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I approve!

Posted on 29th November 2009
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Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody

Too funny. Had to share.

Posted on 25th November 2009
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The Roller Coaster

So, I gather that the few of you who still pop by here have noticed that I haven’t posted much lately. Well, here’s how the last week has gone.

Welcome to my roller coaster.

Tuesday last week, after having returned home from Kauai late the night before, I went to get my pregnancy test for this go around. Then…I did stuff around the house.

Wednesday morning I called in for my results. There was a long pause and then the nurse informed me that my test had come back positive.

Me: “Are you sure?”
Her: “Yes. Your HcG level is 23. *starts to list off a bunch of don’ts that basically bounce off of my brain*”
And then I was told to get another blood test the next day. At this point I was very cautiously optimistic, but trying not to get my hopes up. Yes. This was my first positive pregnancy test in nearly six years of trying.

Thursday brought with it another blood test. This time they were testing both for HcG and Progesterone (though how they could gauge that second one when they have me taking Progesterone, I’m not sure. Whatever.)

Friday morning I called in for my new results, and was informed that my HcG level had only gone up three to 26, and it’s supposed to have at least doubled by that point. Obviously, another test was in order. My arms were not pleased with this news.

Friday night I went to see New Moon. This improved my mood considerably.

Saturday morning I went in for the next blood test, and boy howdy that was painful. Then I went to spend the weekend with friends watching Supernatural (I’m finally in Season 5!) and organizing their DVD collection. That last part should give you an idea of the state of my nerves. They were totally shot. But now Catslyn and Eideann have their movies in alphabetical order.

Monday morning, bright and early, I called in to get the results of the third test. I was told to call back at noon as the results were not in yet. So, I did what anyone else in my situation would have done. I went back to sleep. At noon (which is when I leave for work, by the way) I called in once more for the results, only to discover that my HcG levels were now going down. The nurse stated that she would talk to the doctor and get back to me. When we finally connected (after I’d spent an hour working on the Info desk and not bursting into tears) it was determined that I get to to yet another blood test when I get back from Thanksgiving vacation. They want to make sure that the levels go back to normal, apparently.

So, there you are. My week-long roller coaster. At this point I’m low on actual data, but I gather that I was pregnant for a very short time. I guess this means that It’s actually possible. The Shingles probably didn’t help things. It hasn’t completely gone away yet, by the way. At least it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Okay. Enough with the sadness. Check out this 1967 Mustang that I found.


It turns out that there is actually a classic car shop not far from me. I’m doomed.

Posted on 25th November 2009
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And then it rained…

Ok. From the videos above you can determine which of the following:

a) It rained a lot while we were in Kauai
b) I need a cell phone with better video capabilities
c) I have finally posted something to Youtube, and have thus caught up with my father
d) All of the above

If you answered D, you’re correct!

If you want a better idea of the weather during our trip, check out this news article and the accompanying video.

And for the record? I’ve never had thunder make me feel like I was inside of a drum before. (*boom* *house shakes*)

Posted on 19th November 2009
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On Holiday

The Spouting Horn, Kauai

Hello again, all. Yep. I’m in Kauai with my tiny laptop in tow. You can follow me on Twitter for slightly more rapid updates while I’m here.

So, to give y’all a quick update:

Monday and Tuesday I called in sick to work. Apparently, apart from the itching and the pain, Shingles will also make you frickin tired. …Or that part might be the drugs they gave me. Not sure. (Two more pills left to take and I’m done. yay!)

Early Wednesday morning, we managed to find our flight out of SFO to Honolulu, but only had time for a quick snack rather than breakfast. I say “managed to find” because they were not listing the gate to go with our flight number on the departures display. When I asked at the gate that turned out to be the correct one, the lady there informed me that when you check in they tell you the gate…but that isn’t the case when you check in online apparently. At least, the gate wasn’t on the stuff I’d printed out. Argh.

The flight was quite turbulent and we ended up at our destination forty minutes late, and with no idea where we were supposed to go to catch the connecting puddlejumper for the flight to Kauai. Luckily, I found someone to ask and when we eventually found a departures board it actually held gate numbers! Huzzah. And very luckily for us, the flight wasn’t boarding until twently minutes later than stated on the boarding pass.

