And Southward We Go…

(We continue our story already in progress…)

After missing breakfast, we headed off into the cow-scented air to get some…breakfast.

The cloud-shapes were really interesting to watch as we traveled. As you can see, I attempted to get a photograph of them as documentary evidence.

Eventually, we stopped before the Grapevine (Lebec?) at the Iron Skillet. For the record, I’m pretty sure that our waitress was actually an elf, not that this had an effect on her waitressing in any way. She even had the tops of her ears covered with her hair. Truefax, my friends.

As we were on our way out, I spent some time window-shopping, while I waited for my hubby to buy a few things. (Are you in the market for candy cigarettes? The Iron Skillet has some…) Well, what do you think I saw in the window of the wee shop right there next to the Iron Skillet?

…A pop culture reference! Amusingly enough, they were displaying a nerf-type gun right under this. Less likely to shoot your eye out, I suppose.

We headed off again, and arrived at our destination at about 2pm. Conveniently, our room was already good to go. We dropped our stuff in the room, but did we take a moment to rest?


(Part of the themeing for Haunted Mansion Holiday. My cameras aren’t too fond of the dark it turns out, but this came out okay.)
I will just note here that Pirates of the Caribbean was closed the entire time we were there, and leave you here.

Tomorrow: More artsy pictures of our first evening in D-land.

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