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Link Dump: Emergencies, Cool Animals, and Fandom

Some links that have been open in my tabs for ages…so I’m leaving them here for reference.

Emergency Preparedness:
* 10 Must Have Items For Your Cat’s Emergency Survival Kit Or Go Bag
* Alameda County Emergency Preparedness Site
* Alameda County Emergencies Site

Cool Animals:
* The Numbat

* The Jedi Code (2 versions)

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Vintage Computer Festival West 2019 Info Dump

When I go to an event such as the Vintage Computer Festival West , I spend some time compiling information afterwards. So, here is where I’m dumping that info.

The Vintage Computer Festival West 2019 was August 3 & 4 2019 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.
Event hashtag: #vcfwest
Vintage Computer Federation Website:
Vintage Computer Federation Youtube Channel:

Day 1 Videos:
*VCF West 2019 Welcome Video (there is about 10 minutes of silence on the video. Don’t freak out.)
Mentioned in this video:,

* VCF West 2019 Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) Demonstration 1 (again with the silence)
Mentioned in this video:: Orbiter Space Simulator, NASSP plug in for Orbiter, Virtual AGC on Github

* Second ACG Demo

* VCF West 2019: Bil Herd, ICs and Aging
Mentioned in this video:

* Apple 1 User’s Panel (skip to about the 12 minute mark. They are getting their act together at that point. The sounds will come back up at 13:26. Don’t worry.)
Mentioned in this video: The Apple-1 Registry

Day 2 Videos:
* Apple 1 Demonstration
Mentioned in this video: Louis Rossmann, LO*OP Center, If This Then That

* Apollo Guidance Computer (Information)
Mentioned in this video: How the Apollo Spacecraft works: Part 1 by Jared Owens,

Exhibits and Related Stuff:

Exhibit 06: Before MacIntosh The Apple Lisa (Documentary) – the trailer link doesn’t work at the moment (though you can see a video on the Indiegogo site), and the “Indiegogo” link goes to the kickstarter that has already ended. The correct Indiegogo campaign link is here and it looks to be running until sometime in September 2019 .

Exhibit 07: Atari 400/800 Computers – San Leandro Computer Club

Exhibit 08: RetroShield for Arduino Mega –

Exhibit 14: Apple II Rev. 0 vs. Rev. 7 Replica – Apple II Rev 0

Exhibit 20: IBM 1620 Jr./Recreating the Console Typewriter – Dave Babcock’s YouTube

Exhibit 21: Cadetwriter, A Wheelwriter-based Computer Terminal –

Exhibit 22: Tandy/TRS-80 Color Computers – CocoTALK Talk Show, CoComan Cables, Gunstar Game for the CoCo 3 (6309-only), CoCoVGA, CoCo 3 FPGA

Exhibit 24: MOnSter 6502 – MonSter6502, Evil Mad Scientist

Exhibit 25: The History of Videogames – The MADE, Museum of Art of Digital Entertainment

Exhibit 30: MakerLisp Machine – MakerLisp

Exhibit 36: Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) Restoration – Project Blog, Article about the restoration, Another Article

ReActiveMicro.comApple 1 replica

Apple II Heaven

San Francisco Bay Area Retrocomputing Club (BARCC)

Links from VCF 2018 that were still open in tabs on my phone:

Adwater & Stir

Obsolescence Guaranteed

Glenside Color Computer Club (home of the Annual “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST!)

Spare Time Gizmos

Nuts & Volts

Cactus 6502 Home-brew

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