And now my impression of that flight:
“Would you like some juice?”
5 minutes later
“Okay. Trash pick up.”
Excellent landing

Yep. Island hopping doesn’t take very long.

Our friends came to pick us up at the airport and took us to lunch at the Market Street Diner. Can you say nummy comfort food? It was quite the nice relaxing follow up to a stressful journey. Purr… (Did i mention that they patted me down at SFO? That hurt.)

After stopping by our friends’ place to leave our stuff (and have the grand tour…pictures to follow) we took the obligatory trip to Walmart to grab a few things that we didn’t want to lug on the plane. (Yes. I refused to check a bag.) Okay. So I did buy a couple of things that I didn’t already own…like a pretty pink “rash guard” for swimming.

Dinner was at Sushi Bushido, which meant that I had sushi for breakfast (on the plane) and dinner in one day. I’m not complaining. The place was really busy, but the food and the conversation made it all worthwhile…even if I never did get my hot tea.

And that was pretty much the sum total of Day one here on the island. I’ll tell you all more later, but it’s time to leave for the day. TTFN!

Posted on 13th November 2009
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On Monday I went to work.

Tuesday, I took the day off. I got an IUI and discovered that I can nap in my car quite effectively. Except for the whole “dreaming that you’re driving” problem. (I dreamed that I was trying to get a stray dog to get into my car. The street was a busy one,m but he just wanted to frisk about. Weird.) It turned out to be very good that I took Tuesday off. Let’s just say that I was in a certain amount of pain and leave it at that.

Wednesday found me wondering what might possibly be giving me hives.

Thursday found me wondering why my rash was hurting and calling the advice nursed.

And today (Friday) I find that I do not have hives…

I have Shingles.

Shingles, for Heaven’s sake. When I can’t take much in the way of painkiller. (Though the Doc I saw tried to offer me some Vicodin. Ew. Can’t take that for two reasons…)

And my vacation starts on Wednesday.


I’m going to give up and go to sleep now. Night all.

Posted on 7th November 2009
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13 Things That My Ideal House Would Have


Thursday 13: #3

Just a quick list of things I’d like to see in my ideal house. Mind you, my actual list would be much longer. What would your dream house have?

13 Things That My Ideal House Would Have:
1. Neighbors far enough away that you can’t see them from the house.
2. A walk-in pantry.
3. An attic for storage.
4. An office for me.
5. An office for the Hubby.
6. A workshop for said Hubby.
7. A 3 car garage
8. a secret passage/room!
9. A kitchen with enough counter space
10. A viewing room with cinema seats
11. A T1 line
12. Programmable heat and A/C
13. Walk-in closets

Posted on 5th November 2009
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Not much of a joiner…

So…a couple of things.

1) It’s November. It’s National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Posting Month. Last year I tried to do both. This year I am doing neither. I am, however, going to Kauai next week. Yay!

2) I’d like to add yet another reason that living in this particular apartment annoys me. As we are right next to the trash compactor, I often have to maneuver around various things to park in my designated spot. Tonight, the thing blocking my spot was…a police car. Growl. So what else was I to do but steal my husband away for some food while I waited for them to leave? And my evil plan worked, too. So…muahahaha.

3) Funny story. I answer email reference questions at work. On Monday I received a question from someone I actually know. Better yet? I can actually help him out. This gave me quite the giggle as you might imagine.

4) I’m stuck on my wee laptop while the bigger one gets yet another hard drive. Sigh. Why am I not that surprised that I seem to have the same effect on computers that I do on car electrical systems? Except at work, that is. There I can make computers work by standing next to them. At least the ones for the public. The computer on my desk may yet cause me to go blind with its wiggly screen problem. Grumble.

5) Now…it’s time for bed.

Posted on 5th November 2009
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see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Just a quick fertility update: Tuesday is the day this time around. For once, I actually took the day off. That will really cut down on my stress level, especially since I have to be there at 8am for my first stop and then I need to come back at a little after 11 for the actual procedure.

Wish me luck.

Posted on 1st November 2009
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