next to the check mark on their chart is due to the dental hygienist who gave me all sorts of tooth-related information while she worked. It was like being in the middle of a documentary, and I love a good documentary.

Analysis: I’m keeping them.

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Look at my shiny thing! (Keep an eye on more of Koshvader’s jewelry here.) Perhaps my new shiny thing has something to do with my seven year wedding anniversary coming up at the end of the month?

Actually, no. Well…maybe a little. Perhaps it influenced the design. And…I did get a bit of a discount. So, make of that what you will.

Hello all. Sorry for my sudden and lengthy departure from the Internet. I blame my computer of much freezingness. That and maybe my new obsession with the TV Show Bones. Speaking of obsessions, please cast your eyes to the top right hand section of this blog. I figured out how to keep you all apprised of my current obsessions (since I seem to cycle through them pretty rapidly.) In other news, I’m told that I’m going to be getting a new reader of this blog. So…Hi! *waves*

On the health front, I’m actually taking a month off from all of the fertility stuff. …And I finally have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning. Eeek! So I’m going to go relax and read some fanfic. (I am not a fan of the dentist visits, you see.)

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Another Look at Spam

It’s been a while since I looked at my spam queue. Let’s see what I found this time…

“Stun Gun Flashlight” says “You don’t say! Interesting…” (Yes…I *do* say.)

From our random things to get spam about department we have: Mandolin Strings & Electronic Solitaire

And lots of things in Russian. What is up with that?

And finally, “Parker” says “avast!”

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101 Things Update

Wow! It has certainly been a while since I looked at my 101 Things in 1001 Days list.

11. Go out drinking with my sister. (done! May ’09) – We tried out the pub near her place together. It wasn’t too bad, but it was a bit…loud while we were there.

17. Go to church. (done! for a few months in early ’09) – I need to start that up again, actually…

26. Learn how to Podcast. (done! 4/7/09) – In fact, I should be working on the next one instead of typing this.

43. Get rid of the Health Rider. (done! early ’09) – And it is so nice to have that corner empty.

47. Put the wall hanging on the wall. (done! early ’09) – My room looks much better.

48. Replace my missing work shoes. (done! 10/08) – Have I mentioned that it’s been a while since I updated this?

54. Read The Summer of Cotton Candy by Debbie Viguie (done! 2/09) – I’ve actually read it a couple of times by now.

63. Back up (done! 4/09) – Ironically, I did this so that I could quit writing for said blog.

71. Pay off the Alienware computer. (done! early ’09) – (happy dance!)

72. Pay off my computer. (done! early ’09) – (happy dance part deux)

87. Try a new craft. (done! Button bracelets are cool.) – Come to think of it, I need to work on my Crafty blog, too.

92. Go to Gallifrey One #20. (done! 2/14/09) – This event included the drive home from hell.

Well, there you go. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve completed a few more items, but I need to work on the remembering thing. For example, I know that I’ve tried several new restaurants lately. How are your lists going?

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