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We Interrupt the Usual Tuesday Post to Bring You…


Now, I fervently hope that someone from my old old workplace should happen by this blog. You see, once upon a time when I left my old old job (the one before last) I was given a huge amount of silly socks, and a basket that they were in. I was further instructed to let them know when the inevitable happened and a cat curled up in said basket. Well, it hasn’t been quite four years, but the cat has finally landed. I can’t believe that it took so long. But today, as I was matching socks and the basket was empty, Frisbee walked across the socks, climbed right in to the basket, and commenced grooming himself. I immediately IMed down to Koshvader that he HAD to bring me a camera AT ONCE.

He did, wondering what the heck was going on. As you can see from the picture above…Frisbee wasn’t to thrilled by the photo thing.

But…he got better…

Frisbee!Video. Um…Can you hear the purr? I swear it sounds like a tribble. And no…he didn’t manage to bite me. I guess his tooth is on the other side.

Next week I’ll post another T-shirt. For this week…enjoy the Frisbee.

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Me vs. The Spam 2: Electric Boogaloo

So…my last post about spam seems to have been quite popular…with spammers. Pardon me while I have a gigglesnort about this.

Right then. I’ll just put on my snark hat and see what can be done with the comments.

(Engage snark mode)

Comments on Me vs. The Spam:

1) “Sal Dardy” says “I was just looking at pertinent blog articles with regard to the project research when I happened to stumble on yours. Many thanks for the practical info!”

– “With regard to the project research,” eh Sal? So…doing a research project about spam comments are you? According to your stated blog link, you have something to do with reviewing table saws? I’m guessing that spam is more of a hobby then, yes? Well, I hope that my post helped. Good luck with the table saws.

2) “digital slr cameras for sale” says “Sorry for requesting you this inquiry on this post, but I couldn’t find a contact page on first sight so I reckoned I ask here. What is the hosting provider you use, mine won’t care wordpress for some reason and I certainly want to modify to wordpress from blogengine since wordpress has so many more features and themes existing for download. I surely hope you can assist me on this one, this is a wordpress blog right?…Best regards, James”

– Actually, I’m just going to skip this one. You’ll see why in a second…

3) “patient monitoring system” says “Sorry for asking you this enquiry on this post, but I couldn’t find a contact page on first sight so I reckoned I ask here. What is the hosting provider you use, mine hates to maintain wordpress for some reason and I inreality want to modify to wordpress from blogengine since wordpress has so many more features and themes obtainable for download. I certainly hope you can assist me on this one, this is a wordpress blog right?…Best regards, James”

– Well, apparently “Mr. Digital” up there from #2 also goes by “Mr. Patient.” You may notice that there are a few differences between the two comments, but not really that many. In addition, at the end of each we see that Mr. Digital/Patient is named “James.” Sorry, James. My blog is served out of my front room. Perhaps you could host your site over at WordPress itself? It is possible, you know. …But I wouldn’t try to run a spam site there if I were you. One last question, James. Is “digital slr cameras for sale patient monitoring system” the entirety of your middle name, or is there more? Also, is your last name “Medical Billing” by any chance?

4) “hair removal service” says “Superb article ,I really appreciated with it, This is finicky to read and valuable on behalf of outlook,I really bookmark it, on behalf of expand read. Credit on behalf of sharing.I like it.”

– Sorry. Had a bit of a gigglefit there. “I really bookmark it”???? Are you sure that you bookmarked it, or are you fibbing? I’m not quite sure how finicky the article was, but perhaps “outlook” is strange that way. Who is this “expand read” person, though? Thank you for your comment, “hair removal service.” I really appreciated with it.

5) “Stuart Crary” says “Comfortably, the article is actually the greatest on this deserving topic. I fit in with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your future updates. Just saying thanks will not just be enough, for the extraordinary lucidity in your writing. I will right away grab your rss feed to stay abreast of any updates. Pleasant work and much success in your business dealings!”

