A Celticangel Glossary: Pink Pants

In my family, and among my close friends, we have come up with many [tag]words[/tag] and [tag]phrases[/tag] that can only be understood by those in the know. So…I’m putting you wise.


Word/Phrase: Pink Pants

Origin: Once upon a time, when my sister was young, she went shopping with my mother. While they were out, she set her eyes on something she decided that she had to have. It was a pair of pink pants. Sadly, no matter how much she begged, Mum wouldn’t buy her those pants. (She has never heard the end of this.)

Meaning: Something you wanted but never got to have, as you were prevented for some reason.

Usage: I always wanted to spend a semester abroad in college, but it’s totally pink pants. We couldn’t afford it.

Argh! I always wanted to go to Space Camp. Pink Pants! [tag]Pink Pants[/tag]!

Consider yourselves informed.
(Oh, and the pink pants in question would have been smaller than those shown. These came from Interpunk. I just liked the picture.)

5 Responses to “A Celticangel Glossary: Pink Pants”

  1. Mallory Says:

    That’s awesome. My pink pants was a cow toy that you could really milk (you “fed” the cow water and it must have had powdered milk inside) that my mom thought was the stupidest toy imaginable, was too expensive, and I was too old. So it was totally pink pants.

  2. Emma Says:

    That’s a useful expression!

    Also, I remember seeing that cow toy Mallory’s talking about on the Toy Bender blog. Hilarious!

  3. Celticangel Says:

    Just you wait. There are many more words and phrases to come.

    We’re wordy folks.

  4. Sister Says:

    PSST! You forget why I am so fixated on the pink pants.
    e-hem….to refresh….
    When asked if I could have the pink pants, Nana said, “go ask your mother.” So…I did…and Mother said I could not have the pink pants because it was winter and the sun attracts to dark colors. Dark colored pants will keep you warmer.


    SERIOUSLY….I am in the 3rd or 4th grade. This rational is beyond my sputtering mind. In fact, it was such atrocious logic that I never let it go. There in lines the truth behind the pink pants.

    Have you brought up “goat’s bazire?” It’s a good one!

  5. Celticangel Says:

    Actually, I’m planning on doing Goat Brassiere next. Also, Beach Cover up.

    I have to agree with you on that logic puzzle. It’s a bit like something I would just pull out of the air. I have a theory that Mum just didn’t like pink.

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