An Actual Vacation: Day 2 – Fort Bragg and Points North (pt.1)

And now onto day two!

After groaning ourselves to awake and dressed (mornings, ugh!), we made our way downstairs to the breakfast room. Breakfast is $15/person at the Weller, and you can decide if you want it or not at any point up to the evening before (provided you get a chance to tell someone.) Let me just tell you to go ahead and buy the breakfast at least once. Seriously. It comes with your choice of coffee, tea, and/or juice. The juice during our stay was a peace nectar that they make in-house. Most of their food is made on-site and/or organic in some way. I tried a bit of everything. I had a chocolate croissant (with peach butter), oatmeal (with peach butter), eggs, nectarine slices, coffee, peach nectar…I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

Behold the remains of our breakfast!

Successfully breakfasted we headed out to wander around downtown Fort Bragg until our one appointment of the day.

Downtown Fort Bragg is full of all sorts of little shops (many of which were closed on Monday). We popped into a couple of the open ones and looked in the windows of the closed ones. Before long though, we had to rush off to out appointment. By the way, we saw nary a horse while in Fort Bragg, but now we know that they aren’t allowed on the sidewalks.

Our one pre-arranged appointment for our vacation was with The Skunk Train!

Ages back my sister went for a ride on the Skunk Train, and ever since I heard about it I wanted to try it myself. Here was my chance.

The full ride from Fort Bragg to Willits wasn’t running, and really, we didn’t have the time to do that or even the halfway up through the redwoods trip. So we went for the one hour Pudding Creek Express trip. It took us out into the Pudding Creek Estuary. As you can see above, the Estuary is very green. Which is, of course, lovely, but I had a dickens of a time getting very many photographs I liked. You see, my hubby and I love going places and taking pictures of them. He’s really good at it, has the big camera and all that. But neither of us have really gone out and done any photography for a couple of years. It’s really nice to be back doing that.

The train on the Pudding Creek run has the usual seating car or two, a car for snacks and drinks (alcoholic and not), and a viewing car. The food was cash only on our trip, so be prepared for that. If you spend most of the trip in the viewing car, be sure to be a little more careful with your sun block application than we were. Learn from our mistakes. The viewing car has no roof, you see. That’s where the photo above was taken from.

Let me just start with the fact that I love trains. If I could, I would just ride all the trains and tell y’all about them. So, with that disclaimer, you would be correct in guessing that I really enjoyed the trip. We started out inside a seating car and listened to some of the narration on the outgoing portion of the ride. Then, after procuring some refreshment, we spent the rest of the trip photographing things from the viewing car. And that’s about it.

(So much green!)

When we got back, we stopped into their shop and purchased our usual magnets and a coat for the hubby. They have some really nice zip-up sweatshirts at the shop, but I managed to be good. Maybe next time.

And then off we zoomed to our next destination.

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