An Actual Vacation: Day 2 – Fort Bragg and Points North (pt. 2)

And here’s part two of day two. That first post was getting too long. Oops. Sorry.

When last we left our intrepid explorers, they were leaving the Skunk Train to move on to their next destination. Where were they bound?

Well, as it turns out, McDonalds. But only because we were in a hurry to eat and be on our way.

But! That’s where I found Max.

Hi Max.

Sadly, Max isn’t very good at sitting up on his own.

Poor Max. So, y’all probably won’t be seeing much of him until I fix that. But watch this space for future encounters with my new traveling companion.

Anyway, once we left McDonalds, we headed up highway 1 and all the winding roads that entailed.

All the winding roads. So many winding roads. And the occasional road work.

I can’t fault the scenery on the way, but this traffic stop was very nice for a) the view and b) a chance for my stomach to settle. Note to self: Maybe don’t combine McDonalds or its ilk and winding roads in the future okay? Okay.

Eventually we made it to the place that the 1 meets the 101, which is Leggett, CA home of the Drive-Thru Tree.

Luckily, the nice lady at the entrance to the park gave us the option of driving through the tree (which came with a 30-45 minute wait), or to take the back way to where we could take pictures of the tree, and not wait. We chose the road less travelled and less full of waiting. It turns out that this park isn’t just one tree and nothing else. There’s a wee shop (where I purchased water and, you guessed it, a magnet), restrooms (thank Heavens), and a lake with surrounding meadow. The meadow has some fragrant herb or other in it that I found relaxing somehow. It may be that I wandered around in the meadow trying to figure out what the scent was for a while. Maybe. (I still couldn’t figure it out.)

I spent a good chunk of time around the lake taking photographs. The whole lake area was much quieter than one would think with the nearby parking lot being so full. Quite restful I thought.

One thing though:

Remember: there is no swimming in this lake. Looking at the water I’m not sure that you would want to swim in it. I could hear something in the lake as I stood near it. Occasional bubbles alerting me to its presence. It’s probably only some sort of fish in there bubbling away, but for all I know it’s a sasquatch with a snorkel. So…just don’t ignore the posted signs. Just find an open bench and relax for a bit. Maybe not as long as we did though. We glanced at the time and had to get on our way if we wanted to get back before dark.

We took 101 south (much less windy) to 20 (windy but short) and made it back to Fort Bragg before darkness fell. Yay!

We started out trying to go to The Restaurant (actual name) that we had run across in our wanderings earlier in the day. We got tired of waiting after a bit, and went to try our luck with the Italian place around the corner. No space.

Ladies and Gents, be aware that the restaurants in Fort Bragg are wicked busy and plan accordingly. When you do, we recommend:

Mayan Fusion is down next to the marina, and their Chicken Empanadas are magical. The New York Steak wasn’t bad either, I am led to believe by my hubby. He devoured it. I gathered from the tables around us that the seafood was also good.

So, yeah. Just go straight there. When we were there it was first come, first served/no reservations. Give it a try.

And that was it for the day really. We got back to our room and I pretty much collapsed.

Before I go, though, here’s a better picture of the Drive-Thru Tree (Chandelier Tree), thanks to my husband who just sent it to me:

See? Told you he was good.

Tomorrow: Glass, Lighthouses, and a Return Home

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