…And we’re back

You can expect many pictures from my trip in the days to come, so consider yourself warned. …But first, let me say that I’m pretty sure that my husband has invented Extreme Disneying. I wish I’d brought a step counter. Egad.

So, beginning where I must at the beginning…

We left for SoCal Thursday evening, a bit later than expected. At some point in the dark of the night, we stopped at a random Denny’s.

And that was about the point that we realized we needed to find someplace to spend the night. The first place we stopped was full up. The second place…sort of creeped us out. But the third place was just right (in time honored tradition.) They had space for two weary travelers at some point after 2am, and for a bonus it didn’t smell like cows on the inside. (It certainly did on the outside, though. I’m looking at you, Buttonwillow.) Our room was right next to the freeway…but that really wasn’t too different from home, so we managed to get a few hours of shut eye after a fashion. We ended up missing the “Continental Breakfast” the next morning, but that wasn’t too big a loss.

Tomorrow: The Trip Continues, complete with bonus pop culture reference!

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