A Few Updates

Hello folks. I have a couple of updates for you since the time of my last post. First, let me say…



and now, After:


So, as you may imagine, we found the missing package. The [tag]Mail Organizer[/tag] was in fact at the Post Office. It just had the wrong address on the box end. Not on the mailing label, that was fine. Someone who was putting the boxes in their spots put an 8 instead of a 0 on the box bottom. I went over to the post office, and explained my problem. After a bit of computer checking, etc. the nice lady who was helping me went into the back to have a quick look. Lo and behold. There was my box in the wrong spot. Yay! I have now tidied the area and it makes quite a difference. I even discovered that my other cell phone charger was plugged in there. My bumper sticker is even on my car. Now, if I can only keep it that way. *fingers crossed*

Once I left the Post Office with my prize, I went off in search of the DMV. Yes, I had printed out a map before I left, but the map said to take the freeway and I wasn’t planning on doing that. The destination was only 2 exits up according to said map. Why do they always insist on including the freeway for short trips like that? These are the things that I wonder about. Anyway, I managed to get into the correct area, only to find that the road the DMV was supposed to be on (according to their website) was almost completely closed for construction. Argh. ‘Fine’ I told myself. ‘I’m going home to find another [tag]DMV[/tag].’ And I started driving back along the road I’d found myself on.

…And drove right past the DMV. Yes indeed. It turns out that it’s big enough to have entrances on three streets. So I parked my car and went in. It had a completely different set of processes than the last couple of DMVs I’ve been to. It took me a minute to figure out where to go. Oh. Where it says “start here.” Duh. I don’t have to get a number or my forms first. Right. *smacks forehead* The lady at the “start here” counter gave me a form to fill out for a driver’s license renewal and a number that they were going to call. I filled out the form. They called my number. I did my eye test. Paid my money. Got my picture taken (i remembered not to wear white for a wonder) and left with my temp license. No written test or anything. Now that’s a load off of my mind.

I even got to sleep in this morning. And I’m going off to take a wee nap now. I need days off to be like this more often.

2 Responses to “A Few Updates”

  1. Jummy Says:

    May I send you the dump that is my bedroom and request you de-messify it please? You do good work!

    Is that a foot bath to the right of the food bowl? My mom has one of those and I’m thinking I should give it a whirl.

  2. angel Says:

    You don’t want to see my bedroom.

    Mind you…I think I’ll be working on that next, so maybe you will see it. And thanks. I’m lazy, so I’m always on the lookout for easy ways to stay tidy. (I’m also a bit slobby, you see.)

    It’s not a foot bath, it’s a cat water fountain. We have a cat that had that crystal urine problem a couple of years back. Apparently, when water is moving it stays fresher-tasting, and cats drink more. So far, it’s doing its job.

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