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T-Shirt *mumble*day

It may not be Tuesday, but here’s a t-shirt. (I finally got around to resizing some of the the photos.)

This shirt was a gift from a friend at work. Isn’t it nice how it’s geeky twice? It’s all reading-cool and Star Trek-cool, too. (And if you really want one, you can get it here.)

Now…I wonder where I can find a bat’leth. Hmm.

Posted on 30th September 2010
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Musical Obsession: Metric

Another of my current musical obsessions is a band by the name of Metric. You might know them from the song “Help I’m Alive,” which has gotten quite a bit of airplay of late.

Here are a couple of songs you might enjoy. I will warn you, though. These songs have a way of getting stuck in your head. Oh…and you may wish to start dancing if you have rhythm, so clear some space.

From their most recent album:

And this song is from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack:

I hope that you enjoy my musical obsession. I’ll be bouncing about if you need me.

Posted on 27th September 2010
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Another Image from The Long Walk

Yes, I had a wee bit of fun with Photoshop. You can see the original image here, if you like.

Posted on 24th September 2010
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Poem: A Word of Caution

Okay. This is another of those random bits of shower creativity. It’s…not quite my usual, but… *shrug*

A Word of Caution (by me)

You do not want to read this poem.

It’s too full of rage
or sorrow. Visceral
in a way that that reaches into you
and plucks at a moment you’d rather forget.

Someone got out
a clean sheet of paper
opened a window
emptied themselves onto the page
and placed it all behind a link
     to shield you
from that 4am
just-woke-from-a-nightmare feeling.

You know the one

clammy, vaguely nauseated, and dreading sleep.
So you go down to the kitchen
for a cup of tea
or something stronger
and sit there in the dark
cup held loosely in your fingers
until the feeling passes.

Better not to look at it.
Leave the moment unexamined.

You do not
to read this poem.

Posted on 24th September 2010
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Another Musical Obsession: Hurts

As I may have mentioned before, one of my current musical obsessions is a band called Hurts. The band is from the UK (the Manchester area, apparently) and, as such, their music has not officially made it to the USA yet. This is very annoying, as you might imagine, but as their first official album just came out (in the notUSA) I suppose I can wait for it to make its way over here. Now, I am not a fan of live albums, even though I like seeing bands live, and I also tend to avoid covers. This band is so good that those rules do not apply.

Let me show you what I mean…

The live version of Illuminated:

Cover of Kylie Minogue’s Confide in Me:

Sigh. I may just have to import the dang CD myself.

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Samwise vs Frisbee

*dingding* Samwise and his amazing upside-down fighting technique vs. Frisbee of the one tooth. Fight!

Yes…it’s another cat video. …But you can see why I couldn’t resist?

Posted on 22nd September 2010
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From The Long Walk

This is my favorite of the lot so far. You can look at the others here as I finish and upload them.

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I walked the whole thing…thought I was gonna die.

Today I went for a walk with Koshvader.

Sounds simple, right? A nice relaxing stroll, perhaps?


To be honest, it was more of a recon mission to start with. I don’t like how there seems to be only one avenue of access and egress from the area where I live. It could be problematic in the case of some huge disaster. Paranoid? Maybe. More specifically, I just like to be prepared. So, I checked out the satellite view of the area, and I made a wee discovery. There is a path that goes the opposite way of that previously mentioned “Way Out.” Best to check it out, yes?

Do y’all remember what I’ve said about how you could end up anywhere if you get into a car with Koshvader? Yeah. Turns out it’s the same when going on foot. When I got home a couple of hours after leaving i went over to google maps to let you see where we’d gone.

The results are below…
(Start at the top left of each map and follow the blue line.)

We started out on the bike path (which I noticed is totally wide enough for my car. In case of emergency, and providing that the path doesn’t flood or the bridge fall, we’re one bolt cutter away from sneaking out the back.) and it was quite a pleasant little walk. …But then we turned right.

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Posted on 18th September 2010
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Because I Adore Abney Park

Abney Park is one of my favorite bands, so when Captain Robert made this available I obviously had to share it with you. It plays some of their older songs.

Just click and enjoy.

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Shoes & Coats

My brain seems to be on hold this week. I swear that I can hear a test pattern sometimes. (For those of you who have never encountered a test pattern, that’s what used to be on TV channels when they went off the air for the night. I suppose that was before they invented infomercials.)

Anyway, the one thing I have been using brainspace for this week is…being girly. I mean, my sister would be shocked. (Are you sitting down, Sister Mine?)

I have been surfing fashion websites. No joke. I mean…I knew that I liked shoes and coats. I have a whole collection of coats, and not nearly enough boots…but high fashion websites? No accounting for it.

So I ask you, oh readers of this blog, if you had all kinds of money what coat or pair of shoes would you buy? Anyone?

Personally, I like these boots, and just look at this coat! (Mind you, I prefer grey or black…or even blue to that color.)

Posted on 16th September 2010
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