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In Memoriam: Pippin 2002-2010

In Memoriam: Pippin 2002-2010

Pippin had been sick for a while before we realized last Monday that he had cancer. I think that the big giveaway was the lack of appetite. Pippin will always be remembered for his willingness to eat just about anything. Yes, up to and including leaves, rose petals, and from the look of things, the occasional bug. When he started turning up his nose at things…well…there you are.

I loved my 21 pounds of fine braw cat. His mother was a Maine Coon, so as you might imagine, he was all muscle over a strong frame. He had a lovely white spot on his chest, and another on his belly (and, as he loved to lie on his back in the middle of the floor, you often saw both.) Pippin never learned to answer to his name. As Koshvader and I could never agree how to spell it, I suppose that isn’t all that shocking. I never called him Peregrin, though I suppose that was his real name. I mostly made up random pet names to fit the moment. He was everything from Pip-pip to The High King of Scootch. Boy howdy but he was a talker. He’s the one who figured out to say “Mom” and “Mama.” Mostly around dinner time, mind you…or really any time I was in the kitchen. Good at the “give me food” guilt-trip. Oh! And don’t dare to leave any pastries unattended. Not unless you only wanted to have a few crumbs.

Have you ever known a cat that was always on the wrong side of a door? That was my Pip. That door is closed! What’s in there? Is it food? Let me in! Or: Help! I’m in and I want to be out. I must attempt to dig a hole to freedom! Cue the music from the Great Escape, if you please.

Also? He was afraid of heights. Ever since he was a little kitten. He’d freak out if you picked him up. Fine and good if he got up on top of something himself, but really even then he never climbed up very high. He had a much tinier version of his brother’s “nerves” (’cause only we could end up with cats that have nerves like ours.) Apart from the heights thing was the “freaked out by strangers” thing. But for him it went a bit like this: Is someone coming into the house?? Egad! I must hide myself away! What? They’ve been here a while and everyone seems to be doing the relaxed talking thing? Friends are over? What am I doing in here? I must go be aggressively friendly now! And he would appear and demand some love from all and sundry. And how better to show love that to shed a bit on folks, right?

Once upon a time, there was a cat outside of my library (a couple of jobs back) and it was quickly determined that said cat had kittens somewhere. After some attempts to find said kittens proved fruitless, it rained for a couple of days straight. I got worried, so I called Koshvader and demanded that he come and find the kittens so we could make them safe. He did (as I knew he could.) One of those kittens was Pippin. This all happened a bare couple of months before we got married. He was sort of like a wedding gift really…

I’ll miss you, Big Cat.

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ImprovEverywhere: Star Wars Subway Car

There’s a comedy group in New York by the name of Improv Everywhere. Apparently, they’ve done all kinds of pranks, staged events, and planned missions over the last several years. The most recent mission was to recreate the first Princess Leia/Darth Vader meeting from Star Wars…on a subway in New York.

It looks to me like the crowd enjoyed it.

Just one thing, though. Why is there a huge spider on the back of Leia’s book? Eep.

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Friday Five: 5 Likes/5 Dislikes

Here’s a bit of Friday randomness for your Friday five this week. (Yep…I’m doing another one.) 5 of my likes and 5 of my dislikes.

1. Cool notebooks (especially the kind with the rubber band thingy.)
2. Clannad (the band.)
3. Mars (the planet)
4. Winnie the Pooh charms from gumball machines. (Have you seen them? They’re cute.)
5. A perfectly faced shelf (in a library or a store…I don’t care.)

1. The comedy of Andrew Dice Clay (…it’s just not my thing.)
2. Ham (green or otherwise.)
3. People who chew with their mouth open. (ugh.)
4. Purple (the color. Mind you, I’m a huge fan of burgundy.)
5. Feeling confused. (Growl.)

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30 Second Bunnies: Star Wars

If you’ve been popping by this blog for a while, I’m sure that you have heard of‘s 30 Second Bunny film re-enactments. I’m kind of addicted to them. Too bad she’s not going to be making any more. *sniffle* (Well, she’s taking a break at least.)

