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Definition: IBoEE

Today’s Phrase is: IBoEE, which stands for: the International Bank of Everyone Else.

Definition: Let’s say that you are having lunch with friends, and it comes time to divvy up the check. Your friends all have cash, but you haven’t been to the ATM lately. Whatever are you to do? Well, you pay the whole bill with a credit card, and your friends give you their cash. Now, you don’t need to find an ATM, because you’ve been to the International Bank of Everyone Else (IBoEE).

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Brain Dump 2: Electric Boogaloo

…Aaaand we’re back. We join the brain dump already in progress…

* 1979 Muppet Movie Camera Test (parts 1 and 2)

*Cutting Libraries in a Recession is like Cutting Hospitals in a Plague.” (Amen!)

* Dude, seriously! Every wonder about the history of the word Dude? Well, now your answer has come.

* Time traveler caught in museum photo?

* Are you a Nerd, Dork, Geek or Dweeb? (Nerd, apparently.)

* Enjoy Awkward Photos? Try

I’ll stop here for now. You see, I’m looking into changing my wordpress theme so that I can post the newer videos. You are forewarned.

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Crash Positions! Incoming Brain Dump! (part 1)

(A scene from last weekend. There were actually five classic cars in a row. It was *so* cool! )

It seems to me that this blog was supposed to entertain someone at work, and I have been falling down on the job. So…here is a bunch of stuff to keep y’all entertained.

* As I may have mentioned the other day, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos is on Hulu. Well, at least season one anyway. Check out episode one here.

* After watching “A Glorious Dawn” did you go check out Symphony of Science webpage?

* Speaking of symphonies, have you watched the YouTube Symphony Orchestra? Check them out at Carnegie Hall (sorry, they are too wide to embedd)- Act 1 and Act 2. (Good music and some really cool stories.)

*…But back to Carl Sagan. Someone recently visited his grave and played a bit of music for him.

* On a sillier note, try the “Geocities-izer” on a website. Make it look like it’s from the mid-1990s.

* Guess where I’m going in another week and a half or so! Reno, Nevada. Am I going there to gamble or take in a show? Nope. I, and a couple of my friends, are going to the National Automobile Museum. I’ll be sure to tell you when to go over to the Where’s Calliope blog to follow my progress.

* And now, for those of you who care about the environment, “NBC is teaming up with Prince Charles for a new TV special about the environment. Harmony, which is slated to air in November, stems from Prince Charles’ three decades of work fighting climate change and searching for new solutions to the worldwide environmental crisis.” You can watch the teaser here. (Sorry, it’s another video too big to embedd.)

* Need an onlineetymological dictionary? How else will you know what a word used to sound like when you need the information at 2 am?

…and this is getting a bit long, so I’m going to break it up into a couple of bits.

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T-Shirt Tuesday: Open Body – Close Body


This week’s T-Shirt Tuesday Tee is:

The Open Body – Close Body shirt. For those of you who do not know HTML, a basic website is made up of – Open html, Open Head, Close Head, Open Body, Close Body, and Close html.

It sort of looks like the example below (but with “<" not "["):

[html] (open html – tells the browser to start reading here)
[head] (open head – this is where extra code such a javascript goes, as well as the “title.”)

[title]Example Page[/title] (Open title, the text you want to appear at the top of the browser page – up above the address bar, close title.)

[/head] (close head – we are all done with the spot for code and stylesheets, etc.)
[body] (open body – this tells the browser that it has reached the section of the website that displays in a browser page. This is where all of the stuff that you see in your browser window goes.)

[center] (open center – you are telling the browser to center the next stuff it sees, in this case…)
[h1]Hello[/h1] (open h1 – Heading 1 is the largest of the headings. It makes your text large. Our terribly interesting heading in this case is: Hello., Close h1 – enough with the heading already.)
[/center] (close center – This tells the browser to stop with all of this centering nonsense.)

[/body] (close body – Ok. Done with the stuff to display in the browser window.)
[/html] (close html – This tells the browser that it can stop reading the code for this page, as it’s all done.)

