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Frisbee vs The Cat Toy App

One morning, a couple of weeks back, I was standing blearily in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to magically appear in the coffee machine. I had with me my shiny new ipad…and Frisbee. For his part, Frisbee was sitting there staring at me, seemingly willing me to do something interesting.

…And then I remembered seeing a video of a cat playing with a music program on the original ipad, and I wondered…Do they have a cat toy app for the ipad?

Answer: Yes they do.

When I got home later that day, I filmed him in action. (see below)

Posted on 13th June 2011
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Maru to the Rescue

As an apology for being away for so long, I bring you the super cute Maru! He looks a bit like my Frisbee (but with shorter fur) and today I discovered that they sound rather alike, too.

(The last couple of weeks have been mega stressful, and caused much in the way of sleeplessness…also? My coffee machine broke. *toddler fists!*)

Posted on 8th June 2011
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