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Haiku: And We Dance for Labelleizzy

Okay. Here at last is the Haiku Xmas gift for Labelleizzy, complete with a video of one of my favorite dances. I hope you like it!

And We Dance
feet translate thunder
skirts flare, partners intertwine
hold the final pose

Posted on 4th December 2011
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Day 20: The Rope – Water to Wine

I promised myself that I’d finish the alphabet in music before the end of the year, so here, at last it “T.” Yes. I know. I’m totally cheating by counting the “T” in “The.”

I don’t care. This is my new music obsession (as of today) and this way I get to share it with you. Win-win, yes?

This is Water to Wine by The Rope, a recent band with a sound that harkens back to when I was in High School. I love it.

Posted on 2nd December 2011
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Haiku: Autumn Wedding

(An Xmas gift for my evil twin)

Autumn Wedding
Fiery leaves frame
the young pumpkin bearer, as
outside the mist lifts

Posted on 1st December 2011
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