Now, as you might imagine, there is a hat with the head statement on it out there. Just don’t wear it backwards, or you’ll get an error. *wink*

It seems to me that I got this T-Shirt from Thinkgeek. I’m not sure if I bought it myself, or it was a gift. I’m thinking that I got it myself as I was doing a great deal of html coding back then. Yes. I love my geeky t-shirt.


You know, I didn’t mean to give y’all my quick intro to html (hypertext markup language), but there you go. I hope that it comes in handy for you someday.

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Carl Sagan – ‘A Glorious Dawn’ ft Stephen Hawking (Symphony of Science)

You know how I feel about Science and Music by now, right?

Where to even begin?

Okay. There is a group called Symphony of Science, and they describe themselves thusly:

“The Symphony of Science is a musical project headed by John Boswell designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form.”

“A Glorious Dawn” (below) is their video that has been nominated for a Webby Award. (So, vote for it, if you can.)

Basically, this group combines music and the voices and images of science/scientists. The classic series Cosmos with Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking from Stephen Hawking’s Universe are the ones featured in A Glorious Dawn.

Sound difficult to wrap your brain around? It isn’t, really. Just watch and see/hear for yourself. (And if watching this video makes you wish that you could go back and watch Cosmos again…Season 1 is available for free on Hulu.)

(If, like me, this song really gets to you, you can buy it on itunes. Just search for “A Glorious Dawn.)

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Cat vs. Ipad

Cuteness alert!

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My Sister Has Been Scanning in Photos Again…

Yep. My mighty sister has been using the scanner again. Look at the gems she found! (If you want to see bigger versions go here.)


This pic seems to have been taken in 1976. I’m only guessing by the apparent age of the twins, but it’s in that area. We’re in the front room of the two-story house that the family built (my father’s family lived downstairs.)


Here we see my little sister in The Dress. (My dad bought it. It was might fine for twirling in.) I think that my Mum made the one I’m wearing.

And yes. I’ll say it. Dude. My folks look so young! I’m pretty sure that they’re younger than me in these photos.

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T-Shirt Tuesday: Gasp!


Welcome to another T-shirt Tuesday. This week is a t-shirt that is rather mysterious.

As you can see in the picture above, this shirt is imitating silent film inter-titles, indicating that some character has just said “Gasp!”. Where did it come from? I don’t really know. I received it in the mail after I fell on the stairs here in the apartment for the first time. Yet, I never found out who sent it to me. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank my mysterious benefactor. Loving silent film as I do, I also love this shirt. I feel like I have the opportunity to find things “terribly shocking” when I wear it. Not that I have to say anything about the topic. I can just point at the shirt, and it does the talking for me…or, I suppose, the communication.

Speaking of silent film, I’m going to have to make an extra effort to get over to the Niles Essenay Theater to watch some this summer. Do any of you have a favorite silent film I should try out?

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Kseniya Simonova’s Amazing Sand Drawing

I first encountered this video on my Twitter Feed (sorry, I don’t remember who posted it) and many thanks to “LeyteGroup” for posting it. They described it this way, “Kseniya Simonova is a Ukrainian artist who just won Ukraine’s version of “America’s Got Talent.” She uses a giant light box, dramatic music, imagination and “sand painting” skills to interpret Germany’s invasion and occupation of Ukraine during WWII.”

Okay. Before you watch this video, I should warn you. If you are an HSP or at all sensitive, you are going to need a tissue for the viewing. Personally, it’s the instrumental version of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters that just kills me. Enjoy.

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T-Shirt Tuesday: The Fairy


Welcome to another T-shirt Tuesday. I’m totally wiped out, so this is gonna be short.

As I recall, this t-shirt was a gift. Not sure who gave it to me, though. Deb? Catslyn? It’s an over-sized t-shirt. One of those ones that you sleep in. And I do.

Yes. I like fairies. Even given that they are not historically the friendly beings many folks consider them to be. I have a whole rant here somewhere on the subject, but you get my drift I expect. By the way, if you like fairies, read Hannah’s Garden by Midori Snyder. It rocks.

I’m going to go pass out now. *thud*

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