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Quirky Monday

Everyone I know has one random quirk or other…or enough to open a shop.

What is your most random quirk?

My most random quirk? Well…I’m sure that there are others, but the one that comes to mind is the way I like to eat a banana. First of all, I only like one half of a banana. If I could get away with it, I would always eat the end with the stem, not the end with that thorny bit. I think it weirded me out as a kid. I’m not sure. Anyway, I have a half a banana on my cereal in the morning…and if it weren’t terribly wasteful I’d leave a pile of thorny ends for the others to eat.

Sometimes I’m lucky and the lone half gets eaten during the day, leaving me able to start anew in the morning. :)

Posted on 13th September 2010
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Kids with Skillz

With thanks to my dad for sending these to me, I offer you a couple of videos featuring children with unusual skills.

This first video is of “The Amazing 2-Year Old Sommelier.” No joke. This toddler knows his wine.

At this link – you will find a three year old reciting “Litany” by Billy Collins. Seriously. He has the poem down. …And I love Billy Collins’ poetry. (Sorry…can’t embed.)

Pretty amazing, yeah?

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Frisbee says…

…pay attention to me!

See what I’m dealing with?

Posted on 7th September 2010
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Asteroid Discovery From 1980 – 2010

May I just say…wow.

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The cat

And the Cat Remained

Cat laden
I sit. Monitor light
casting flickering shadows
data echoes
dancing in the hall
as the freeway
with tire treads
beyond the wall.

No yowling
just now, only
the occasional purr
or claw claiming dominion
over this
section of thigh.
No snoring
or sighs
or bedclothes rustling

Just the night
and the cat.

(Written just now. Copyright me. Do not steal, etc.)

Posted on 6th September 2010
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13 Likes and Dislikes

At the request of a friend, I’m back to doing a Thursday 13. This time I thought I’d go with some likes and dislikes.

1. Balloons
2. Cat opera at 2am
3. Spiders
4. Snakes
5. Lizard’s head er…that is…driving new places without a lot of planning. Ditto driving in San Francisco.
6. Dissonance
7. Having to sleep.
8. Red Snapper
9. Stupid aggressive crazypants people
10. Lavender
11. Bright sunlight
12. That sort of almost sneeze feeling where the sneeze never comes
13. The film “Nothing But Trouble.” (no! Don’t watch it! Save yourselves!)

1. Classically Fashionable Coats (especially long ones)
2. Tea (the drink and the meal)
3. Numeric progressions
4. Converse sneakers
5. Sherlock Holmes
6. Alexander Key
7. Lutes (even though I will likely never be able to play one)
8. Singing along to the radio
9. Dole Whip
10.The concept of “between”
11. Doctor Who
12. Nature photography
13. Classic Mustangs (late sixties for preference)

Posted on 2nd September 2010
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Psychological Evaluation via TV Episode

An hour or so ago I went downstairs (where it’s cooler, you know) and found my husband watching my favorite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I believe I even gasped and he asked me what was wrong. And I, who always hovers instead of sitting down to watch stuff, thus creating the illusion that I’m just passing through the front room and not really watching, went over to the couch and sat down. And during a commercial, I got to wondering what it says about me that Tin Man is my favorite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I mean, apparently I still know most of the script after all these years…and watching it still gets to me. So, of course, my next thought was: has anyone done a study relating psychological evaluations of folks to favorite episodes of a particular show?

If there are any psychologists out there…go for it. I’d just be curious to see your findings.

I’m sure that I could come up with a not-so-BS evaluation of why I like my episode. At its most basic, Tin Man is about an unusual man finally finding the place he belongs. A pretty common desire overall, I expect.

…And now I’m curious. What is your favorite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation? Is it your favorite because it’s funny, has the best fight scene, or features your favorite actor? Or, do you think it says a little something about you, too?

While you’re thinking about it, here’s a wee window into my psyche –
Tin Man: Part 1:

Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

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