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Behold, Jake! He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback (a very friendly one) that belongs to my sister. Here we see that he is giving me one of those looks. Yeah. I expect that I was supposed to be petting him.

Posted on 17th June 2010
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I am the LOLcat (goo goo gajoob)

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Yes. This is me. Ask anyone. In High School the following things were said about me:

1) I will be early to my own funeral.
2) I would be cold on the sun.

I think that they were exaggerating. Ignore the fact that I am currently wearing my boots lined with sheepskin.

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

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T-Shirt Tuesday: Jethro Tull!

Hello All. T-Shirt Tuesday is back. (Yes…it’s still Tuesday in my time zone, if barely.)

This week’s shirt is nineteen years old. I know this, because as you can see below it has a date on it. Yes, back in 1991 I went to see Jethro Tull in Davis during the Catfish Rising tour. I have had many different concert t-shirts that I haven’t hung on to over the years, but this one is special somehow. Perhaps it’s just that I love Jethro Tull. Maybe it’s that Broad sword and the Beast is my favorite album, and, as you can see above, this shirt features art from said album. Or, it could be that the friend I went to the concert with bought me the shirt. I’m not sure. It could be all of these things.

Oh! And it’s useful for folks who don’t know where Davis, CA is located. As you see on the map, it’s a wee bit above San Francisco.

And for the record? Ian Anderson can stand on one leg FOREVER.

And finally, just for fun, here is a Lord of the Rings fan video using the song “Broadsword” by Jethro Tull.

Posted on 15th June 2010
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What I Did on my Summer Vacation, or Patient Zero Goes on Holiday

Quite recently, I took a holiday. My plan was (along with my Sister) to visit my Nana for her 95th birthday in Atlanta where much of my family lives.

My plan went somewhat…awry.

The flight in was bumpy, but we managed to see a few of the family (and some of the animals) before going to bed. On Friday, we got to see even more family and had a merry old time.

By Friday Night, I was taken to the ER. My kind sister, knowing me well as she does, offered to take a picture of me for the blog. So, here we have documentary evidence that I can get really sick and still remain a bit silly.

Please note that I am apparently too metal for the Emergency Room. I was brought in carrying a pink basin like the one you can see in the image (but I think that it had been traded out by then) and yet my sister still didn’t hit me for repeatedly saying “I Has a Bucket.” (Yes. I explained the whole LOLrus thing to my cousin, but then she already knew I was weird.)

Finally, I was taken home at about dawn and I ended up sleeping the entire rest of Saturday. Like, nearly 24 hours, waking up every time someone opened the door…’cause I’m just that light a sleeper. By the time I’d left, there were seven of us that had fallen ill.

Seven. Seven women, no less. Including my poor sister and my Nana. Don’t worry. Everyone was fine in the end (or so I hear) and the last two may not have even had the same thing. Still, I felt a bit like Patient Zero, even though I didn’t get sick until after I arrived. It sort of put paid to our vacation plans, though. It’s fun and all to call it the Vacation from Hell. I mean, if I was going to be ill, I could just as easily have stayed home. Worse yet, there is precedence for this. When I was quite young I brought the measles with me to Georgia. That was, in a word, bad.

But…I’ve had some time to think about the whole thing in the last week, and some things have occurred to me:

1) If I’m going to be quite that ill, the best place to do it is somewhere with a massive support network. (I have a lot of family, bless them.)
2) I am industrial strength. More so than I thought, even. My stomach muscles are amazing. …Though, Hello! they still hurt. Ow.
3) My Aunt is even more industrial strength than I am. I now aspire to be her.
4) I got to see my family and meet many of their animals.
5) The Georgia Aquarium has many places to sit. This helps if you are going to visit it right after being ill.
6) I still love Hee Haw and so does my uncle.
7) I took a bunch of pictures!

So, while the vacation was a bit of a nightmare, and not what I was looking forward too, it was still a vacation. My parents and siblings live two hours away from me, but I got to spend several days with them. I saw most of my cousins and their kids. All in all…not terrible. I guess I’ll just have to try again soon.

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Atlanta Here I Come (an info dump)

*Like The Matrix and Carl Sagan? Then why not try The Matrix vs. Carl Sagan?

*A Star Wars shirt that gave me quite a giggle may be found here.

*A really funny ESPN commercial (featuring Tim Lincecum) may be watched here. Sorry. It’s too big to embed here.

* Watch some amusing commercials from Kroll’s Diner – here. (Remember: Sit down and eat!)

* One of the items on my Bucket List is to walk the West Highland Way. You can see pictures of the route here.

*Tribe is a magazine put out by HSPs. I really need to get with the subscribing.

*I want this shirt! It’s all “rocker chick”…and it has wings on the back!

*An interesting-looking kitty – Otocolobus manul.

*Snakes on a Plane! (*gigglesnort*)

*Babylon 5 quote alert!

and finally…

*This is the camera I want next.

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T-Shirt Tuesday: Calliope Can’t Draw…Cats

This week on T-Shirt Tuesday I have something a little extra special. My own art!

That’s right. I can’t draw cats, as you can see on the shirt above. This shirt is from a short-lived CafePress store I had. I thought it would be fun to celebrate my lack of artistic skill. I mean, why not? Anyway, I think that Party Cat is my favorite. Preferences from you lot?

In other news, it turns out that I’ve owned since 31 March 2000. Wow. I ran across my original domain name registration yesterday. Can you believe that this site has been around (in one form or another) for over 10 years? It also tells us how long Koshvader and I have been together, as the domain name was a gift.

In other other news, I’m going to Atlanta for a week, so please forgive a lack of updates for a bit. Photos of my Nana’s 95th Birthday party to follow. To keep y’all a wee bit entertained in the meantime I’ve posted some videos, and a tab dump post is on it’s way.


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Oklahoma City Hail Storm

Wow. Y’all have to see this to believe it. This storm happened on 16 May 2010. All I can say is…dude.

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Ian McKellen does Duck Tales?

How to even describe this? Uh…A guy doing an impression of Ian McKellen doing a dramatic reading of the Duck Tales theme. Do *not* drink or eat anything while watching this, unless you fancy cleaning off your computer afterward.

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A Book Trailer: Tessa Dare’s “Stud Club Trilogy”

Book Trailers are a hot thing these days. This is an example of what you can do with no money and a bit of creativity. What can I say? I ordered them for the library system, so obviously it worked on me.

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Glee: Dream On

I don’t watch Glee (yet) but I am a big fan of the song “Dream On” and of Neil Patrick Harris. So, when you combine those last two…well, I’ve got to share the results. Stang by for an epic high note at the end.

Watch it while you can…

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