– Well, Stuart, I note that you say, “I fit in with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your future updates.” You admit to being a spammer, then? Comfortably, even? If my writing was as lucid as you seem to think, you would probably have gotten the hint and not posted a comment. Feel free to continue reading, though. You might get the point this time. (Thanks for the good wishes, anyway.)

and finally…

6) “hair removal service” says “Good for being going to your blog site yet again, it has been months for me. Very well this article that i’ve been waited for so extended. I require this content to comprehensive my assignment inside the college, plus it has identical topic with your posting. Many thanks, great share.”

– Ah! H. R. Service. Two posts after months of being away, I perceive. Writing about spam for school? Glad to help out. Just be sure to credit properly, or my academic spies will report back to me. Let me help you out a wee bit, while I’m at it. ” I require this content to comprehensive my assignment inside the college, plus it has identical topic with your posting.” Are you attending a college where you must write in English? You might have instead written, “Thank you for posting an article about spam, as I have an assignment on that topic due soon at my college. I will, of course, credit you properly.” Hope that helps, H. R.

(removes snark hat, but no hair.)

Now I’m almost curious to see what spam comes next…

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Crusade Iconpost

So, I had a little fun this weekend making a few icons from a book cover for a friend. (She’s one of the authors, you see.) The book is coming out on Sept 7th, if I recall aright. Anyway, I’ve got the book cover after the cut tag for those of you who want to compare. The banner at the top of this post is the new banner on her site (but smaller, you know).

The image I mostly started with:

The icons:

The image I mostly started with:

The icons:

Stay tuned. There may be more art soon.

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I’m in UR…

Remember my grand LOLcat project? Well…I lost my place and haven’t found the time to start over yet. In the meantime, I’d like to address the “I’m in UR” paradigm. It works rather like this: I’m in your (UR) someplace, doing something. Simple, yes? And now some examples…

This is a nice complex version of the “I’m in UR” paradigm.

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Do we even want to know how the cat got in there? I suspect industrial espionage.

i�m in ur documintz / insider tradin�
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More of an “I’m on UR”, really. I knew that cats ignored gravity. Now, I has teh proof.

I�m runnin down ur wallz Ignorin ur gravitiez
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Me vs. The Spam

You know what? I don’t really get the whole spam comment thing. It’s just dumb. It’s a bunch of clutter and chaos and I do not approve.

It does, however, give me something to make fun of. (Er…I does, however, give me something of which to make fun?) So I offer you a bit of fun at the spammers’ expense:

Me vs. The Spam (engaging snark mode.)

1) “diamondbacks jersey” says “Nice to find on this good article, cheers albert pujols jersey”

– Okay. First of all, Albert Pujols plays for St. Louis Cardinals, and has since he was drafted in the 13th round of the 1999 draft. (According to Koshvader and Well…technically he didn’t have his major league debut until April 2, 2001, but really the point here is that he has never played for the Diamondbacks. Next, let me do a bit of correction. Perhaps they meant, “Nice to find this good article. Cheers, [name].” But it doesn’t matter either way, as this bit o’ spam was posted on the post with the Carol Burnett outtakes. Not much of an article, really. “Diamondbacks jersey,” I vote you off of the island.

2) “veterinary technician” says “Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article”

– So, Vet Tech. May I call you Vet Tech? Well, it’s shorter isn’t it? Anyway, I’m so glad that you enjoyed my T-Shirt Tuesday post about the Hogwarts shirt. I’m not really sure how you are going to use it as a resource, however. Perhaps you needed a reference from someone who hates three-quarter length sleeves? Ah! That must be it. Glad that I could help. Next.

3) “Hyman Sinibaldi” says “This is my first time visiting your site. I found a lot of interesting stuff. From the volume of comments, I think I am not the only. FYI, please also visit my sharing: men’s polo shirts…”

– I’ll just cut you off there, Hyman. I’m glad that you enjoyed that Hogwart’s t-shirt post, but…it isn’t a men’s polo shirt. It doesn’t really have a polo-type collar and polo shirts don’t have those dratted three-quarter length sleeves, so, forgive me for not popping over to your “sharing.” I don’t wear men’s polo shirts, though I’m sure I’d look dead sexy in one and not like some sort of lost waif. Thanks for the suggestion. (Psst! Hyman! You left out the word “one” after “only” there.)