Anyway, here is the 30 Second Bunnified version of Star Wars (A New Hope/Episode 4/etc.). Make sure to take note of Princess Leia’s “haredo.”

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A Few Things for my Brother

Happy (a couple of days early) birthday, Brother Mine! I hope that the videos which I found for you this year meet with your approval.

We start with the trailer for Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler (a film we all enjoyed in our youth.) It’s followed by a link to a bit more of same, and then…an appropriate song from The Electric Company.

(a bit more Tommy Tricker here.)

And just for fun:

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T-Shirt…Thursday: Rebel with Applause

It’s t-shirt…Thursday. This t-shirt thing seems to be going rogue. So…keep an eye on your t-shirts just in case it’s one big conspiracy to take over the world. Stranger things have happened after all. Like that time I’d actually seen a film that someone asked me about while I was sitting at the dentist’s office calmly getting my teeth cleaned. Wait…that was yesterday. Okay. How about the fact that I’ve sung songs from The Sound of Music in public in front of a lot of people, yet I’ve never actually seen the film? No? What? Not something film-related? Not even the time I stayed up really late helping to film a scene for a short film about a human lab rat? Oh. Still film. Right. Ummm…well…I’ve had doors open for me before. Doors that I wasn’t supposed to be able to open. That’s weird, right?

At least as weird as The Great T-shirt Rebellion, yeah?

Right. Back to the t-shirt.

This week’s t-shirt comes with a story.

Once upon a time I heard about a t-shirt that somebody-or-other one one of my online listservs had purchased. It sounded so cool! One tiny problem though. The shirt had come from Stratford, Ontario and I was in California. But then an extraordinary thing happened. Remember the shirt that I got from RCW139? RCW139, the Due South Convention that I went to Toronto for? Well, wouldn’t you know it? I heard about this shirt right before i heard about the plans for RCW139. One of the outside events that you could get in on during that convention was a trip to Stratford to see King Lear. So, of course I signed on the dotted line, and I ended up having just enough time before the show to pop in and get my shirt from the shop there. Quite a long way to travel for a shirt, but I think that the shirt is just that cool.

The End.

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Care Bear Stare!

Sister Mine and Brother Mine have birthdays this weekend. But, as Sister Mine will be out of the country on the birthday in question, I’ve decided to post her video silliness a little bit early.

As I have done for the past couple of years, I am once again posting a blast from the past just for you, Jives. I hope that you like it.

(If that wasn’t enough, you can always go watch Unico.)

And, just for fun…

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Subtitled Commercial (Los Links)

Speaking of telenovelas, here is a commercial that spoofs on them, too. A Spanish-speaking friend of mind was kind enough to point me towards it. (Thanks, Maria!) Now, I have no particular fondness for Bing, but the commercial is mighty funny.

While we’re on the subject of telenovelas, does anyone have a favorite? Or…have you seen the Mexican Soap Opera episode of Psych?

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Un Hombre, Dos Mujeres

This is another one of those videos we talked about at work. It took a bit of hunting, but we finally tracked it down. It’s a skit from MadTV spoofing the popular Telenovelas found on Univision, etc. here in the USA (and on tons of other channels worldwide.)

Triscuit. That is all. (tee hee)

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Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco

It’s occurred to me that I seem to be posting videos in pairs. So, for my second Sesame Street video I give you a glimpse into the place I work now. No, I don’t work with Cookie Monster. My coworkers are just prone to remembering some cool tv skit, etc. and eight and a half years of reference work means that I can’t help myself. I have to then go onto Youtube and find said skit for them. The other day, it was this video I hunted down. In an interesting moment of serendipity, that very same evening I was going through some old CDs, and one of them actually had this song on it! Stap me! Oh my stars and garters! Other statements indicative of surprise!

Enjoy the video. And I hope that Cookie Monster found his cookie in the end.

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