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So…welcome to T-Shirt Wednesday.

I didn’t manage to post yesterday. Sorry about that. And here I was trying to post all regular-like. *hangs head in shame*

Wait! I can explain! The server was actually down for a while to allow for migration to a new server. And…

I was at a concert!

I may have mentioned an upcoming concert on this blog a while back. Well, that concert was last night. I just couldn’t resist the combination of Kansas, Styx, and Foreigner all in the same venue. And the show was excellent. Styx especially did a fabulous job of putting on a show.

When I went to look at t-shirts, I was intent upon getting one that had all three band names on it. How better to commemorate a show this full of awesome? And then, I saw the t-shirt pictured above. It should be explained here that my favorite Styx song is Renegade. So, how was I supposed to resist a shirt featuring “Renegade,” “Styx,” The words to the darn song, a rose, wings!!, and crossed smoking revolvers? (Side note: I think this shirt would go very well with Mal’s coat from Firefly. Sadly, I don’t have one.)

So, yeah. I totally caved. And ended up buying two shirts. One for me and one for Koshvader (that he says I may borrow if I need to.) He is the proud owner of the three band United in Rock shirt. I have this one.

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Of Tabs and Reading Bears


Hello all. It’s another of those entertaining brain dump posts. This time I have a mascot for the event. I was walking through the library recently, and when I reached the Children’s section (well, specifically the Parenting Collection in the Children’s Section) what did I see? The resident huge bear sitting in a chair reading a book. I couldn’t resist.

* Speaking of things I can’t resist, you should really stop by and check out my friend Emma’s blogs – Treehouse Jukebox and Phoenixville 365, her celebration of her new town in pictures.

* Have you been keeping up with my travels over at my Where’s Calliope blog? I’m slowly but surely posting my Reno adventures over there. I suppose I would be faster if I hadn’t taken 405 photos while I was gone.

* Have you seen Iron Man 2? Wanna see the folks from Think Geek recreate a scene (and showcase their new product)? Check it out here.

* If you like a spot of Library humour, and have ever done any book weeding, you will love Awful Library Books. (Check out this Computer Book!)

* Do you like Doctor Who? How about Trock (a.k.a. Time Lord Rock)? if you said yes to both, check out the music video for Chameleon Circuit’s song Type 40.

* Hey! Who’s the Cutest?

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T-Shirt Tuesday: Al-Team


Greetings all. This week’s T-Shirt Tuesday shirt takes a bit of explaining. (Yeah. I know. What else is new?)

Okay. First of all, yes, the shirt is an obnoxious chartreuse green.

“Al-Team” refers to a group of Weird Al Yankovic fans, of which I am one. Each fan has a number and goes on a list. That number is also on the back of the shirt (see below). Yes. My number is the squared velocity of light. In my defense, small “i” was taken. And C squared is also quite appropriate to my initials. (And Koshvader’s, but that’s beside the point.)

The hamster in the picture is Harvey the Wonder Hamster. (You can listen to his theme song, here.) He used to be on Al’s shows with him.

The Spatula is a reference to a certain commercial from the film UHF:

The shirt dates from before the dot bomb, I know that much. So, it’s at least ten years old. And even though I rarely wear it, I still keep it. I am a member of the Al-Team, and I’m proud.


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T-Shirt Tuesday: Oh Yeah


This week, the shirt for T-Shirt Tuesday comes from the Kung Fu: The Legend Continues fandom. My favorite character from that show (quite predictably if you know me at all) was named Kermit Griffin.

(my apologies to the originator of this image…it’s been sitting on my hard drive a long time.)

He’s the guy on the right there with the Desert Eagle. And the sunglasses. He was a former mercenary turned cop and computer guru. His favorite thing to say was “oh yeah.” So, of course the t-shirt is green, and features his sunglasses and favorite phrase. I bought it from Chicago Station, back when they still did t-shirts.

The funny thing about KF: TLC is that it’s a show that people either loved or roll their eyes about. I loved it, and so did Koshvader. In fact, that should have really been my tip off that he was the one for me. Dead giveaway, that.

Anyway, the one thing about this t-shirt is that it’s hand wash only, being silk screened by hand and all of that. As such, I don’t get to wear it very often. *pout* I think I’ll go read some fanfiction now.

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Standby for the Reno Trip…

(Frisbee would like to remind y’all to recycle…just not his box.)

Hi folks. Just wanted to remind you about the existence of Where’s Calliope?

This summer, I am going to be doing as much traveling as I possibly can. This great spate of travel begins…tomorrow. So, if you wish to follow my travels as I have them, pop by Where’s Calliope? to see what I can manage to post from my phone (I have an App!) and from my computer after a long and tiring day.

The Trips I already have planned are:

* the Kansas/Styx/Foreigner Concert (May 25)
* L.A./Disneyland/The Stinking Rose (Memorial Day Weekend…God help me)
* Atlanta (June 3-9)

Don’t worry. I’m bringing my camera, and I’ll try to get the good shots up here once I get home. In the meantime…you know where to find me.

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T-Shirt Tuesday: Due South


As you can probably tell from the front of this shirt, I like Due South. And yes, I do have all the episodes on DVD.

If I recall correctly, I got this t-shirt in Toronto during RCW 139, the Due South Fan convention. In fact, it’s from the first one (and the only one I attended, sad to say) back in 1996. It was put on by folks from the Due South Mailing list. We even managed to startle the catering staff at one point by bursting into song. (If I ever manage to unearth the photos from the event, I’ll scan and post them here. Though…I know that a couple of them were of the front of the coroner’s office, as Forever Knight was also filmed in Toronto.)

It was also the first, and only, time I’ve been to Toronto. *sniffle* I would really like to go back someday.

Thank you kindly for reading.


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