4) ” Granville” says “Yo! Is it OK that I go a bit off topic? I am trying to read your blog on my new iPhone but it doesn’t display properly, any suggestions? Thanks in advance!”

– Yo, Granville! Sorry, it displays just fine on my iPod Touch, so I don’t know what to tell you. I see that you have a link to an iPhone accessories shop as your link, so…perhaps you could ask at work and I can keep my blog on topic. Ta!

5) “Sergio De Gambling” says “Always looking for something new to purchase. Looks like this might be it.”

– Sorry Sergio, I don’t think that Carol Burnett is for sale…

and finally (for now)
6) “check hotels” says “Benefit Iron,belief official own imagine item consist target piece between look derive chapter heat essential page duty citizen reasonable present attractive set husband working weekend mass partly design outside unlikely anyone everything earth compare deal bloody water much metal inform per where region ahead state direction lovely control youth route count major rise memory ourselves shape user lord wave working like professional serve set desk young he office note impossible bit inform whereas range leadership release try will edge lead especially vary works standard presence science late so church general cost”

- Riiiiiight. Thanks for the word bomb, Check. Let’s see what I can make with this. Hmmmm….

Look between.
He will lead especially professional works.
Imagine iron mass.
Unlikely target, Earth? Impossible!
Lovely earth. Much water.
State control region.
Attractive citizen. Unlike anyone! Young Professional? Husband? Major general? Unlikely.

Now it’s your turn. Take your best shot at a sentence, story, or phrase using only the words from good old Check.

Sigh. It’s still hot, but I’m off to bed. Night all. I’ll channel my inner mean snarky girl again soon.

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T-Shirt Tuesday: Gale Fact Farm

Guess what happened last week? I completely forgot about T-Shirt Tuesday until Saturday. Yep. So, if you happen to see my brain wandering about out there somewhere, could you please send it back my way?

This week’s shirt is directly related to a) My Mum and b) The Family Business. I am a librarian, like my parents before me. And my mother gave me this shirt more than ten years ago, after getting it from one of her vendors. One assumes that it was the Gale rep, but who knows? It works out well that I’m in the same business. I even wore it to work once, and folks a) found it amusing and b) understood who Gale was without me having to explain anything.

(For those of you who aren’t librarians, related to one, or addicted to libraries, Gale is a publisher well known for their non-fiction.)

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Scott Pilgrim, Cameras, and Obsessions

This has been quite the weekend.

Saturday found me driving out to Manteca, as it is the halfway point between my sister and I. While we were there, we had lunch, shopped at Bass Pro Shops (I found a pair of jeans for $10! My sister is the ultimate shopping good luck charm.), and watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. The film was made of awesome with a side of awesomesauce. No lie. I am fully planning on getting the soundtrack, too. Before we watched the film, I happened to mention to Sister Mine that there was a wee prequel to it.

Behold! The prequel!

Another thing that happened this weekend, is that I *finally* figured out how to use my digital camera to take video. Apparently, I need to muck about with things more often. So, here is the first video ever taken with the camera:

Yes, I did follow this video with one of my husband’s back. What can I say? He’s cute.

And finally, please note that the “current obsession” indicator on the top right of this page has been updated. Sherlock is due on PBS in October, for those of you who are interested. Here’s the PBS version of the trailer:

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Here in the USA, this show is coming soon to a PBS station near you…all three episodes (so far…though they are talking about making more, thank Heavens.) I bring you the trailer so you can see what’s coming in this modern version of Sherlock Holmes. It’s brought to you by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, for the record.

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Frisbee says: “I’m not supposed to be where?”

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Prince Poppycock Sings

With thanks to my cousin Caitlin for pointing out this video to me, I would like to introduce you all to H.R.H. Prince Poppycock:

I think he’s fab!

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