An Actual Vacation: Day 1 – Headed to Fort Bragg, CA

The Golden Gate Bridge in the Fog in July 2016

For the first time in ages, my hubby and I actually went on a vacation somewhere together! I know. Don’t faint from shock or anything.
Why not have a nice sit down. There you go.

(Technically, this was my third day of vacation, but I spent the first two watching the Great British Bake Off/Great British Baking Show and doing chores about the house. So, I’m not counting them.)

It took us a while to get going, but we finally made it to the Golden Gate Bridge at about 2:50pm and found it foggy, as you see above. Not terribly surprising. But not long after we were on our way up the 101 toward our destination.

We thought about taking 128, but decided that if we were fixing to do the winding roads, it would behoove us to take the shorter route across to the 1 as we didn’t bring the Subaru this time. 20 it was! Which was, of course, lovely…but we were running short on time, so it stressed us out a bit as well. It all worked out in the end, though, as we arrived at the Weller House Inn just about when we meant to.

The Weller House Inn is full of antiques and charm. Many of the bathrooms have old-fashioned claw foot tubs, and a couple even have those pull chain toilets. There’s a ballroom right at the top of the house that is apparently often used for dance classes. I can see why. It has a nice expanse of floor, and even houses a couple of window seats. Oh! And the garden is full of all sorts of flowering plants. I just wanted to spend a day photographing it. Speaking of antiques, check out my bed:

Huge, yeah? It’s a king-size, and I could have used stairs to get up onto it. Seriously. I mean, I know I’m short, but wow, that was one tall bed. The pillows were all nice and fluffy, but I’m a delicate flower, so I found the bed a bit too hard for me. My hubby thought it was just fine, though, so your mileage may vary.

Our original room had a problem with its hot water, so we got this room as a free upgrade. It turned out to be the room that my hubby wanted it the first place! That worked out well, eh?

We got all of the signing in and a tour out of the way, and off we went to dinner. It turns out that by happenstance we were only a block from the place we always stop on our way through Fort Bragg: The North Coast Brewing Company Tap Room.

We waited for a while to get a seat, but the food was worth it. I had the Heirloom Beet Plate and some of the coconut shrimp that we got as an appetizer. I also ordered the Scrimshaw Pilsner, because…hello brewery. My hubby enjoyed the Rosemary Chicken, but he had a Coke as he is not a fan of alcohol. Then we shared a delicious crème brûlée with strawberries on top for dessert. So good. There’s a reason we always eat here.

Thus fortified we headed back to our Inn. We managed to play one game of The Good, The Bad, and The Munchkin before we turned in, but it’s possible that I won because of this card combination:

Who can say?

Next up: Breakfast, Trains, and Trees

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  1. Daniel Foley Says:

    Looks nice. I could use a vacation!

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