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Mark Knopfler sings Done with Bonaparte

I love this song, so, of course I’m sharing it with you all. It’s not a bad version, actually.

Posted on 12th August 2009
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Where to Find Me Online…

I’m sure that you all are familiar with my need to compile information. Or…if you aren’t yet, you will be, for here is a great big post about (most) of the places that you can find me online. (I’ll try to update as I find other stuff to add.)

You may now run screaming from the room if you so desire.

Still here? Right then. Here we go…

  • The most obvious place to start is right here at I know. That was a bit recursive.
  • Next up, my home for all kinds of Doctor Who discussion:
  • is my site for all things silly. Pretty self-explanatory, really.
  • Fremont Libraries is my work blog. I post as “Celticlibrarian” on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays…and occasionally on other days.
  • My poor craft blog – Crafty Beginnings really needs to be updated more often.
  • My Daily Booth is equally ignored. Poor thing.
  • I do spend a great deal of time on Twitter. It’s kind of addictive.
  • posts over to Twitter, so you can ignore it if you want.
  • friendfeed compiles a bunch of this information into one spot.
  • Sometimes I even remember that Plurk exists.
  • I love Flickr, but it’s difficult to update it when your computer overheats easily. Photoshop is one of those things that overheats the system.

Posted on 11th August 2009
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My Vacation: The Short Version

A week ago Friday I got off of work an hour early, gassed up the car, and zoomed on home. Not long after, the car was packed and we headed out on our way to Disneyland. And we made it. Albeit at 3am or so. It was great seeing our friends (those we were staying with and those who stopped by) but it was all kinds of humid there at the Mouse House.

We nearly melted. No lie. And I’m from Sacramento, for heaven’s sake. But one thing I can’t stand is humidity. We went to DisneyLAND, not DisneyWORLD. Get it right El NiƱo! Sigh. At least there was my beloved Dole Whip to keep me among the living.

On Tuesday we all ventured home. After that I pretty much slept a bunch and did very little in the way of useful…which chapped my Type A hide quite a bit, really. On the bright side, I now own a new toaster oven…which is just not as cool as my old one, but then again, what is? I may now toast my crumpets once more. Also, I gave in a bought a new shredder, but I didn’t buy the ruddy maintenance plan. The shredder itself was expensive enough thankyouverymuch. It may be small, but I’ll bet it’s mighty, and it has an actual handle on the drawer. A handle! You don’t have to go removing lids that can drop on your feet, or dealing with how the heck you’re going to get the shredded bits out of it. You just pull out the drawer and dump the contents into a bag. Amazing.

I went back to work this past Saturday. Or rather, I tried to. I only managed to be there for a couple of hours before I received a rather stressful phone call that led to myself and Koshvader traveling up a mountain and returning with my Mother in Law in tow. (She hasn’t been feeling well. We’re looking into it.) My cats seem rather pleased to have her back, honestly. And so am I.

Posted on 11th August 2009
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