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RIP Samwise 2002-2014

Another of my library cats has left us. He and his siblings were huddled under a tiny overhang outside of the children’s section of my old library when my hubby found them back in 2002. The connection between my husband and this tiny striped kitty was immediate. I have so many pictures of Sam curled up on said hubby. Even the pic of him I have on my phone has Sam on his lap.

Samwise was the headbutt king, and far too interested in checking out everyone’s breath. Like his brother he voiced his opinions often. He even managed to make it onto some of the things I recorded.

Most of all, though, I shall miss him because he was so loving. I mean…he actually liked hugs. He’d jump into my lap while I was at the computer, situate himself so he could headbutt my chin, and purr his heart out when I gave him a hug.

I shall miss my foot warmer, computer companion, and mightier blocker of anything I was trying to read. My hubby, of course, feels like he’s lost part of himself.

Posted on 11th November 2014
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