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May 2010 prove lots better than 2009! *fingers crossed*

Posted on 30th December 2009
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This and That

Look! My Daddy is Santa!

Well, really, my Dad and Mum recently played Mr. and Mrs. Claus for a bunch of kids at a neighborhood party. So cool! I’m proud of them for doing this and stepping out of their comfort zone. Also? How cool is it that my daddy is dressed as Santa?

In other news, I’ve started a new blog. Yeah, I know, yet another blog. But this one happens to be on a topic that I can’t shut up about: Books being adapted to film. It’s called Did They Film it? ( I hope that, among other things, I can help out those kids that are told to read a book that hasn’t been made into a movie. See? Now I have a place to babble.

And I think I’ll finish this up with a video that is infamous in my family. I like to sing the song really fast.

Posted on 15th December 2009
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Five Cool Things from Thinkgeek

Have I mentioned that I love Thinkgeek? Here are five cool things that illustrate what I’m talking about.

1. SurvivalStraps Survival Bracelet – I really want one of these.

2. Bag of Holding – I could use a new messenger bag.

3. DaysAgo Refrigerator Timer – Dead useful.

4. Ultimate Survival Kit in a Water Bottle and Survival Kit in a Sardine Can – Aren’t these cool?

5. Plush Sushi – Too cute!

Posted on 14th December 2009
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13 Things For Koshvader

By Popular Request (mostly from my Mum), here is a list of 13 things that Koshvader would like for Xmas.

1. Dremel Stylus™ / Model: 1100

2. Samsung SyncMaster T260HD Monitor

3. Unabridged Richard Scarry Books

4. Star Trek (Blue Ray)

5. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (Blue Ray)

6. Slippers (size 8 1/2)

7. Spice Grinder

8. Dremel Router table

9. X-Files Season 9

10. Remington Steele Season 3

11. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 2

12. Venture Brothers Season 3

13. Foredom TX300 Flex Shaft System

Posted on 13th December 2009
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Do apartments have warranties?

Seriously, though. The heater that last year stopped shutting off when it was done heating, preferring instead to blow old air, has given up on the whole heating thing. The handyman was supposed to look at it on Wednesday morning (in hopes that it was just the pilot light or something) but…he didn’t. So the vendor is coming out to look at it way too dang early tomorrow morning.

What did the handyman look at? Oh, the handle on the back sliding door that has broken off. Broken. Off. Apparently it wasn’t up to the normal wear and tear that comes from short people using it to open and close a sliding glass door. Hopefully the new handle should be here soon.

I didn’t even bother to tell the front office about the Fridge yet. I have a frost-free freezer. The Fridge? Not so much. There is a sheet of ice covering the back half of the bottom shelf. And anything that gets too close to the back on any shelf freezes solid. Frozen lemon juice tastes terrible, for the record. Bleh. I think I’ll live with this problem until the beginning of the year. It’s been this way for a while.

And today? Today the house phone started acting up. One of the handsets had already freaked out, and the second one is following suit.

Hey! Apartment! I have space heaters, cell phones, an old non-digital phone, and a small college fridge. Oh! And a front door. So…cut it out.

Posted on 10th December 2009
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13 Things I Want For Xmas

My Mum has been bugging me for a proper list for Christmas…so here it is.

1. Supernatural – Seasons 2-4
2. Bones Season 2 & 4
3. Doctor Who – The Dalek Invasion of Earth
4. Celtic Wonder Tales by Ella Young
5. A Yoga Ball
6. The Muppet Show Seasons 1-3
7. Converse size 6 Womens/4 mens
8. ipod touch
9. A Mac Mini
10. A Digital Video Camera
11. Supernatural: The Official Companion – Season 1 (and 2 & 3)
12. The Order of Things: Hierarchies, Structures, and Pecking Orders
13. Silk long underwear/cuddle duds/thermals (something along these lines.)

Posted on 7th December 2009
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Stay or Go

In the past on this site I have mentioned Thayerism.

Thayerism: A term used in my family to refer to those of us that move someplace and never move again. In the case of some of my family, this can mean staying for several generations.

The opposite of Thayerism is the Gypsy-esque habit of moving every couple of years. The latter being how I grew up until the second half of Elementary School. Yes. I went to five different Elementary schools, if you count Preschool. All in the same general area, too.

For a long time now I’ve seen myself as a bit more Thayeresque, preferring to stay in one place over moving on every couple of years. But this morning on my way to work I had a bit of a revelation. The folks in my family with Thayerism are content. They like where they are and want to stay there. It’s not just a case of hating to move and deal with all of that annoyingness. They just don’t feel that restlessness that comes from the desire to find a place that is better somehow. They aren’t looking for something, they already found it.

It turns out that I’m not as prone to Thayerism as I thought. I’ve lived in the same place for the last three and a half years or so, and I really hate moving…but I’m growing restless. I want a house with a yard and a garage. I want someplace that I can really nest in. Heck, I’d love to buy my own place…but that is so not going to happen in the SF Bay Area any time soon. Sigh. I’ve thought about moving a bit more north, up Sebastopol way, but I’d miss my friends and I’d need to find a new job… Yeah. Economy again. So yeah. Restless and frustrated. Not content,

Apparently, blood will tell after all. Hunh. Who knew?

Posted on 2nd December 2009
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Neutra Face

This is a parody of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face…and a wonderfully nerdy one at that. Love the beards!

Posted on 1st December 2009
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