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So…I’m in SoCal…

The convention I’m down here for (Gallifrey One) officially starts tomorrow. Yay! Here’s a bit of rambling on the topic of said con, and the trip to get here. So far I have learned that I can’t hold the microphone while I’m recording. Please forgive the clicking.

Just arrived by themusecalliope

Posted on 17th February 2011
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Hey all…

I’m headed off to Gallifrey One (leaving in…1 hour and 10 minutes) and I’ll be updating my Twitter feed (find me here!) while I’m gone.

I’ll be updating with quick reports while I’m gone, so…stand by!

Posted on 17th February 2011
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…And we’re back

I suppose that some of y’all are wondering where the heck I’ve been lately. Well, the short answer is: Busy (and a little bit sick.)

Busy with what? Well, I’ve got a couple of projects I’ve been trying to work on for friends, and I’ve begun podficcing. What is podficcing? Well, it’s like the audiobook version of a fanfiction. Someone writes a fanfiction, and if I like it, and they agree, I can do a reading of it. No, I won’t be listing them here (as you don’t really need to know about my tastes in fanfiction) but fear not! I have other voice thingies to point you to.

I have a podcast that I do with a friend, and it can be found here. It’s a Doctor Who podcast, if you’re interested. All I ask is that you only download one episode at a time.

In other voice news, one of my Valentine’s Day gifts was a shiny new microphone! It’s a Blue Snowball, if you’re interested. As I am getting all of my stuff together to go to Gallifrey One next weekend, and I had hoped to do a bit of podcasting while I’m down there, the timing is perfect. I’ve tested it with my wee laptop and Audacity, and here is what my test sounded like:

Testthesnowball by themusecalliope

I can already tell that it sounds clearer! …Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to transport the thing.

In other news, today we went back to the Computer History Museum, and we arrived just in time to see a demonstration of Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine #2. Once I get more of the pictures/videos processed, I’ll post them up for you to see, but in the meantime, here is a 360 of the machine, with the video about it playing faintly in the distance. (if you click on the Babbage link above, you can watch a part of that video, and watch the machine in motion.)

And now, I’m off to bed. This next week is going to be mental. Wish me luck!

Posted on 13th February 2011
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