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Day 18: The Republic Tigers

…And we’re back, with The Republic Tigers singing Buildings and Mountains. You can blame my sister for introducing me to this one.

Posted on 27th May 2011
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Alert the Media!

So, I may have mentioned that my cousin’s band got signed, yeah? They’ve released a free song from the upcoming album for everyone to listen to…and I LOVED it.
Obviously, this means that I must point the way for you all to hear it as well.

(Pssst! Go here)

Posted on 11th May 2011
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RPG Music Video: Roll a D6

I miss RPGs so very much. *sigh*

Roll a D6 from Connor Anderson on Vimeo.

Posted on 7th May 2011
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Day 17: Queen

Please. Like I could choose anything else for Q.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Stand by to sing along!

Posted on 4th May 2011
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Day 16: Professor Elemental

How to even describe this song for you all? A steampunk rap song about tea? Hmmm…well, Professor Elemental does edge further into steampunk territory with his most recent album. How about just a catchy song about the love of tea as sung by a bloke in a pith helmet? How about both? However you want to describe it, here is Professor Elemental singing Cup of Brown Joy.

Posted on 4th May 2011
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Day 15: Ocean is Theory

Full Disclosure: The lead singer of Ocean is Theory is my cousin. So, when I first heard that he had a band, I said to myself, “Fiiiiiine. I’ll give it a listen.” …But much to my delight, I thought they were great. Ocean is Theory is a Christian rock band (is the term “Alternative” still in use? ‘Cause they sound like good old alt rock to me.) and they recently signed with Razor and Tie (Squee!), first full length album due out this Summer. Obviously, I must celebrate this. Here is the video (shot a couple of years ago now) for More Than Conquerors.

Posted on 1st May 2011
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