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13 TV Shows Not Yet on DVD in the U.S.


What TV Shows are you waiting on to come to DVD? Over the last few years the list of shows I’m waiting for has shrunk, but here are thirteen of the ones I’m still waiting on.

13 TV Shows Not Yet on DVD in the U.S.:
1. Tarzan – (episode 1, part 1)
2. Misfits of Science – (Show intro)
3. Probe – (episode 1, part 1)
4. Kung Fu: The Legend Continues – (Show intro)
5. Almost Live! – (Billy Quan – Library of Death) (The Lame List)
6. Kidd Video – (Show intro)
7. The Powers of Matthew Star – (Pilot episode, part 1)
8. Starman – (Show intro)
9. Time Trax – (Show intro)
10.The Tomorrow People (Newer Version) – (Episode 1, part 1)
11.The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne – (trailer)
12. The New Adventures of Beans Baxter – (commercial)
13. Ocean Girl – (opening theme)

Posted on 31st March 2010
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T-Shirt Tuesday: Jedi Academy


Welcome to the first T-shirt Tuesday!

I may have mentioned in the past that I have a fair few t-shirts to my name. One might almost call them…a collection. What do most folk do with collections? Well, they display them, of course! I went through and photographed all of my t-shirts. Yes, it took a while. Especially with stuff like this going on:


Cats are such helpful creatures, aren’t they?

Anyway, my first t-shirt of the collection is this Jedi Academy T-shirt. I’m not sure exactly when I got it, but I do know that it came from the store at the end of Star Tours at Disneyland. It seems to me that Koshvader had one of a different color at some point.

Yes…I saw A New Hope in the cinema when it came out. Word is, I annoyed my Dad until he took me. I even used to have a lightsaber at one point. And this is just the beginning of the peek into the geekiness of my t-shirt collection.

May the force be with you.

Posted on 30th March 2010
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Adele Blanc-Sec (Trailer with English subtitles)

D’accord. Maintenant, je voudrais le voir. (I’m sure that my French has grown terribly rusty…but I still really want to see this film. Is it ever coming to America?)

Posted on 29th March 2010
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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Okay. For some reason this film *really* appeals to me. I would love to see: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Posted on 28th March 2010
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Stranger Danger

This is a short film by Misha Collins…at it is fabulous. No, Mom, it’s not what you think. Relax and enjoy this cautionary tale.

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This and That

I’ve been squirreling away a bunch of stuff on my various browser tabs lately, so…here is a great information dump for you all.

* The Tron Legacy Trailer can be found here. If you loved Tron…check it out.

* The rather rude, but also hilarious Ten Words You Need to Stop Misspelling can be found here.

* Jobs of Yesteryear: Obsolete Occupations from is a very interesting look at how things used to be.

* I mostly looked True West Magazine up for my friend Debbie, but you all might enjoy checking it out, too. They even offer a directory of Western Businesses. And yes…That includes stuff from the “Old West.”

* And, of course, I already told you lot about my friend Laurie’s jewelry shop Acanthusleaf Designs.

* Did you hear about the All-Black Penguin?

…and that’s it. For now, anyway.

Posted on 20th March 2010
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New Doctor Who Season Headed Our Way!

I can’t wait! Here’s the most recent trailer.

Posted on 19th March 2010
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For my Mum: The King’s Picnic

This video is specifically for my Mum, whom you may often hear say: “You got it, King.”

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Well, my first week of my new job has been good so far, apart from this evil cough of dooom ™ that I have. Just want you want for first-time meetings with vendors, yes? Ugh. But even megacough cannot stop my eclipse!squee. The first trailer is out! *flails*

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I Can’t Wait!

Is it April 17th yet?

New eps of Doctor Who coming soon. Squee!

This has been a squee break. As you were.

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